The heartbeat at the tip of the tongue (舌尖上的心跳) Chapter 38

Hi, I was in a mental slump. Sorry for not updating for so long, I’ll try to not be away for that long again. Sorry for making you wait and thank you for waiting.

Word count: 3537

Near Qian Fan’s Lips

“Haha, it’s also a talent to cook food so bad it gives people psychological trauma!” Bruce blinked, “But, I already know who your mentor is. Only Jiang Qian Fan will not bother about winning and losing, and openly bring you around to take part in events that have the industry’s people. And my teacher, pretty much has never appeared at the same place at the same time as me.”

With these words, Lin Ke Song suddenly realised that if she didn’t even become the best six contestants in the competition, everyone would know that her teacher was Jiang Qian Fan.

She would end up letting let his face sweep the floor.

“Hey! What are you thinking?” Song Yi Ran snapped his fingers in front of her face.

“Ah, nothing……” Lin Ke Song looked in Jiang Qian Fan’s direction.

He was an air of calm, calm and indifferent.

Does this chap really not worry that this apprentice of his that has made no progress would totally lose his face?

Right at that time, an already fat old man who was around 60 years old holding a glass wine, went to the middle of the guests, lifted his hand to tap the glass, producing a crisp sound, attracting the attention of everyone.

“Thank you to all who have come to my birthday party!”

So this was how Montgomery looked after he’d taken off the clown makeup, really looked quite similar to grandpa Kentucky.

“This isn’t any solemn ceremony, there’s no need for you to be too graceful, and even less need for you to dress in such splendour, don’t know whether you’re coming to celebrate my birthday or for New York fashion weekend!”

Everyone laughed out loud.

“you are all here to celebrate my birthday, which is to say the most important thing is to make me happy!”

“That’s for sure!” some famous food journalist echoed, the atmosphere suddenly was enlivened.

Everyone was discussing, they were all talking about whether Montgomery had used some weird idea to make fun of everyone.

“the first game of the day, will definitely give everyone a surprise! Bruce, if any lady catches your fancy, remember to stand beside her oh!” Montgomery fluttered his eyes towards his grandson, then retrieved a serviette from his pocket, “everyone, please use your mouth to hold on to this serviette by breathing in, then pass it on to the next person. The next person has to carefully suck it, to pass it on the following person. If anyone drops it accidentally or tear the serviette, then it’s a loss. The person who loses, has to drink this drink I’ve specially concocted, guarantee that you’ll remember it for life!”

When the special drink was mentioned, everyone showed an expression of lingering fear, and stepped half a step back.

“Of course, if amongst you there is someone you really want to kiss, and are steadfast even with my special concoction, I don’t mind watching you suddenly tear this piece of thin serviette of a barrier, and kissing together oh!”

The tense atmosphere from before, was more lively now.

“do you want to play this game with everyone?” Iris leaned towards Jiang Qian Fan to ask softly.

Jiang Qian Fan did not reply, he turned his face slightly, like he was trying to listen carefully for something.

“are you looking for Ke Song?” Iris smirked, her eyes showing a teasing gleam, but the tone of her words was no different from the norm.

“What’s happened to her?”

“Nothing’s happened to her, but you definitely wouldn’t have thought, she’d be together with Mr Song.”

“snr’s new shareholder Song Yi Ran?” Jiang Qian Fan’s voice went cold.

“Even though I don’t remember the pronunciation of the name, but it is the Mr Song who’d visited our restaurant, and the one you asked me to describe his look and disposition. He’s together with Montgomery’s grandson, Bruce, looks like they’re quite close.”

Iris waited for Jiang Qian Fan’s reply.

“No need.”

It was obviously complicated, but to Iris, it looked like there were too many hidden meanings that she couldn’t confirm.

“Then……, let me now demonstrate to everyone how this game should be played!” Montgomery’s eyes were full of anticipation, his facial expression was no different from a four or five-year-old waiting for Christmas to come.

He placed the serviette on his face, gently breathed in, and the serviette was firmly stuck to his lips. Then in high spirits, he ran to a silver haired lady about the same age as he, Mrs Bell.

The other party was a little surprised, when Montgomery went forward, Mrs Bell almost lost he footing. But she reacted quickly, and breathed in that serviette, and leaned towards her granddaughter at her side.

Everyone let out light laughter.

Montgomery laughed while holding on to Mrs Bell’s hand, fluttering his lashes to everyone saying: “Everyone, let’s kiss together ba! Just like how I took the opportunity!”

Mrs Bell was a senior gourmet in the food industry, the number of culinary rookies that she dug up who later became Michelin chefs were countless. She who had lost her husband early had a difficult life, and as a friend, Montgomery was always by her side supporting her. The friendship between the both of them is also a story of its own in the industry. But Mrs Bell who wallowed in the memory of her dead husband never fully accepted Montgomery, made many sigh endlessly.

But today, when Montgomery kissed Mrs Bell through the serviette, everyone smelled honey sweet smells.

Mrs Bell smiled saying: “honoured guests, today, there are 54 guests, excluding the children. If everyone is able to pass this serviette around in a minute, I will accept Montgomery’s proposal.”

As the speech ended, not a second of silence later, everyone started applauding.

At first, it was only a game, all the guests started getting serious suddenly, and many even discussed strategy softly, and there were some who had taken up a serviette to practice. From their attitude towards this game, Lin Ke Song could feel the respect towards Montgomery and the happiness that they wish the couple.

Lin Ke Song looked at Song Yi Ran embarrassingly, she’d never played games of this kind before. Even though it’s separated by a piece of serviette, but you can pretty much feel the other party’s lips and warmth and whatever…… totally awkward ah!

Montgomery, this is totally a kissing game! How did you think of this ah! totally not childish, but evil ma!

Looking at the other guests again, even though some looked embarrassed at first, but once they heard Mrs Bell’s words, they all got invested in the game.

Lin Ke Song looked towards Jiang Qian Fan’s and Iris’ direction. Jiang Qian Fan had heard the game instructions, but his face had no other expressions as always. But Iris, was at his ear, dunno what she was talking about.

Jiang Qian Fan always kept a certain distance form people, this intimate stance, Lin Ke Song had only seen it with Iris and him.

Will he play this game?

Iris was just right by his side, when playing this game, they wouldn’t separate ba?

It seems like, this was not much different from kissing Iris ba? If it were others, Jiang Qian Fan would absolutely not take it, but if its Iris…… he will joyfully accept ba……

“Hey, you won’t not give Teacher Montgomery face ba? He’s looking right at you? If you decline the invitation to play, I bet he would sweep you out the door.” Iris said half-jokingly.

“I know.” Jiang Qian Fan replied indifferently.

“on your left you have me, on the right…… is the chairman of the food association, David.” Iris explained kindly, like she was trying to find something from his expression.

But Jiang Qian Fan just kept silent.

Iris’ gaze looked towards Lin Ke Song’s direction: “want me to call Lin Ke Song over? But she seems pretty fine beside Mr Song. They Probably know each other from before. Mr Song takes good care of her.”

“no need.” Jiang Qian Fan’s voice in this warm sunshine, was like the cold wind passing by.

He stepped half a step back, it was obvious that he wasn’t going to take part in this game. After all, he couldn’t see, Montgomery too, knew that he didn’t like touching others, even if he backed out, Montgomery would probably not get angry with him.

Lin Ke Song saw Iris look towards her, and hurriedly glanced away.

She tugged Song Yi Ran’s sleeve, the other party smirked bending lower: “What’s wrong? Too embarrassed to play this game?”

Song Yi Ran, this chap, has of course played all kinds of outrageous games, this was totally child’s game to him.

“I’m only wondering where the serviette is going to be passed from, if it only reaches me at the end, who knows if it’d already be torn.”

“so it’s this ah? I thought you were embarrassed, till your ears became red.”

Song Yi Ran reached out his hand to pull Lin Ke Song’s ear, Lin Ke Song hurriedly lifted her hands to cover.

“it wasn’t red, you’re tricking people again!”

“who knows, maybe there’ll really be someone who tears the serviette, just to kiss someone they wanna kiss!” no matter how you looked at Song Yi Ran’s smile, it looked evil.

Montgomery voiced out, he gave a clap, and all the guests started moving.

“alright alright! I’ll give everyone a 30 seconds chance to go stand next to the person you wanna ‘kiss’! set, go!”

Bruce was pulled away by a herd of seniors about the same age as Montgomery, the whole party scene was suddenly like a mah-jong table being shuffled.

“Song! Come with me!”

The friends with Bruce called Song Yi Ran over too.

“Coming!” Song Yi Ran replied loudly.

He gave Lin Ke Song’s wrist a grab, turned back and said smiling: “Even if you’re kissed by the aunts and uncles, it’s no big deal, right?”

Lin Ke Song smiled, suddenly feeling a lot more relaxed. This was only a game, she should blend with the atmosphere and not be uptight.

Quickly, a big circle was formed.

Montgomery and Mrs Bell stood in the middle of the circle, holding their chins and inspecting the guests who formed the circle.

“Iris and Qian Fan, where are you guys?”

Iris’ voice sounded from the back of the crowd.

“Over here, teacher! Qian Fan won’t be playing this game, I’ll accompany him ba.”

“How can you not participate! If the two of you don’t participate, it’ll be 52 people, to finish it in a minute is totally child’s play, not challenging at all! You must both participate!”

Montgomery told them very seriously.

Iris inly laughed saying: “Alright alright teacher, we’re coming now.”

Iris led Jiang Qian Fan over.

“Here…… is there anyone you think is ‘fine’?”

Iris said beside Jiang Qian Fan softly.

Many ladies looked over, their eyes obviously full of hope that Jiang Qian Fan would choose their side, but because of his expressionless face they don’t dare to request.

Maybe to Lin kE Song, Jiang Qian Fan this guy has a flaw that makes people think that he isn’t the best person to interact with, but to others, he is a charismatic successful person and a well-known person in his field.

Jiang Qian Fan held onto his cane, patted the back of Iris’ hand, indicating that he could take care of himself.

Iris lifted her eyebrows, but in the end still respected Jiang Qian Fan’s wishes and retrieved her hand from Jiang Qian Fan’s arm.

Jiang Qian Fan’s step were very stable, the cane was pretty much floating, always 2 inches above the grass bed, never touching the ground.

Every person he walked past, everyone turned around to look at him, all appearing curious about just who he was going to choose to stand beside.

When Jiang Qian Fan was about to walk behind her, Lin kE Song turned around, swallowed while thinking: he doesn’t know where I am…… he doesn’t know where I am……

But the heavens obviously didn’t hear her prayer, Jiang Qian Fan stopped behind her, very politely said to the elderly lady beside her: “may I know if it Mrs Smith?”

“Yes. How did you know it’s me?” Mrs Smith had a surprised expression.

“I smelled your orange blossom perfume. Please, may I stand beside you?”

Mrs smith laughed: “of course you can, young man. Didn’t think that my orange blossom perfume would leave such a deep impression on your nose.”

“Thank you.”

Mrs Smith very naturally pulled at Jiang Qian Fan’s arm, turned towards him and said: “Montgomery is as always, likes to see everyone carry an awkward and troubled expression. But today’s game is pretty interesting. Between people, there must be close contact, to have an understanding of each other.”

“Yes, ma’am.”

Iris who wanted to walk over to join but was pulled by a few lady guests, couldn’t help but be separated.

And Lin Ke Song who was standing next to Jiang Qian Fan suddenly got nervous.

Her heartbeat jumped quickly, her arm was not even 2 inches away from Jiang Qian Fan. She didn’t dare to get any closer to him, didn’t even dare to speak, confirming if there was any kind of smell on her body. She knew how sensitive Jiang Qian Fan’s sense of smell was, so she made sure again and again neurotically that there was no hint that was available to make Jiang Qian Fan choose this place.

Her palms started to perspire slightly.

Even though Jiang Qian Fan spoke little, he was very respectful to the elders, no matter what Mrs smith said to him, small talk, or jokes, he would give a reply.

Lin Ke Song inhaled, Jiang Qian Fan never once faced her, it looked like he didn’t know that she was the person standing on his other side. He probably thought that that those who were standing here were all the elderly ba.

When they play the game later, will he learn about it then?

How will he react later?

Will it be like he came in contact with germs and push her away? Or feel that he was cheated by her?

If it were the latter, then it’d be terrible. After all it’d be too suspicious if she, his student was standing beside him but didn’t make any acknowledgment ah!

Lin Ke Song didn’t dare to look towards Jiang Qian Fan, and kept keeping close to Song Yi Ran, wishing to put more distance between Jiang Qian Fan and her.

Song Yi Ran who was at the side glanced down, and saw the image of Lin Ke Song bending her head, her ears were red.

A fleeting trace of cold flashed past his eyes.

He had only gently held onto Lin KE Song’s wrist at first, but now he slowly slid down, and pinched her finger.

Lin Ke Song looked up, Song Yi Ran shook his head at her, indicating that she should switch places with him.

You gotta know, on the other side of Song Yi Ran was a kindly looking granny of sixty.

Lin Ke Song’s eyes filled up with a deep sense of gratitude towards Song Yi Ran.

But once she thought about the change of place, it would mean that Song Yi Ran would be standing with Jiang Qian Fan, no matter how Lin KE Song thought about it, it felt —— harmonious and wonderful?

Alright ba, Song Yi Ran! Knowing you for so many years, and it’s so rare for you to be so generous back! You’ve definitely kissed many women before ba? Let you change your flavour today!

Hopefully nothing bloody would happen! Good luck to you!

Lin Ke Song was about to turn, someone held onto to her arm steadily.

She looked over surprised, its Jiang Qian Fan!

He was chatting with Mrs Smith ah!

Lin Ke Song tested her movement, Jiang Qian Fan’s strength was great, pretty much had her nailed at her spot.

She looked at Jiang Qian Fan in shock…… Jiang Qian Fan wouldn’t simply touch anyone.

So he actually knew, that she was standing beside him!

Then, did he know it about her after choosing to stand beside Mrs Smith, or did he actually already recognise her and Mrs Smith was just an excuse?

The probability of the former was about 80 percent, the latter…… Lin Ke Song, you’re too narcissistic……

Lin KE Song wanted to cry, because she had a feeling of stealing Jiang Qian Fan’s phone, wanting to hide in the crowd but being held captive instead.

Song Yi Ran turned, looked at Jiang Qian Fan, his facial expression turned cold too.

He lifted his hand, wrapped it around Lin KE Song’s neck, holding onto her shoulder, and pulled her to the other side with a strong tug. But Jiang Qian Fan used even more strength to hold onto Lin KE Song’s arm, his fingers used much strength, to the point that even Lin Ke Song’s bones could feel his strength.

Song Yi Ran’s face held a constant smile, but when Lin Ke Song lifted her face, that smile made Lin Ke Song feel unfamiliarity.

It wasn’t lazy, and it wasn’t by any means of ridicule, on the contrary,…… it was like a sharp scabbard about to slice, reflecting of that sharp edge.

Song Yi Ran wanted to pull Lin Ke Song to the other side, and Jiang Qian Fan held Lin Ke Song steady at her original place like a mountain.

It was like a tug of war between the two guys, no one was willing to retreat or let go.

It was so painful that Lin Ke Song’s eyes wrinkled up, if this continues, she suspects her arm will get pressed to smithereens by Jiang Qian Fan.

“I’ll just stay here. Look, the game is about to begin!”

Since they both weren’t willing to let go, then it was only her, Lin Ke Song who could compromise.

Song Yi Ran looked at Lin KE Song, she could not see any form of emotion in his eyes, deep and dark, 2 seconds later, he raised his brows, the sunlight seemed to make his lip bloom again: “Alright, up to you. If you get bitten, don’t come crying.”

“I won’t. Who’ll bite me ah! haha……”

At this time, Lin Ke Song realised that Jiang Qian Fan’s grip had slightly relaxed.

What is this chap thinking about?

Mrs Smith was just asking Jiang Qian Fan about a few Chinese home cooking recipes, Jiang Qian Fan’s tome of reply was very gentle, pretty much couldn’t see that he had exerted such strength on Lin Ke Song. It was like everything that happened before was Lin Ke Song’s imagination.

The game finally started.

The whole scene was tight and tense.

Shouts of “Hurry up! Hurry Up!” could be heard from everywhere.

The whole process was a lot smoother than Lin KE Song expected, following the established rhythm, the serviette was already passed by 7 or eight people, and was actually slowed where at Bruce’s area.

Every time he was about to turn, the serviette almost fell off, back and forth a few times, in Lin Ke Song’s eyes, it looked like a dvd that was stuck, an image that was on a constant loop.

“Bruce, don’t breathe when you turn! Hurry hurry!”

The people after Bruce couldn’t wait anymore, everyone urged Bruce on.

With a full delay of 4 to 5 seconds, Bruce finally passed the serviette to the next person.

To make up for the lost seconds, everyone passed the serviette on to the next person without thought.

When 2 middle aged guys with big tummies bumped into each other, everyone was filled with laughter.

“Peter, you gotta turn to your side, otherwise with the distance created by the both of your tummies, even if your neck detaches, you guys still won’t be able to touch!”

The both of them finally managed to pass the serviette, then the rhythm quickened, everyone pretty much wasn’t bothered about whose lips they touched through the serviette.

A few lipstick stains were left on the serviette, it looked really fascinating.

Quickly, the serviette reached Song Yi Ran.

Lin Ke Song’s heart rate quickened.

Just as she was rehearsing the way to make sure the serviette stayed on her face, Song Yi Ran had already turned around.

He lowered his head, lips knocking, accurately pressing it on her lips.

That moment’s strength, made Lin KE Song feel like she was being hit.

Even if it was through the separation of a serviette, she could clearly feel the warmth of his touch.

This was the most intimate contact they’d ever had in their 10 years.

Lin KE Song felt Song Yi Ran blow gently, blowing the serviette onto her face.

“inhale.” Song Yi Ran’s reminder sounded.

Lin Ke Song inhaled slightly, and the serviette was stuck to her face.

She couldn’t see anything, couldn’t even do any thinking, she turned, the serviette was covering her eyes, she couldn’t see Jiang Qian Fan. But according to Jiang Qian Fan’s height, Lin Ke Song thought that no matter what she had to tip toe.

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    Accusing SYR for not cherishing her enough is not completely correct either. He might not treat her gentle like a graceful lady but LKS has never present herself as a graceful pampered lady either. SYR has been pampering him enough as a good friend, he didn’t even let any of his GF like CT to show off their status over his bestfriend.
    He might not curse the girl immediately out of courtesy but if the lady didn’t understand enough and keep doing it, he clearly said that he chose his friend over his GF.
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    However…the same thing could have happened to LKS too.
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    So…to be objective, she should cherish her opportunity to confess more, however in fact she didn’t do it either.
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    Especially since we know that they actually have the same hidden feeling.
    So… In this case, the one who is being not honorable and act not like a generous gentleman is JQF, because he KNOWS EXACTLY that his beloved girl is suffering over her hidden love towards SYR while actually knowing that the man she loves also loves her back.
    So, he is being selfish and calculative.
    In another story, where the Female Lead is the type who is not easily changing her heart, she might even be furious and completely devastated if she finally finds out what JQF did to her behind her back.
    Because he made her lose the opportunity to be happy with the one she loves for years.
    Like a saying:”if your love is genuine, you should be happy if your beloved is happy and sad when you see your beloved is sad.”
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    That’s why I just don’t blame any of them.
    They just do what they thought as the best move to protect their own heart and keep their dignity.
    I can also understand the inferior and lack of security feeling that Ke song has.


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