The heartbeat at the tip of the tongue (舌尖上的心跳) Chapter 37

Word count: 3660

Same Bed Shared Pillow

Lin Ke Song swallowed her saliva, with a gentle speed, and proper articulation, recited the English text.

She was a little nervous, if Jiang Qian Fan was like this morning, correcting her pronunciation, punctuation, and at the same time explaining the English phrases, she’d probably not be able to sleep tonight.

After reciting a whole paragraph, all having to do with the description of the hotel dining environment. Lin Ke Song stopped, and looked towards Jiang Qian Fan’s face.

He lifted his hand, and patted at the seat beside him.

“You’re too far away. Sit here and read ba.”

Lin Ke Song got even more nervous.

What did Jiang Qian Fan say? It can’t be that she’d heard wrongly ba?

This bed was in fact quite big, Jiang Qian Fan was sitting in the middle. To recite with this distance between him and herself was indeed quite straining. But to sit against the bed with Jiang Qian Fan, is something Lin Ke Song wouldn’t even dare to dream about.

When Lin Ke Song hadn’t even reacted, Jiang Qian Fan had already stretched his arm, putting the pillow next to him against the head of the bed.

If this were another man, extending this kind of invitation, it would definitely be with a motive, even though she doesn’t think that she has the ability for people to have motives towards her.

But this man was Jiang Qian Fan.

He has always walked the talk, and was so clean that he was of standards unreachable by the commoner.

These thoughts of having a motive towards another probably would have never surfaced in Jiang Qian Fan’s mind.

Lin KE Song sat down nervously, carefully folding her legs. She thought that she could only sit on the blankets, but didn’t think that Jiang Qian Fan would actually say lightly: “cover your legs.”

Maybe she has been given the “cold treatment” by the other party for too long, this bit of his warm words, could make her feel totally unreal?

Jiang Qian Fan did not like to talk much, his words were never said the second time.

Lin Ke Song lifted the blanket, the scent that belonged to Jiang Qian Fan flooded towards her.

There was no smell that was this cold, and warm and fresh, that made people suddenly have the urge to snuggle in his arms.

She knew, Jiang Qian Fan’s legs were somewhere not far from her, she was uneasy that she would touch him if she moved a bit.

She started reading, this was the first time, that she didn’t know what her mouth was saying.

Because all her senses and attention were given to the man beside her.

She looked at him in the corner of her eyes, his side profile was beautiful, constantly calmly looking forward. His breath was obviously steady, but in Lin Ke Song ears, it sounded like the raging ocean in the dark, it became overwhelming without her noticing.

She knew that she had read some parts wrongly, and she knew the wrong in her broken sentences, but Jiang Qian Fan kept silent.

She was even starting to suspect, if he had fallen asleep with his eyes opened.

Lin Ke Song started to get drowsy, she rubbed her eyes, and stopped. Thinking that if Jiang Qian Fan did not say anything, it meant that he had fallen asleep, and she could go back to her own room already.

She read the seconds silently.

1, 2, 3, 4……

Her eyes were heavy, Lin Ke Song said to herself, that she would only close her eyes to rest for a few seconds, a few seconds later, she would return to her room.

But not long later, her head tilted, leaned against the pillow, thoughts completely lax, that tiny bit of determination to wake up disappeared.

A few minutes later, the tablet in her hands tilted to the side, and fell onto the blanket.

The guy who was seated quietly as a statue beside her reached his hand out, and placed the tablet on his side.

Not long later, soft snores sounded.

Jiang Qian Fan turned his face, like he was making sure of the source of sound by leaning over. One of his hands was placed at the side of Lin Ke Song’s pillow, the other hand gently covering the blanket, pulling it up.

That fragrant scent lured Lin Ke Song to turn her head over.

Like there was something soft that touched the side of her face.

Everything was like an illusion.

Jiang Qian Fan’s hand went around the pillow, placing Lin Ke Song’s upper body down, then pulled the blanket up.

As he was retrieving his hand, his finger flitted past the top of her nose, and stopped. The finger slid across the bridge of her nose, forehead, not into her hair, stroking her hair gently.

When she woke up again, blurrily looking at the European styled walls.

There were sounds of flowing water from the bathroom not far away.

Lin Ke Song was startled alert, suddenly sitting up.

Where was this place?

She dazedly looked at the surrounding, her last memory in her mind was of her reciting the news while sitting at the head of the bed, and Jiang Qian Fan was seated beside her!

Turning her head over, Lin Ke Song realised that on the other side of the bed, laid the tablet flat in the blankets.

So…… this was Jiang Qian Fan’s room!

This was Jiang Qian Fan’s bed!

And even the blanket was Jiang Qian Fan’s!

Countless exclamation points pressed heavily in Lin Ke Song’s mind, the only thought Lin KE Song could think was: finished.

At this time, the bathroom door opened, Jiang Qian Fan walked out.

He had already put on a shirt, walked to the front of the closet, fingertip pointing through the rack, retrieving a casual style suit.

Lin KE Song stayed seated, holding her breath, her heart beat almost exploding.

She thought that if she had occupied Jiang Qian Fan’s territory, even if he doesn’t kick her down, he’d at least go to another room to sleep ba?

Slowly stretching out her arms, she confirmed that there was still some warmth left in the place beside her…… which meant that Jiang Qian Fan had laid beside her yesterday.

His outfit was as neat as always, walking step by step towards her.

Lin KE Song grabbed on to the blanket, slowly looking up.

“What time is it now?” Jiang Qian Fan’s voice was bland.

There was no one else here, he could only be speaking to her. So…… he knew that she was already awake?

Weren’t his eyes unable to see? Can he not be so sharp?

Lin Ke Song couldn’t feel for her phone, hurriedly felt for the tablet at the side, switching it on.

“It’s eight twenty.”

“leaving for Montgomery’s at nine. Don’t be late.”


Lin Ke Song lifted the blanket with a boom, and rushed out of the room.

When she returned to her room’s bathroom, her ears started to redden as she faced the mirror to wash up.

God ah, seeing Jiang Qian Fan putting on his shirt in front of her this morning…… felt magical.

Good thing no one else saw it, otherwise there’d be misunderstandings, and even if she jumped into the Pacific Ocean, she wouldn’t be able to wash them away.

Just as she was showering, the hotel service staff had already pushed the meal cart into the suite room, and placed the breakfast on the table.

The whole breakfast was very silent. The only fortunate thing for Lin Ke Song was, that she did not need to recite the news beside him.

When they left the hotel’s entrance, Iris’ car had already arrived.

Good thing Iris had dressed ordinarily, an off shoulder t-shirt and jeans, otherwise, Lin Ke Song would think that her outfit was not respectful enough to meet a great chef of the culinary world.

The car drove into a compound, and stopped in front of a villa four storeys high.

A round arched door was built outside the villa, the door had colourful balloons attached, puffing the words of “forever young Montgomery”.

Many cars were already parked neatly outside the villa, and there were even Astons, Bugatties and luxury cars.

There was even an inflatable bounce castle on the lawn, there was a figure dressed as a clown guarding the entrance of the castle. Laughter of children could be heard from the castle. But the clown’s tummy was simply too big, if it was just looking at the silhouette, Lin Ke Song would think that it was Kentucky!

Outside the bouncy castle, there were dining tables, filled with plates and drinks. Many were talking and eating at the same time.

When they saw Jiang Qian Fan alight the car, with Iris holding onto him and walking over, all eyes were focused on them.

Lin Ke Song felt like it was walking on the red carpet.

At this time, the clown with the big tummy that was in front of the castle suddenly got to the front of Jiang Qian Fan and Iris, reaching his hands out to them.

The guests who were eating and chatting at the party started laughing.

Iris sighed, turned her head to Lin Ke Song and said: “Ke Song, go to the car and bring the gift for teacher Montgomery over ba. Teacher, you were flash the previous year, batman last year, should I be relieved you aren’t superman this year?”

Lin Ke Song then understood, this big bellied clown was actually Montgomery!

The clown didn’t say anything, only rubbed his big belly. Everyone started laughing again.

Iris turned to look at Lin Ke Song, gestured with her jaw, to ask why she hadn’t gone over.

Lin Ke Song sighed in her heart, and just as she was about to turn around, Jiang Qian Fan suddenly opened his mouth: “Do you know where the present is placed?”

“I should be able to find it ba. The car is only that big.”

“I’ll go with you.” Jiang Qian Fan patted Iris’ palm that was on his arm, removed his own hand, and reached towards Lin Ke Song’s direction.

Even though he didn’t directly ask Lin Ke Song to get the gift on her own, but Iris’ expression wasn’t that good.

That joy in Lin Ke Song ‘s heart ah!

This outcome was partly probably due to the heart to heart communication that she and Jiang Qian Fan had last night ba.

“Forget it, George has already sent the present over.” Even though Iris’ face carried a smile, the expression was obviously not great.

The big bellied clown happily received the present, and opened one of the boxes. He looked towards Jiang Qian Fan and Iris, Iris smiled saying: “This is my gift.”

Opening it, there was actually a very dreamy merry go round night light.

The clown revealed a smile, gave Iris a bear hug, to show thanks.

Then he pointed to Jiang Qian Fan, disassembled the remaining gift.

A little yellow duck jumped out, and just nicely bumped into the clown’s face.

Everyone laughed, the clown rubbed his face, pointed to Jiang Qian Fan and waved his finger.

Lin Ke Song didn’t understand the meaning, but Iris said: “Qian Fan, teacher Montgomery practically doesn’t believe that this gift was picked by you. He thinks that it should be Mayer’s idea.”

“It is Mayer’s idea.” Jiang Qian Fan admitted magnanimously.

Montgomery’s gaze followed Jiang Qian Fan’s shoulder and landed on Lin Ke Song.

“what is this cute lady’s name ah?”

This was the first time Lin Ke Song heard Montgomery’s voice. Cordial, carrying some mischief. No wonder Jiang Qian Fan said he was very childish.

“Hello, Mr Montgomery, my name is Lin Ke Song, you can call me Ke Song.”

“Your name is so adorable, it makes people wanna give it a bite. Jiang Qian Fan and Iris are all my students, but I don’t know whom you came with today?”

Iris laughed, moved half a step forward and said by Montgomery’s ear: “she is the student of Qian Fan.”

“Qian Fan’s student? Oh my god ah, even in my dreams I would have never thought Qian Fan would have any tiny bit of heart to teach.” Montgomery tilted his head, “Then Ke Song, you’ve come to my birthday party, what present did you prepare?”

Lin Ke Song was surprised, she looked at Jiang Qian Fan, it was him who said that there was no need to prepare a present ah.

“that means there isn’t one? That’s alright, give me a kiss in place of a present ba.”

Montgomery turned his face, pointing to his cheek.

Here, pressing faces as a greeting wasn’t something too much, Lin Ke Song too did not need to really give a kiss.

She knew Montgomery was kidding with her, so generously went forward to touch the other party, when she felt someone hold onto her arm, pulling her back with much strength.

“Teacher, you’re just as always, teasing people.”

Jiang Qian Fan’s voice sounded.

Montgomery shrugged his shoulders regrettably and said: “Qian Fan, you’re dislikeable just as always.”

After saying so, Montgomery turned around, and returned to the bouncy castle, to play with the children.

Iris went with Jiang Qian Fan to the guests.

After hearing their words, Lin Ke Song could pretty much guess their statuses. Some were famous critics in the dining industry, editors, journalists, some were great people of the food and beverage industry, and there were some who were star chefs like Iris. They were all the elites of this field, only she…… was comparable to none.

But Lin Ke Song has always been easy going, a world that she is unable to integrate into, she wouldn’t force herself to do so.

She went to the food table, looking at the foods, Lin Ke Song almost burst out laughing.

Sausage buns, mini hamburger, jelly bean donuts……

No matter how you look at it, it was food children ate.

She took a mini burger, gave it a bite and half of it was gone.

But with only a bite, she was enraptured by this amazing flavour. The fried meat patty was extremely crispy, and when it touched the teeth, it produced a shasha sound of crispiness. The patty was extremely tender, the meat juice was totally locked in. the cauliflower that was in the middle seemed to have been seasoned beforehand, sweet and sour, extremely refreshing. The buns of the burger were fluffy soft too, carrying the fragrance of wheat. The flavours of the sauce and the patty fused together, a unique flavour.

Not only children would like it, the adults would have much praise too ba.

Just who made these food?

Even though it was only a simple mini burger, Lin Ke Song could feel the skilful grasp of flavours and ingredients.

Just as she was tasting carefully, someone suddenly covered her eyes from behind.

She got shocked, couldn’t control her balance and fell backwards, and nicely knocked in to the other party’s arms.

She intended to lock the other party’s arms, thinking that someone wanted to cause trouble.

“That…… sir, I think you’ve gotten the wrong person.”

The other party still didn’t let go. She could even feel the other party’s face sticking to her, rubbing gently.

Lin Ke Song got angry.

She knew that the people who were at Montgomery’s birthday party were either well brought up or had high statuses, but the other party’s actions were obviously unfitting.

Iris’ eyes glanced over, and when she saw this, she only smirked, and continued chatting with others.

In front of them was the chairman of the cuisine association, David. He was very interested in Jiang Qian Fan’s newly opened Chinese cuisine restaurant in Washington, and therefore said much about his ideas and opinions. And while Jiang Qian Fan didn’t say anything, he was always listening.

“Sir, if you don’t let go, then don’t blame me for being impolite.” Lin Ke Song used English in a low voice to seriously warn the other party.

But what Lin Ke Song could have never thought of was, that the other party actually was aggravated!

She felt her ear being nibbled, her shoulders rose subconsciously, she wanted to avoid the other party, but the other party covered her eyes to the end.

Lin Ke Song’s ears turned red. Because not only did the other party nibble her, she could clearly feel that the tip of that bastard’s tongue hook past her ear, even though it was only for a very short time.

Just as she was about to lift her leg without mercy, planning to kick backwards at the other party’s knee, a familiar voice sounded at her ear.

“Your English has improved a lot ma! That sentence before had no accent at all.”

The other party let go, Lin Ke Song turned around, and saw Song Yi Ran’s smiling face.

He looked carefree under the warm sunlight, and needless to say, a lazy smile was always hung at his lips.

“You…… why would you be here?”

“En, someone invited me here.” Song Yi Ran hooked on to his pockets, leaning forward, asked with a smile. “did you think I had bad intentions towards you just now ah?”

At that moment, Lin Ke song almost lifted her hands to hold her ear, but she steadfastly endured.

“You’re so annoying! When I said I was going to Washington, why didn’t you say you were going to come over too?”

“If I didn’t ask you, weren’t you planning to not tell me you were going to Washington? In your heart, aren’t you thinking that no matter how good of a friend there is no need to mention about your whereabouts in detail?”

Lin Ke Song finally understood. This chap was totally petty.

“why would someone invite you?” Lin Ke Song looked left and right, “where’s your new girlfriend? You’re definitely here as the male partner ba?”

Song Yi Ran’s finger flicked Lin Ke Song’s forehead: “what are you thinking about? It’s a university friend of mine that invited me. He is Mr Montgomery’s grandson. The food today, is all prepared by him.”

“Really? His culinary skills are totally great! Have you tried that mini burger? They taste absolutely great!”

Song Yi Ran raised his shoulders holding onto his pockets: “I only know his cooking standard is comparable to yours. I don’t believe that in half a month, he can have much improvement.”

Lin Ke Song took a sausage roll, and bit half of it, then put the remaining half in front of Song Yi Ran: “Look! The bread wrapping the sausage us so fluffy soft, before putting the sausage into the oven it was slightly pan-fried with butter, so that it’d be crispy when bitten down. He also used basil and thyme to season, doesn’t taste greasy at all!”



Song Yi Ran suddenly lowered his head, and took the remaining sausage roll in Lin Ke Song’s hand into his mouth.

His lips touched her own fingertips, that touch was soft and fleeting.

“En…… really didn’t think, his standard would actually be this high already? Can’t be that he found someone to make these in place of him to make his grandfather happy ba?”

“Hey, take whatever you want to eat yourself ah! why’d you eat what I just ate?”

“Because I know you ah. you’ve had all sorts of vaccines, physical examination results say you’re very healthy, a high quality blood source that donates freely.”

This chap was tuning nonsense again.

But with him around, Lin Ke Song suddenly felt that this impenetrable party became cute.

At this time, a young person walked out from the villa, brown hair, smiling happily. Many people greeted him, and he waved smiling back to them.

He came to Song Yi Ran’s side, patted his shoulder: “Hey, Song! Did you eat the food I made?”

“eaten, tastes not bad. Why didn’t I know you’re of this kind of standard? At the barbeque party, the lamb chops you barbequed made me want to vomit when I saw lamb chops, for a whole month.” Song Yi Ran looked at Lin Ke Song and introduced, “this is my classmate from New York school of business, Bruce Montgomery.”

“Montgomery…… so he is Mr Montgomery’s grandson?”

“Right ah,” Song Yi Ran lifted his arm, and directly rested it on Lin Ke Song’s shoulder, an image of two brothers who got along well, “Hey Bruce, this is my most important friend Lin Ke Song.”

“Oh, Ke Song! Hello!” Bruce shook hands with Lin Ke Song, his fingers were very long, making Lin Ke Song suddenly think of Jiang Qian Fan, “Song! If Lin Ke Song is your most important friend, then what am I to you?”

“she and I have known each other for 10 years already. If one day the amount of time you and I have known each other surpasses Ke Song, then you too can become my ‘most important’ friend.” Song Yi Ran pressed Lin Ke Song hard into his embrace.

That feeling of bone being twisted to smithereens made her start to feel pain.

Her ear was squashed on Song Yi Ran’s chest, his heart beat was calm like a mountain, like a world that she had never known.

“aright ba, good to see you Ke Song. When you see me, do you have a sense of familiarity?” Bruce purposely put his face near Lin Ke Song.

“Because you look like Mr Montgomery?” Lin Ke Song asked not understanding.

“I’m saying, we participated in《Gourmet》, the culinary competition co-hosted by the Gourmet Union! I even saw you on television. Don’t tell me you don’t remember me?”

Lin Ke Song shook her head, and said embarrassed: “Actually I didn’t really watch television programs, and somehow got told that I had passed the auditions.”

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