The heartbeat at the tip of the tongue (舌尖上的心跳) Chapter 36

Word count: 3831 words

Honesty in a rainy night

When Jiang Qian Fan had totally familiarised with the layout here, iris turned to Lin Ke Song and said: “please sort out Mr Jiang’s clothes into the closet, and line them accordingly to the numbers on the hangers. Mr Jiang and I are going to have a look at the new restaurant that’s opened in Washington, don’t know when we’ll be back. If you wish to tour the Whitehouse or something, feel free to do so.”

Lin Ke Song tilted her head, and thought that even though Mayer’s intention was for her to look after Jiang Qian Fan, why did Iris’ attitude make her feel this profound?

And Jiang Qian Fan’s back constantly faced her.

A straight spine, a meticulous suit, his held on to the cane, and walked towards the door.

Lin Ke Song suddenly had an illusion, that Jiang Qian Fan’s back view made the division between both their worlds.

Iris placed her hand on Jiang Qian Fan’s arm, the both of them left.

The cold atmosphere finally dispersed, Lin Ke Song was slightly relieved.

She opened Jiang Qian Fan’s suitcase, and according to what Iris said, sorted his suits and coats into the bedroom closet.

These suit were either black or navy blue, the designs too were very simple and neat. Lin Ke Song could imagine, if it were an average guy wearing this kind of outfit, it’d definitely be old-fashioned.

But it was different for Jiang Qian Fan, he made black look rich and deep.

After arranging the coats, Lin Ke Song made sure that she didn’t make a mistake in the order, she decided that since she had come all the way to Washington, she would properly have fun. who cares if she were a country bumpkin tourist.

Good thing that the night before, Lin Ke Song had strategized on the internet.

She left the hotel, and because she hadn’t made any reservations beforehand, she couldn’t enter the Whitehouse, and could only take pictures outside the Whitehouse.

Just as she finished taking a couple of photos with her phone, she realised that only her head was big, and the scenery behind wasn’t even captured, Lin Ke Song found a passer-by, and finally got two pictures. After leaving the Whitehouse, Lin Ke Song went to the Congress. One needed to have more affinity here than the Whitehouse.

Tired from walking, she had afternoon tea at a café by the road.

the same waffle and earl grey tea, made Lin Ke Song’s eyebrows crease.

The waffle was too sweet, it was like eating a big mouth of granulated sugar. Because there was no honey on the surface, after baking, the crust wasn’t crispy enough, and it wasn’t soft on the inside.

As for the earl grey tea, it was even more disappointing. The milk and tea fragrance was totally not in balance, and the flavour of the tea leaves had too much of a punch, there was absolutely no sense of gentleness like the previous earl grey tea.

…… wait, was she being picky?

If it were before, would she even think about the whether the crust of the waffle was wiped with honey before baking? The quality of the tea leaves of earl grey milk tea is completely irrelevant!

Aiya! Finished finished! She has been by Jiang Qian Fan’s side for too long, and has contracted his “perfectionism syndrome”!

Will she ever be able to eat things happily in the future ah!

Unconsciously, the sky had gradually darkened.

Lin Ke Song realised, it was most probably because it was about to rain.

Looked at her watch, it was still early. Lin Ke Song paid, used her hands to shelter her head, and ran to the mall opposite the café.

Lin Ke Song shopped around in low spirits, the shop assistants were all every polite, but she had no intention to buy anything.

It wasn’t because she found the merchandise here too expensive, but it was because the design and size were totally unsuitable.

She had a small bone structure, her body as according to Song Yi Ran’s words, cover the face, and no matter, from the front, back, left, or right, you wouldn’t be able to tell it was a woman’s. so the clothes and shoes here were more suited to Lin Xiao Xue, that kind of exquisitely fashionable girl.

And at this time, in a fine dining Chinese restaurant, Jiang Qian Fan and Iris sat opposite each other, the boulevard outside the window where rain poured on was like a scene out of a movie.

Jiang Qian Fan picked up a piece of asparagus, the action of sending it to his mouth had no extra modification, but it seemed low profiled and introverted, with its own kind of mysterious elegance that silently crept along the line of sight. Furthermore, his fingers were naturally long, the posture of holding the chopsticks, was that of a rarely seen gentle demeanour.

When he swallowed the food, the lines in his neck rose and fell, introducing people into reveries, a different kind of sexy.

Iris watched him, gave a laugh: “really fortunate that your eyes can’t see.”

She was different from Jiang Qian Fan, because she wasn’t used to using chopsticks, so she was using the fork and knife.

“I never knew that this was a fortunate thing.”

Jiang Qian Fan’s voice, was like melted snow, calmly flowing down from the mountains, but still at an icy temperature.

“This way, those who are looking at you in fascination will not feel awkward.”

Jiang Qian Fan did not reply Iris, but slowly turned his head, lowering his eyelids slightly.

After 10 seconds of silence, Iris laughed lightly: “the previous time when you met rain with me, you also had this expression. Are you able to hear anything from the sounds of the rain?”

“Nothing.” Jiang Qian Fan lowered his head again, and cut a small piece of striped bass, “What time is it?”

“4.30pm, why?”

“this rain will probably continue for a long time.”

“So we are not in a hurry to leave, can slowly taste.”

Jiang Qian Fan only had a bite from the dish in front of his, and he put his chopsticks down onto the white marble chopsticks holder.

“What’s wrong? Is there something wrong with the asparagus soup?”

“in Chinese cuisine, it is one of the most commonly used seasonings. Under normal circumstances, it is boiled in the soup base of lean meat, chicken and ham.”

“is there something wrong with this soup base? I think it’s very delicious.”

“the ratio of the ham is too much. The asparagus is originally a vegetable that has a clear and light taste, too much ham, will spoil this kind of taste.”

Iris showed a thinking expression, and had another mouth, then immediately nodded: “indeed it is.”

At this time, Jiang Qian Fan slowly stood up: “Let’s go ba, I wish to go back to the hotel.”

“What’s wrong?”

“I wish to rest.”

“Rest?” Iris frowned, “or is it because you’re worried about whether Lin Ke Song has really gone touring at the Whitehouse?”

“What does she touring the Whitehouse have to do with me?” Jiang Qian Fan’s voice was cold, and even his expression had no change.

“Because it’s raining, you worry that she’ll get drenched. Because this isn’t New York, you are worried that she’ll get lost. Even if she didn’t go out and is quietly staying in the room, it’s almost dinnertime already, you hope that the person sitting opposite you is her.”

Iris sat at her original place, quietly looking at Jiang Qian Fan.

“what I want is to return to the hotel, not to look for her.” Jiang Qian Fan stopped his steps slightly, “Furthermore, Iris, speculating other people’s moods may not be your expertise, but understanding other people’s moods is my expertise.”

“What’s wrong? Can you hear the idolisation and admiration Lin Ke Song has for you?”

“no. I hear the dissatisfaction and disdain you have for Lin Ke Song. You think she is someone who has no basic understanding for cooking and has not the slightest sense for this art. You think she totally does not deserve any of my efforts, and is impossible for her to stand out in this field. And even more, you don’t think that I really treat her as a student to teach.”

“isn’t that so?” Iris laughed lightly, “until now, what has she learned? I admit that she cut the salmon and steak very well, but so what? The days that she spends beside you, if it were any chef from our back kitchen, with your guidance, would have long had improved by leaps and bounds.”

“the salmon and steak skill you talk about, Pepper learned it for a week, Ke Song only used a day.”

“Alright then, even if she really has talent, where do you have the confidence that she will be able to win the competition in three months?”

“I never said that I wanted her to win.” Jiang Qian Fan’s voice was a calm as water.

On the contrary, Iris who was in front of him was extremely agitated.

“Then what’s that point of bringing her to your side?”

“A person, who wants to make a difference in an area, must first accept it, then love it. This is the start for everything.”

Iris was stunned.

Slowly, her face showed an expression of disbelief: “So…… you really plan to accept her as your student?”

“She has the most perfect sense of taste that I’ve ever seen.”

After saying so, Jiang Qian Fan tapped his cane gently, and walked towards the door.

At the moment the door opened, the threads of rain fell according to the wind, and the smells of the fresh green leaves blended into one body, the heaven and earth seemed to broaden up.

When Jiang Qian Fan returned to the hotel room, everything was very quiet.

He opened the closet, slowly stretched his hand, fingertips touching the clothing inside.

Iris came to his side, had a look and said: “She didn’t place the clothes wrongly. The order is as per your usual.”

“Thank you.” Jiang Qian Fan said so, then sat back onto the sofa.

“do you need me to read you the news?” Iris asked.

“No need. See you tomorrow.”

Iris gaped, and had actually wanted to say something, but in the end only smiled helplessly.

At this time, Lin Ke Song was already seated on a high seat at Starbucks, looking at the tips of feet in boredom.

Dunno whether Jiang Qian Fan has already reached the hotel.

He’s probably having dinner with Iris ba.

Even if they return to the hotel, it’s definitely talking with Iris about the different types of ingredient matching or about innovative cooking practices.

She was only and outsider.

Really don’t feel like returning ah!

And, she could feel the indifference Jiang Qian Fan has for her. If Iris was accompanying Jiang Qian Fan, it’ll still be fine. But if there was only Lin Ke Song and him left in the room, it’d really be too awkward.

Thinking about it, for the whole day today, he didn’t even say three sentences to her……

Just where did she provoke him?

God ah, even if it’s death, can’t die without knowing the cause ah!

Rain was still pouring, the shopping mall was about to close too.

Lin Ke Song couldn’t help but go to the mall’s entrance, grab a cab, and return to the hotel.

She thought, it’s so late, Jiang Qian Fan is probably already asleep ba.

When she returned to the suite room, the whole room was in a state of pitch blackness.


Lin Ke Song did not switch on the light, afraid that a ping of any slight sound will disturb Jiang Qian Fan awake.

When she tiptoed to the direction of her room, the cold voice moved along the lines of darkness and pierced into the depths of her brain.

“You sure you don’t need to switch on the lights?”

It was obviously a question, but it was in the tone of a statement.

Apart from Jiang Qian Fan, she couldn’t think of anyone else.

Lin Ke Song swallowed, her shoulders frozen. She herself didn’t know why she was this afraid of Jiang Qian Fan, this feeling was totally different from skipping classes and meeting the teacher.

Two to three seconds later, Lin Ke Song returned to the front, and switched on the lights.

Jiang Qian Fan at the sofa was still in that suit, the tightly clasped collar made Lin Ke Song feel that what was grabbed on wasn’t the other party, but her own neck. His hands ledged onto the top of the cane, the sitting posture that didn’t move any bit added to the tension.

“Mr Jiang…… you haven’t slept?” Lin Ke Song asked uncertainly.

Was Jiang Qian Fan waiting for her?

“you think Washington is safe, lawful and orderly like a place of paradise?”

Lin Ke Song shook her head.

“Then do you know what time it is?”

Every sentence Jiang Qian Fan said wasn’t long, but it had impact.

“ten twenty.”

“I didn’t know Washington’s raining night view was that mesmerising, enough to make you wander and forget to return.”

Jiang Qian Fan’s words were very clear. Which was, it was obviously raining outside, you Lin Ke Song didn’t rush home, where did you blindly stroll to?

“I didn’t bring an umbrella, so I was just at a mall waiting for the rain to get lighter before coming back…… but unexpectedly, it kept raining, and didn’t stop……”

“You think that you won’t be seen through if you lie in front of me, right?”

Jiang Qian Fan’s voice was so cold to the bone.

But Lin Ke Song felt infinite rage.

It was raining outside, she wandered around, not wishing to comeback, wasn’t it because of this guy in front of her?

Will he die if he doesn’t see through a lie?

Because he couldn’t see, so he doesn’t know what “turning a blind eye” meant?

“Anyway you don’t wish to see me, isn’t me staying outside to your wishes? Mr Jiang, if there’s something about me you’re dissatisfied with, please tell me upfront!”

You are already cold enough, if you still use cold violence to treat others, it’s totally twice the pressure.

“I’m neurasthenic, sorry for making you uncomfortable.”

Jiang Qian Fan’s words were short but it produced the effect of a stab that ended a life.

Lin Ke Song suddenly understood, he had really heard her call to Song Yi Ran that day.

But she was only ranting, he could hear her from that far away? What kind of hearing is this ah!

Jiang Qian Fan had already gotten up, and walked to his room.

Lin Ke Song intended to follow him, but when she walked into the other party’s room, she felt intensely awkward.

What was she to say? Sorry, I shouldn’t have said you were neurasthenic? Or say sorry, I’ve misunderstood you, actually you aren’t neurasthenic? Or the neurasthenic one is me, please don’t mind?

Ai yo! Neurasthenia put people in trouble ah!

At this time, Jiang Qian Fan whose back was facing Lin Ke song, unbuttoned the buttons on the suit, and took his coat off, slowly walking in the direction of the closet.

Lin Ke Song knew that she should go up to help hang his clothes, but she just didn’t know how to move her legs.

“That…… I know your hearing is very sensitive. So a volume that is small to an average person, where the sound will not affect the rest or thoughts, to you…… is actually very loud. Even though I understand, but I have no way to experience the same thing as you…… so I…… I don’t really think you have ‘neurasthenia’…… I was only ranting to a friend, in that moment I couldn’t find another more appropriate description…… I don’t actually hate you or disrespect you…… even your pursuit for perfection, even though I’m unable to do so myself, but I really admire you. So, sorry.”

Lin Ke Song said such a huge chick, when she was finished, realised her brain was a blank slate.

She couldn’t even remember what she’d just said, except for that last sentence of “sorry”.

Jiang Qian Fan had no reaction.

This made Lin Ke Song uneasy. Why wasn’t he saying anything, why was there no expression?

Or did she say something that made him even more angry?

Maybe it wasn’t even just “neurasthenia”?

Ah! finished! That psychologist must have told Jiang Qian Fan everything she said!

What “tight-lipped (tight as a bottle)”! the bottle was long shattered ba!

No wonder Jiang Qian Fan was always so cold, must be because he had a grudge against her!

“That…… actually obsessive and compulsive disorder and whatnot is not really a big deal ah! loving cleanliness is a good thing ma!” Lin Ke Song desperately thought of what she should say to make Jiang Qian Fan think she has finally ‘empathised’.

Jiang Qian Fan’s eyes could only differentiate light and shadows of objects, most of the time, to perceive something, apart from touch, hearing and smelling, its these senses that help make an image. In this world where he is unable to have a thorough perception, there harbours deep inside a kind of distrust. This kind of distrust, made him pursue pureness and cleanliness.

“Actually, you’re also not that obsessive and compulsive. You only need someone that you can trust. As long as you have opened up your heart, your tolerance for the environment is higher than even mine.”

Like that time when she was guiding him, squeezing through the crowd, in the train where there were all sorts of smells, and bumping into people of all shapes and sizes in the carriage, Jiang Qian Fan was calm, even his eyebrows never lifted.

“and the obsessive compulsive disorder in pursuing the perfection of taste, isn’t actually obsessive compulsive disorder. Any master of their field, has their own pursuit of perfection. This dedication that is greater than any average person, allows them to get to a place further than any average person. And I, as only one of the average, your dedication makes me feel ashamed…… even though I don’t know where this shame comes from…… so I hate your dedication, your perfectionism. But I also admire you for all these.”

Lin Ke Song pursed her lips, thinking that she was going to be swept out of the room by Jiang Qian Fan ba.

Since when was there a student who critiqued their teacher as “neurasthenic”, “obsessive”, “clean freak”, “obsessive compulsive disorder”?

Good thing, she hadn’t talked about “autism”.

But Jiang Qian Fan will automatically leave that point out ba.

“I’d originally thought, I was a ‘neurasthenic’ patient. Now I know, that I had cleanliness issues and obsessive compulsive disorder too.”

Lin KE Song’s heart thumped.

What? Dr Xie didn’t talk about these?

If he didn’t, why did Jiang Qian Fan keep silent and not say anything?

Is this to purposely dig a grave for her to jump in?

Why couldn’t she suppress herself ah?

“but the things you said before, are your honest words.”

Lin Ke Song was frozen there, looking at Jiang Qian Fan unbuttoning each button.

The long and smooth line of his neck was getting more obvious.

Through the slightly opened shirt, the ups and downs off his chest had a mysterious sexiness.

“Sorry……” Apart from this phrase, Lin Ke Song’s head was empty.

“If what you say are honest words, then there’s no need to apologise. In the future, don’t hang out too late into the night before coming home. Needless to say, in a totally foreign city.”

At this point, Lin Ke Song understood, Jiang Qian Fan was really seated on the sofa waiting for her to return.

“What are you still standing here for?”


When Jiang Qian Fan took off his shirt totally, and exposed a back of rich intensity but not to the point of exaggeration, she reacted and realised that the other party was going to shower.

“Goodnight, Mr Jiang!”

Lin Ke Song hurriedly exited, and closed the door.

Leaning against the room’s door, she looked up and exhaled.

Good thing good thing, she wasn’t hated by Jiang Qian Fan.

But as she was about to walk out of the bathroom, the phone in the room rang.


“Lin Ke Song, come over to read the news.”

A cold voice, a tone that was fixed, apart from Jiang Qian Fan, who else can it be?

“What?” Lin Ke Song wondered if her ears had a problem. Or was she hallucinating?

It was already 11 at night, Jiang Qian Fan wasn’t going to sleep, read what news?

She hadn’t made things clear when the phone was already hung.

Lin Ke Song sat at the head of her bed, dazedly frozen for two seconds, then pounded the mattress intensely hard—— really crazy! Crazy!

In the future, she will not hold back on critiques on him!

Lin Ke Song hugged the tablet Mayer handed to her, and knocked on Jiang Qian Fan’s door.

“Come in.”

Lin Ke Song walked in carefully. In the middle of the large double bed, Jiang Qian Fan wore a pure white bathrobe and was seated at the head of the bad. His hair was not yet completely dry, he lifted his head, his fingers gently lifting his hair, revealing his noble forehead. Eyelashes that were slightly droopy, were like cicada’s wings waiting for a storm.

The bathrobe collar was originally relatively loose, his clavicle lines were clearly visible.

All these, were reflected in Lin Ke Song’s eyes, the other party’s wet hair, slender fingers, even the lip line of the pursed lip became unusually sexy.

“Mr Jiang, what news would you like to hear?”

Lin Ke Song knew, even if she were to remind him that it was already very late, the other party would not change his mind.

And it was not easy, since their “cold war” seemed to have ended.

“Open “Gourmet”’s homepage, search for ‘XingYue Hotel’s reviews.”

“Oh, okay.”

Lin Ke Song searched in the station for a bit, and found 3 reviews. Opened the first one, and found out that there was a full 78 pages, reviews for every single dish of the hotel’s, and even for the cold dishes.

Lin Ke Song stole a glance at Jiang Qian Fan, and wondered, just how long will she have to recite this till?

Couldn’t have a good night’s sleep today again?

Or this was a new way of punishment Jiang Qian Fan invented, the effect of it the same as the eight bowls of mint cabbage soup?

Lin Ke Song flipped another page, it was still this horrid and this long……

Were these critiques reviewing fine food or movies ah?

“Recite ba.” Jiang Qian Fan’s voice sounded.

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      Look, she even told his psychologist about how unfortunate the girl he takes a fancy of, since it will be too exhausting.
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