The heartbeat at the tip of the tongue (舌尖上的心跳) Chapter 19

You bit me ah !

“At 12pm sharp tomorrow, the members and a very important supporter has booked a lunch reservation at our restaurant, Ms Lin’s mentor will personally bring her to check out the preparation and cooking process of the 3 star restaurant. From the preparation of ingredients to the seasonings and the final presentation, every step will be meticulously shown. But I cannot guarantee, when the car sets off tomorrow and Ms Lin’s mentor doesn’t see her, what kind of reaction will be given?”

Without a second word, the uncles lifted Lin Ke Song into the car. Uncle Lin Feng’s words and nagging on Lin Ke Song’s ears were totally lost on her.

When the car started up, Uncle Lin Feng’s shouting voice asking her to call back anytime finally sobered her a little, when she turned her head to look back, uncle’s figure was getting further and further away. And when uncle returned to the restaurant and saw his friends, one of them pointed to the red star erguotou and said: “Old Lin, 52% liquor…… did we go too far?”

“Since you know you went too far, why did you make her drink so much?”

“Wasn’t it because we were so happy?”

The lights of the bustling New York were like stars, flitting past Lin Ke Song’s face like thin sheets.

And she found herself feeling like she was floating through the vast Milky Way.

Her heart suddenly felt hollowly empty.

She took out her phone, and only saw a short text from Song Yi Ran: I’ve gone to San Francisco, don’t make mistakes while cashiering ah!

Idiot…… she was no longer a cashier! She was going to learn about cooking from a Michelin chef!

Lin Ke Song leaned her head against the car window, and went to Song Yi Ran’s Weibo. It was a picture taken with a few sexy ladies in some night club. He was smiling lazily, freely enjoying the glamourous city that never sleeps.

Then, her eyes started to water.

After reaching Jiang Qian Fan’s villa, Mayer and a plump apron wearing middle aged lady were waiting for her at the entrance.

Mayer saw Lin Ke Song drunkenly alight, frowning slightly in a total loss of sense of direction.

“Nina, give her a hand.”

“She’s drunk, will sir be angry?”

Mayer shrugged his shoulders: “it’s probably because someone was sending her off, I heard that the Chinese tend to drink a lot when they are sending people off. Being drunk has its merits, at least while sleeping Mr Jiang will not be disturbed.”

Lin Ke Song only knew that Nina helped her up the icy cold stairs, with the driver following behind while carrying her luggage.

Mayer opened the door for Lin Ke Song, while Nina put her on the bed. A short while later, a cup of mint water was at her lips, the coolness of the mint flavour wrapped around her lips and teeth, streaming coolly down her throat, making her whole being a lot more refreshed.

After a while, everything quieted down, and Mayer left, closing the door and quietly greeting: “Good night.”

This bed was soft, like a huge cotton candy. The car and chatting sounds from outside the small windows were totally silent, this was the first time in the long time she had been in New York that she is this far from the hustle and bustle and can enjoy this absolutely peaceful silence.

But after sleeping for a while, Lin Ke Song felt thirsty.

Her cup was supposedly at her bedside, but no matter how much she felt for it, she couldn’t get her cup. She got off her bed, and felt around barefoot for a long time before finally stepping on her shoes. But she still couldn’t find her cup anywhere.

She walked out of the room with a heavy head so heavy she could hardly open her eyes. She leaned on the walls, constantly groping forward until she saw a slit of light on the floor.

Lin Ke Song crinkled her eyes in a smile.

There are people here. If there are people, then there will be water! She cheered for the wisdom that she embodied.

Open the door, this room was so big that…….

Even with all her might, Lin Ke Song’s line of sight ended at the coffee table at the front of the sofa. There was a glass on the table, and it was half filled with water, quietly shooting rays of shining light.

Without another word, she lifted the glass and gulped and gulped the water in two mouths.

Just as her lungs were so moistened that they felt like they could float, an icy cold voice spoke from nearby.

“Who let you in here?”

That unique voice, coupled with the night, produced an indescribable sense of elegance and alienation.

Lin Ke Song stood up, and only saw a guy in a white shirt walking slowly from the stairs.

The soft silver light poured on his shoulders, cold and demanding.

When the other party got closer and closer, Lin Ke Song propped her upper body, and squinted, trying really hard to figure out who the other party was.

“Didn’t Mayer explain the rules clearly to you?”

She cocked her head, this person was familiar yet unfamiliar.

His eyes were deep, his brow line beautiful, his nose bridge had a sense of nobility, and his lips.

Lin Ke Song looked intensely, her heart inexplicably moved, like there was something constantly flitting past her heart.

“What did you say……”

She wanted to look at him speaking. As long as he spoke, she could clearly see the place that put people in a fantasy. Her head reached over to the edge of the sofa, stretching her neck out.

“Don’t make me say the same thing twice.”

Can you speak a little longer?

Lin Ke Song shifted to the edge of the sofa, and lost her balance. Just as she was going to use her arms to cushion her fall, the other party caught her shoulders, and pulled her back up.

His fingers emitted too much strength, Lin Ke Song’s shoulder bones were beginning to hurt.

“Go back.”

Such short words again.

But when the lines of his lips tightened, Lin Ke Song felt a strength from the depths of her heart, driving her to grab the other party’s collar, and hook on.

The other party turned away, so Lin Ke Song’s lips grazed his ear, the touch warm and fleeting.

Lin Ke Song’s chin ended up on the other party’s shoulder.

His body froze for a moment, his voice lowered an octave.

“What are you doing?”

Like he was trying to compress all the air.

“…… I want to touch the tip of your tongue……”

Lin Ke Song laughed lightly, reached her fingers out, just touch the entrance of the lips, and they will be opened.

The back of her hand hurt a little.

She refused to give up and reached her hands out again, her fingertips was just about to lift the other party’s upper lip and be able to touch that warm place, when the other party sharply turned the face away, and swung her hands away again.

“Lin Ke Song, this is my last warning to you.”

Warn me about what?

Lin Ke Song smiled, her eyes turning into crescents.

“I just want to touch the tip of your tongue! Let me touch…… you bit me ah!”

It seemed like she had anticipated touching that place for a very very long time…… just as she was about to forget, she’d be reminded by the other party……

This heart gripping thing was not fun at all! All she wanted was to just touch it!

Lin Ke Song’s fingertips touched the other party’s lips, and just like she’d expected the angle the other party was going to avoid to, her fingertips touched his lips unaltered in the course and slipped through. Taking advantage of the fact that the jaws have not closed, she dotted on that softest piece. Her fingertips were satisfied to stop at the tip of his tongue, and moved slightly, that soft and moist feeling was totally different from the cold voice that the owner of the tongue used when he talked……

“Ah ya!” Lin Ke Song shouted, abruptly retrieving her hand.

Because the other party had heartlessly bit down, that pain was so gripping that Lin Ke Song bent forward clutching her finger.

So painful ah!

It must be bleeding! Must be bleeding!

“Didn’t I only touch you a little? Why do you have to bite people ah……” her tongue was very stupid, could never speak clearly.

Suddenly, Lin Ke Song only felt that something had fastened on her head, a powerful force compelling her to look up.

Just as she was about to open her mouth to speak, the other party finally determined his bearings and pressed down on her.

The soft and warm place behind his lips started to heat up suddenly, and without warning rushed between her lips, sweeping all of her away.

Lin Ke Song used all her might to hit the other party’s shoulders away, that fear of being completely overwhelmed made her lift her knee to give the other party a vicious kick.

But before she could produce any hits, he had already tightened her hands behind, bringing her even closer to him.

At this distance, don’t talk about lifting her knees, she couldn’t even catch her breath!

The other party turned towards her, and produced waves of forceful strength, kissing her like he wanted to swallow her whole.

Just as Lin Ke Song was about to cry, he suddenly stood up, and she who had lost the support stumbled two steps back and fell onto the sofa.

“The next time you get yourself drunk, I’ll throw you out.”

The other party turned around and left, without any yearning.

Lin Ke Song’s lips and the tip of her tongue were numb.

Not like she wants to be here!

She stood up resolutely, walked unstably towards the door, but not two steps later, her knees hit the coffee table. She managed to walk to the door, but when she opened the door, she realised that it was pitch black no matter the direction.

Where is this place?

She must be dreaming! When dreaming, it’s impossible to find the way back, as long as you continue sleeping, and wait for yourself to wake up, it’ll be fine!

Lin Ke Song returned back to the sofa and laid down.

A while later, the whole room darkened.

Lin Ke Song hugged her arm, furrowing her brows.

It’s so cold ah…… did she kick the blanket off the bed?

Reach out to feel around…… grabbed nothing.

Where did the blanket go?

Something was place on her, soft, and carried a refreshing scent.

Once her thinking relaxed, her thoughts started to disperse.

Lin Ke Song turned happily.

“Hey, wake up! Little bun, hurry wake up!”

Oh no! Is she supposed to do cashiering today?

Lin Ke Song suddenly sat up, her forehead almost crashing into the other party’s nose.

“……Mr Mayer?”

Lin Ke Song looked at the other party blankly, then took in her surroundings, and realised that she was familiar with nothing around her.

The white walls were without flaws, the marbled floors were as shiny as mirrors.

And a few steps away, was an elegant Scottish styled carpet, that even with your naked eye you could see the exquisite quality of.

In the centre of this spacious room was a large bed. The bed sheets were white. At the head of the bed were two dark cabinets, of a symmetrical modern art style.

The room was open and spacious, without extra furniture.

To the point that it seemed like no one lived here.

“Where is this place?” Lin Ke Song’s brain hurt a little, but the stuff that she had eaten were completely digested and she was extremely hungry now.

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