The heartbeat at the tip of the tongue(舌尖上的心跳) Chapter 06

Capitalists = being cast away

“Too many mushrooms were used for the mushroom soup. Using a right amount of mushroom soup would enhance the flavours of the pig’s liver and intestines, but if too many were used, it would conceal the essence of this dish.”

After his comment, Jiang Qian Fan was already ready to stand up.

Lin Ke Song looked at the bowl of barely touched stir fried liver, and had a heart ache to death. Every time she packed a packet of stir fried liver to the gluttonous cats at the dorm room, they couldn’t help licking the remnants of the packet. But Jiang Qian Fan only had a single bite, and still had a tone of criticism.

Lin Ke Song did not want Granny Wang to see that was still so much left, so she hurriedly picked up the spoon that Jiang Qian Fan had just used and gobbled down half the bowl in two or three mouthfuls, almost scalding the roof of her mouth.

But Jiang Qian Fan knocked his cane on the surface of the table, and murmured: “Let’s go. To the next place.”

Lin Ke Song randomly wiped her mouth, and thought to herself even if Granny Wang’s stir fried liver doesn’t suit your taste, in such a big city, there has to be a dish that will suit your taste ba!

After holding the bicycle steady, Jiang Qian Fan got on it, and Lin Ke Song thought about the next place to go.

Gradually, they came to an alley. The stone paths under the wheels were no longer whole and neat anymore, couldn’t help being bumpy.

Lin Ke Song waddled a few times. She thought the Mr Jiang sitting behind her would at least grab onto her or at least hold on to the seat, but to the end, he calmly stayed seated with his arms rested on his thighs.

This made Lin Ke Song feel cheeky.

She purposely made “Ahya ahya” sounds, twisting the bicycle as she rode forward.

But disappointedly, logically, a blind person’s sense of balance shouldn’t be that good, but Jiang Qian Fan was consistently sitting behind her as steady as Taishan mountain, not a single gasp escaped from him.

“My hearing is very fine, Miss Lin. There are very few people on this road, although the road is not flat but with your capabilities you have the ability to keep your balance.”

Jiang Qian Fan’s cold voice sounded from the back.

Lin Ke Song’s single heart suddenly sank down.

She had only wanted to play a little joke on him, the “tour guide fees” won’t be docked right?

“That…… I felt that the atmosphere was a little cold, only wanted to make it livelier……hehe……”

She had done the same thing to Song Yi Ran before, that chap would shamelessly say what “if die, we die together”, then the both of them would laugh heartily.

But when the one riding pillion is changed to Jiang Qian Fan, it might turn to her really seeking death.

“The relationship between us is purely employer and employee, there is no need to make the atmosphere livelier.”

Jiang Qian Fan’s voice was as monotonous as a robot’s with no fluctuations, carrying a cool metallic tone.

Lin Ke Song found that she was actually speechless.

While riding the bicycle, she wondered, just what kind of environment did this Mr Jiang live in. Doesn’t he even understand this basic code of conduct? Even if it’s an employer and employee relationship, she rode the bicycle so zealously with him riding pillion all over the big streets and little alleys, doesn’t she even have the right to say a few sentences of jokes?

Seeing at him ride in such a luxurious car to Lang Hua Restaurant, have the restaurant’s chairman personally welcome him, and even have that whatever assistant Li Yan be so concerned to death about him say that he is a whatever important figure —— most probably a capitalist ba!

All capitalists need to be casted away!

When they reached the end of the alley, at the intersection of the street, Lin Ke Song stopped.

The smell of marinated fried soy on a pan floated by, with a rich soy sauce aroma, Lin Ke Song subconsciously licked her lips.

“Mr Jiang, we’re here. Try the tripe here. Foreigners usually like to go to some famous snack street or business district to have tripe. But those are gimmicks, rather it’s these kind of alleys or streets that make more authentic tripe.”

Apart from recommendations, Lin Ke Song does not feel like saying anything more to him.

As usual, before Jiang Qian Fan sat down, she would first use a napkin to wipe his seat clean, wipe the surface of the tables till there was not a single sign of oil shine.

Lin Ke Song thought in her heart, she hasn’t even gone to her uncle’s yet, and she’s already being a waitress……

As she bent her body forward, she smelled a refreshing scent coming from Jiang Qian Fan.

It wasn’t the scent of men’s cologne, but of a more natural flavour, like that of a shower gel.

Lin Ke Song couldn’t help getting closer, because in the surrounding rich aromatic smelling cloud of tripe, Jiang Qian Fan’s bodily scent was inexplicably pleasant, and even carried a thread of warmth.

Without her noticing, the tips of hair at the top of her tilted head had swept past Jiang Qian Fan’s chin.

“Are you thinking of showing me friendly gestures?”

The other party’s voice was like a pan of cold water splashing on her from the head down, making Lin Ke Song quickly return to reality.

“Ah, no no! It’s because the edge of the table was a little dirty.”

“But you weren’t cleaning the edges of the table.”

Jiang Qian Fan ruthlessly exposed Lin Ke Song’s lies.

Lin Ke Song was once again speechless.

1000USD for a day’s worth of tour fees, definitely expects the tour guide to have a strong heart.

She remembered Song Yi Ran’s shamelessness, and suddenly pulled on a smiling face: “The scent from Mr Jiang’s body was really good bey. I was just a little curious. Don’t mind me, I didn’t actually touch you.”

Jiang Qian Fan did not open his mouth to speak, this let Lin Ke Song let out a breath.

Because she felt that the moment Jiang Qian Fan opened his mouth, there would definitely be an effect of a cutting blade.

Lin Ke Song ordered a portion of tripe, and silently prayed in her heart that this dish that did not let her feel a little sick of for ten plus years, would let Jiang Qian Fan say a praise of “delicious”.

Lin Ke Song knew that this particular shop wasn’t that particular about the cleanliness and hygiene of the utensils, so she took out the utensils that Li Yan had prepared for Jiang Qian Fan, scooped some tripe and put it in front of Jiang Qian Fan.

This kind of aroma could stimulate saliva secretion better than Granny Wang’s stir fried liver, if it were not due to eating too much at Lang Hua restaurant, and consuming a few large mouthfuls of stir fried liver, for this plate of tripe, Lin Ke Song would only need a minute to cleanly sweep up the whole plate.

Jiang Qian Fan picked up the chopsticks. His slender fingers had a unique beauty, as if anything that were picked by his hands would suddenly become wonderful.

He picked up a piece of tripe, and held it in front of his nose for a short moment, then he sent it into his mouth.

Lin Ke Song’s heart hung in anticipation.

Will he find it delicious? After riding such a big bike all the way to this place, it should be worth it ba?

At that moment, Lin Ke Song subconsciously widened her eyes and stared at Jiang Qian Fan’s lips. In the second his lips slightly parted, and gently touched the tip of the food, she suddenly felt like there was something that had ruptured at her ear.

There was no sense of enthusiasm from the attitude of this male when he ate.

But why the moment the food was sent past his lips, Lin Ke Song could feel a sense of dedication and purity?

Is it really because for faces that look pretty, they can be forgiven even if the words are icy cold ?

She silently waited for this male to take a second bite, but he still put his chopsticks down.

“What’s wrong? Is it not good?” Lin Ke Song started to get nervous.

She has great confidence towards Lin’s tripe. She has been living in this city for such a long time, only Lin’s tripe was perfect.

“It isn’t bad. But also can’t be considered delicious.”


Lin Ke Song was suddenly depressed, only not bad? Then what has she been eating these 20 years?

She can totally confirm now, Song Yi Ran that jerk is easier to serve than this person.

“Why do you think it’s not delicious?”

Lin Ke Song feels that even if she dies she still has to know why……

“This tripe, based on taste only, compared to other professional chefs is no less inferior. The sauce mixed and blended sesame paste, rose fermented bean curd, chives, soy sauce, sugar, sesame oil, chives, parsley, and green onion together. The degree of saltiness is appropriate.”

There’s no problem with the sauce, then maybe the problem lies with the tripe?

“The water that was used to scald the tripe also had Sichuan peppercorn and onions added, for the sake of removing the stink of the tripe. This was very thoughtful, and done well.”

Then what is wrong? Just what are you not satisfied with ah?

“But the chilli oil that was drizzled over the tripe, because the fire was too strong, let the chilli blacken, and combined with the peppercorns, formed a bitter taste.”

His voice was cold and calm, like a guideline, like an insurmountable boundary.

All doubts and dispute have no chance of surfacing in front of him.

“How can it be!”

Lin Ke Song picked up the pair of chopsticks, grabbed a piece and sent it into her mouth, using all her energy and concentration to taste in detail, but she only felt that it was delicious.

But gradually, she too tasted the slightly bitter flavour, that taste of chilli and peppercorn being over fried.

But how would an ordinary person be able to taste that subtle bitter taste? It’s to the point that if you don’t concentrate on picking the flavour out, you wouldn’t be able to taste it ah! Are you sure this isn’t being too picky?

Lin Ke Song lifted her gaze to Jiang Qian Fan, and suddenly wondered, how is this chap’s tongue configured? This subtle taste and all he needs is one mouth to be aware of it?

“Let’s go ba.” Jiang Qian Fan stood up, adjusting his collar.

“Wait…… your cutlery……”

“You used it before, I’ll not use it again.”

Jiang Qian Fan took out his cane, tested out the path, not caring about Lin Ke Song and walked off like that.

Lin Ke Song took a look at the plate of tripe, and prayed in her heart that the owner would not bear a grudge against her for being so wasteful.

Lin Ke Song sighed, resigning to her fate, and went to catch up to Jiang Qian Fan.

She is a little suspicious, is there any food in this world that exists that would make him feel that it’s delicious?

Good thing the stalls that Lin Ke Song frequents are not too far apart, otherwise in this big city, just depending on her two legs riding the bike, with a male weighing about 100 jin*, she would have crumbled from exhaustion.

She brought Jiang Qian Fan to try Xu’s sweet peas pudding, Jiang Qian Fan only had a bite, commented that it had a good texture, but was too sweet.

Then they tasted the tea soup under the bridge, Jiang Qian Fan still only had a bite, the comment was that it had a delicate texture, and the thickness of the soup was appropriate, but the Osmanthus used in the Osmanthus brine was not fresh enough.

Lin Ke Song did not want to speak anymore, and only said “get on ba”, then rode the bicycle into the alley.

In the end, the steamed rice cakes with sweet stuffing, cold pot fish and fried sauce noodles were as Lin Ke Song expected, shot down by Jiang Qian with one sentence.

The sky gradually got darker, originally the 1000USD tour fees made Lin Ke Song feel that she should provide the other party with comprehensive, professional, at the beck and call, painstaking service, but her patience was quickly being spent, and she hadn’t even collected a deposit!

She had the urge to point at Jiang Qian Fan’s brain and ask: let me say brother, so many dishes, many of them cooked with decades of inherited traditional skills, why when they reach you, are they only worth you having one mouth? Might as well call yourself Jiang Yi Kou (One mouth river) already!



爆肚(exploded stomach), tripe. Might look gross, but it’s delicious. Omg, it’s so good.

*100 jin = 50kg

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