The heartbeat at the tip of the tongue(舌尖上的心跳) Chapter 05

Granny Wang’s stir fried liver

“If you not willing to, forget it.”

When Jiang Qian Fan was about to turn around to return to the car, Lin Ke Song grabbed his arm quick as quick as a fire arrow: “Willing! Willing! 1000USD is in cash or cheque or transfer!”

As the sentence was shouted out, she suddenly felt the she had lowered her not very proud head in the first place in front of money, revealing the dog like nature of slavery that Song Yi Ran used spicy lobsters to enslave her.

But it’s 1000USD ah! When converted is more than 6000 renminbi!

If she were to really go to New York, she would definitely have to bring some capital over ah!

One day and 1000USD earned, it’s only bringing around Mr Iceberg who has eyes that can’t be used to eat and drink only, legitimate income from labour, why would she not want it?

But Jiang Qian Fan creased his brows, and strongly pulled his arm back.

Crap…… was she in too much of a hurry, and had angered the boss?

“This Miss, Mr Jiang does not like others to touch him,” assistant Li Yan reminded.

Lin Ke Song hastily withdrew her hand.

“Additionally, Mr Jiang is a very important figure in the Chinese cuisine industry. Especially his sense of taste. So I hope you won’t bring him around to eat things that will affect his health or to places with dirty environments.”

Li Yan’s insinuation was extremely obvious.

All of a sudden, Lin Ke Song did not know what to say. Jiang Qian Fan said he wanted to eat something unique, but at the same time those specialities and snacks most probably won’t be able to meet Li Yan’s requirements ah.

At this time, Jiang Qian Fan straightened his cane.

That movement was extremely elegant, like an ancient swordsman drawing his sword calmly and sharply.

He extended the other end of the can to Lin Ke Song, indicating that she should hold on to it, and said: “Let’s make a move.”

“Mr Jiang, Why won’t you take the car?”

“There’s no need. If we took the car, we wouldn’t be able to get anywhere.”

“But…… Mr Jiang……you aren’t used to riding taxis ah!”

Li Yan doesn’t dare to touch Jiang Qian Fan, but he kept a hold on Lin Ke Song who was leading the way, putting Lin Ke Song in a dilemma.

It seems like this 1000USD is not going to be easy to earn.

And, why would he not be used to riding taxis?

Jiang Qian Fan was silent, not saying a word.

Li Yan could only say to Lin Ke Song: “Where ever you ride the taxi to, you must remember to open the door for Mr Jiang.

Mr Jiang will not touch things that many people have touched before. Also remember, you have to guard the doorframe, you must not let Mr Jiang hurt himself. You have to cushion the seats, Mr Jiang will not sit where many people have sat before! After you sit, you have to wind the windows down, to let the air ventilate! Mr Jiang does not like smoke smells or other odours!”

Lin Ke Song could not restrain her face from showing black lines.

Honestly, this Mr Jiang is not only blind, but he is an obsessive clean freak!

Didn’t the saying go, out of sight, out of mind?

What is he so obsessive for?

At this point, Jiang Qian Fan finally speaks.

“I will not ride the subway, public transport or taxi.”

Lin Ke Song could only look at the Bentley with shiny eyes, heartily recommending to go by car ba.

But the next sentence spoken by Jiang Qian Fan made Lin Ke Song totally speechless.

“Do you know how to ride a bicycle?”

“Known how to since I was six.”

“Li Yan, go buy a bicycle first. Let her bring me around on a bicycle.”

Lin Ke Song was stunned silly, “What?”

It’s not that she has never had others ride pillion before. Once on a school’s bike outing, young master Song Yi Ran got ill, and she could only as an ordinary modern woman have him ride pillion for more than two hours, causing her back aches the next day, especially for her legs where she could only lumber around.

“That’s too dangerous!” Li Yan opposed again.

“You are my assistant, your job is to satisfy my demands and not constantly oppose my decisions.”

Jiang Qian Fan’s voice was cold.

Li Yan’s expression did not look good.

“Yes, Mr Jiang.”

Lin Ke Song awkwardly held on to the other end of Jiang Qian Fan’s cane while standing on the road.

Many passers-by could not help taking a second look at them. After all, Jiang Qian Fan has such an outstanding appearance with an alienated disposition, and Lin Ke Song feels like she is strolling with a handsome guy……. Ah, it’s strolling with an iceberg guy.

Li Yan was more efficient than Lin Ke Song expected. In less than 15 minutes, he bought a bicycle.

Lin Ke Song glanced at the price tag stuck on the bike and almost got a fright, it was as much as two months of her internship salary!

Furthermore, they set out Jiang Qian Fan’s personal utensils, paper towels, etc. in the front basket.

Li Yan also took a picture of Lin Ke Song’s identification, indicating that if something were to happen to Mr Jiang, he would report her to the police.

To have matters come to this point, Lin Ke Song suddenly felt like she doesn’t want to do this kind of work anymore.

As expected, the heavens will not drop free pies……

Lin Ke Song held on to the bicycle, bit the bullet and said: “You may get on, Mr Jiang.”


Once Jiang Qian Fan was on, Lin Ke Song bit her teeth and pedalled off.

Good thing Song Yi Ran gave her practice, otherwise, how would she be able to have a visually estimated 1.85m big guy ride pillion and while riding look heroically and evilly cool? Wrong…… it’s heroically and windily cool.

“What’s your name?” Jiang Qian Fan asked from the back.

“Lin Ke Song.” Lin Ke Song took a deep breath, the golden master behind has to be treated with care ah, “Mr Jiang do you have any preference for snacks?”

“As long as they are unavailable at fine dining restaurants, it’s fine.”

With this type of icy cold voice coming from the back, Lin Ke Song feels that her sweaty back from pedalling has chilled in an instant.

Lin Ke Song searched her mind fleetingly quick.

The bike has left the main road, and is heading to some smaller streets.

“Mr Jiang, since it’s some commoner’s snack, then they definitely won’t be as particular as Lang Hua Restaurant. We’re only eating for flavour, so we can’t expect quality. ”

Lin Ke Song had to give Mr Jiang a preventive caution first. It’s okay if the food doesn’t suit his palate, but if he showed that he was unsatisfied or unhappy on the spot, imagine how awkward the situation would be ah!


“That…… the place I’ve picked is what I think is considered one of the cleaner ones. I’ve eaten here for 20 plus years and I’ve not had an upset stomach from here before.”


“It’s just that they are all either roadside stalls or some little shop in the alleys, some shops are even just opposite homes.”


Lin Ke Song suddenly feels that she is at a loss for words.

My dear brother, apart from “En”, do you know how to say anything else?

They both ride pillion, but Lin Ke Song suddenly feels that compared to this Mr Jiang, Song Yi Ran is a “moe moe pie”!

“Mr Jiang, may I know what you’re called ah?” Lin Ke Song feels that if she doesn’t even know what the person behind her is named, then she has really let her father down.

“Jiang Qian Fan.”

That was the answer, three words. For example which “Qian”, which “Fan”, there wasn’t even any extra explanation.

Until a few seconds later, Lin Ke Song finally realises that the other party’s name might just be that “Jiang Qian Fan”.

Rivers (Jiang) pass east, as sails (Qian Fan) would too.

This name sounds like the person would have possibilities of changes for the melancholy. But the owner of the name was so indifferent that others have no idea how to get along with him.

Lin Ke Song rode the bike in boredom, and finally reached a roadside stall, an old granny was tending to the mouth of the pot, slowly stirring.

A few foldable tables in front, there were a few young guys and girls slowly eating something, chatting and laughing together.

The air was filled with an aroma that made people salivate unconsciously, Lin Ke Song hadn’t even stopped the bike, and she couldn’t resist swallowing.

She touched a foot to the ground and said: “Mr Jiang, we are here. Granny Wang’s stir fried liver is what I’ve eaten since I was little till adulthood.”

Jiang Qian Fan alighted, and Lin Ke Song realised then that Li Yan had bought a bike, but he had forgotten to get a lock!

She could only make do with having the bike lean on one side, put a napkin on a foldable chair, invite Jiang Qian Fan to sit down then cover his ear and whisper into his ears: “Because this is a roadside stall, so the bowls and chopsticks are roughly washed then put in boiling water and considered already disinfected. You don’t mind right?”

Jiang Qian Fan moved his face away, obviously unhappy that Lin Ke Song was too close.

“It’s already not bad that they are able to do so.”

Lin Ke Song happily went to look for Granny Wang to order stir fried liver. Even Song Yi Ran with that cunning mouth would shamelessly ask her to pack Granny Wang’s stir fried liver and bring it to school for him. She doesn’t believe that this Mr Jiang would think that Granny Wang’s stir fried liver is not tasty!

Lin Ke Song received the stir fried liver from Granny Wang, and slowly and carefully put it in front of Jiang Qian Fan, “Mr Jiang, it’s a little scalding, be careful.”

She put the spoon at the edge of the bowl, and had actually wanted to guide Jiang Qian Fan’s hand to the spoon, but she remembered that Li Yan said that he did not like others to touch him, so all she could do was to sit quietly at the side.

Jiang Qian Fan bend his head down, the warm steam floated up, carrying along the rich aroma of the stir fried liver.

His eyelashes were very long, his nose bridge high. Under this kind of warm air, his original cold features were softened.

Lin Ke Song felt a great sense of pity. If he could see, he would probably be in accordance to the fantasises of girls of cool tyrant president …… This is her first time that she has seen someone whose appearance is comparable to that player Song Yi Ran.

When Jiang Qian Fan ate, his movements were restrained and elegant, slow but didn’t give off a pretentious and feminine feel.

On the contrary, Lin Ke Song has to admit, it is really pleasant to the eyes.

When his lips separated, you could catch a glimpse of the tip of his tongue, the moment it touched the spoon, this guy who had a look of indifference gave off an aura of sultry sensuality.

It’s just that he only had a bite and he put the spoon down.

“What’s the matter? Is it because it tastes bad?”

“Just based on the ingredients, the pig’s liver is very fresh, and the pig’s intestine was handled very cleanly. After heating the oil, star anise and fennel are added, followed by raw garlic. After frying till golden brown, a suitable amount of bean paste was added, followed by stewed mushroom soup. After merging together, the gravy thickened. Internal organs are originally ingredients that are very difficult to handle, yet this plate of stir fried liver managed to extract the freshest, most delicious flavours from the pig’s intestine and liver.”

“So you think that it’s delicious?” Lin Ke Song’s eyes lit up.

She remembered that Jiang Qian Fan had said before, if she brought him to try foods and he felt that any were delicious, apart from the 1000USD tour fees, there would be an additional 500USD reward!

“For an ordinary roadside stall to be able to make it to this standard, it is indeed rare. But it’s far from delicious.”

Lin Ke Song囧. Where is it not delicious? How is it not delicious la? Why is it not delicious la?

This is totally insulting to Granny Wang’s craft of decades ah!



炒肝儿, stir fried liver. Delicious.

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