The heartbeat at the tip of the tongue (舌尖上的心跳) Chapter 74

Word count: 1850

The Chemistry Between You And I

The Jiang Qian Fan in the video was wearing a western suit of elegant black, a bow tie at his neck, his left leg leisurely placed on the right leg. His hands held a folded cane, gently placed at his knee.

There was not a slight bit of stress seen in his expression.

The white light fell on his face, there was a calm and restrained manner.

And the one interviewing his was Gourmet‘s chief editor, Winston.

He had a shocked expression, and looked at Jiang Qian Fan: “i didn’t hear wrongly ba? The words you just said…… could you repeat them?”

Jiang Qian Fan’s facial expression had no change at all.

“Sure. s&c currently wants to invest in building a theme park, and this theme park will start it’s construction in 3 months. The proceeds from the first month of operation of the theme park will be donated to the red cross foundation. As s&c’s partner, Jiang co. restaurant will enter the theme park, we will also donate the proceeds from the first month. At the same time, we are planning to hold a culinary competition in the theme park, we encourage newcomers to challenge each other and make and study new dishes. Chefs from all restaurants may come to give pointers. I believe that the collision of all sorts of thoughts and ideas will produce new inspiration.”

Winston laughed: “i believe that there will be many rising stars of the industry will want to show off themselves at this theme park, this will also help the theme park draw many tourists.”

Jiang Qian Fan nodded: “yes, to widen the exposure of this event, i have decided to personally participate in the first cooking competition for the opening of the theme park.”

Winston didn’t have facial expression, but his eyes showed that he was shocked.

“You…… what did you say? You are going to personally participate? Then…… who will be your opponent?”

“Chef Jessica Quentin. I’m sure, that everyone will want to see her and i cooking on the same stage.”

Jiang QIna FAn just expressionlessly dropped this bomb.

Winston gaped widely: “have you discussed your idea with chef Quentin? Maybe she doesn’t have the time…… ”

Winston knew that Jiang Qian Fan wasn’t that kind of person who cared about fame, even though everyone knew that Chef Quentin used the results of the “Master’s show” to generate hype, but no one would really think that Jiang Qian Fan’s standard wasn’t as good as Jessica Quentin.

He knew what kind of person Jiang Qian Fan was, he will not dispute with Jessica Quentin. Which means this challenge is really for the opening of the theme park

“Chief editor Winston, this is only my idea. I will ask Chef Quentin for her opinion, if other chefs are willing to join this event, the theme park will welcome them very much too.”

“As for this cooking pk, are there rules?”

“Since the competition is for the opening of the park, then the tourists on that day will be the audience. Have the 12 judges who were on the ‘master’s show’ to choose 5 non- professionals to form a group of 60 judges to taste the food on the spot.”

“Wait…… this means that you and chef Quentin will have to prepare 60 portions? I …… didn’t hear wrongly ba?”

“You didn’t, so each of us can bring along an assistant.” Jiang Qian Fan opened his cane, stood up and looked towards Winston who was still in shock, “this is only an idea of mine. If Chef Quentin isn’t willing, and there is no other chef who will agree to this event, i think i can only think about other more interesting events.”

Jiang Qian Fan emphasised that this wasn’t a “competition”, but an “event”.

But Winston knew that once this news was posted on the official website of Gourmet》, it will inevitably set off an uproar.

To Jessica Quentin, this is an absolute dilemma.

After watching this video, Li Ke song returned the tablet to Song Yi Ran, and lowered her head to continue reading the book in her hand, taking notes like everything was as per normal.

“Hey, this reaction is to calm already ba.” Song Yi Ran nudged LIn Ke Song with her elbow.

Lin Ke Song gave a sigh, put down her pen, and suddenly grabbed Song Yi Ran’s neck: “tell me, what did you and Jiang Qian Fan talk about secretly that day? Don’t think i don’t know that s&c  is an investment group that you and that hooligan friend partnered up to do!”

“How did you know?” SOng Yi Ran asked tilting his head.

“How obvious can it get ah! s&c jest happens to be the combination of the first letters of yours and Kevin’s name!”

“…… ” SOng Yi Ran leaned towards Lin Ke Song, the pair of puppy eyes starting to lure people in, “then are you having regrets now?”

“Regret what?”

“Regret that i, Song Yi Ran who used to be a salted fish has flipped over ah, but you are with Jiang Qian Fan already. You could’ve been Mrs Song.”

“You aren’t even a salted fish, and i’m not Mrs Song! Don’t change the subject! What on earth is up with you and Jiang Qian Fan?”

“We are partnering up ah! Jiang Co. will manage all the food and beverages in the theme park, solving a huge problem of s&c’s. You must know, that interesting food and beverages can become a source of attraction to tourists.”

“Only that?”

“Really only that!”

Lin Ke Song released her hand that was strangling Song Yi Ran, and continued reading her book.

And at this time, Jessica Quentin who had seen the news online was clenching her fist, lips pursed.

“Mama? Did something happen?” Iris brought some fruit, and knocked on her mother’s door.

“Have you seen the challenge Jiang Qian Fan sent out to me?”

“I’ve seen it,” Iris went to her mother’s side and sat down, “if you’re not willing, you can find a random reason and decline. Competition and what not, Jiang Qian Fan has never bothered with these things.”

“This time, he is targeting me, don’t you understand?” Mrs Quentin furrowed her brows, “If i don’t agree, then those who have been eyeing the Quentin family will use this article to mock us, more and more intensely. Don’t forget, it’s us who stopped the street food project between Jiang Qian Fan and New York City, and it was also me who used the results of the master’s show competition for publicity, this time…… we might have crossed his limits. But if i accept his challenge…… Iris……”

Mrs Quentin interlocked her fingers, her brows resting on her fingertips like she was very troubled.

“I understand, anyone who faces Jiang Qian Fan, has no guarantee of winning him. If you lost to him under the eyes of the public, maybe it’d be better to not start the fight in the first place. And Jiang Qian Fan’s pk is different from ‘Master’s show’ after all. Viktor’s participation is within the rules of the competition. But if you do anything during the competition between you and Jiang Qian FAn, there won’t be any walls on earth that are impenetrable, the loss of Quentin’s reputation will be worst than your loss. So…… ”

“So if you agree to the challenge, you must be upright. Even though i really wish that it were only a trick that s&c did, we all know, that Jiang Qian Fan would never speak lightly.”

After self-studying at night, Lin Ke Song was fetched to Jiang Qian Fan’s villa by Mayer.

When she reached Jiang Qian Fan’s room, and saw him quietly sitting on the patio, the night wind dialling the strands of his hair, it also dialled on LIn Ke Song’s heartstrings.

He looked like he could disappear into the night at any time.

When he twisted his wrist slightly, the red wine in the wineglass swished half a turn along the walls of the glass, everything became sexy.

Lin Ke Song gulped as she swallowed.

“You’re back?” Jiang Qian FAn reached his hand out towards her direction.


Jiang Qian Fan gently held Lin Ke Song’s wrist, and brought the back of her hand to his lips, giving it a kiss.

Then, he flipped her hand around and kissed her palm.

These all made her heart beat erratically.

“How was night studying.”

He gave her a pull, gently leading her into his arms, and embraced her.

“At first i made a lot of useful notes, then later, not a single word was absorbed.”

“What happened?” Jiang Qian Fan lifted his face, Lin Ke Song could see herself clearly in that pair of glassy black eyes.

“I heard that you challenged Jessica Quentin to a competition.”


“The judges will be professionals from all kinds of fields?”

“En.” Jiang Qian Fan’s expression looked like he didn’t see that it was an important point.

He kissed the tip of her nose, then peppered kisses on her cheek.

“Hey! You haven’t told me who you’d choose as your assistant? I’m guessing Jessica Quentin will definitely partner up with her daughter! They are mother and daughter, definitely will have a lot of chemistry! Furthermore, Iris’s standard does not have a cap!”

“Who do you think I’ll choose?”

“Chef Brody? I think you guys have much chemistry, he knows very well about your cooking and the foods that you have researched!”

“Is that so?” Jiang Qian Fan held his head, turning to the side.

She’s seldom seen him with this kind of a lazy look.

“Otherwise……. Chef HanBin of YueJiang tower? The cuisine you want to heavily showcase must be Chinese! If that’s so, HanBin will definitely be a good assistant!”

“Not a bad idea.” Jiang Qian FAn’s fingers cover Lin Ke Song’s face, gliding to her ears, gently tucking away the stray hairs.

“Hey! Be a little more serious ah! Just who do you want to choose as your assistant ah! Or is this a secret, that you only plan to reveal 3 months later?”

“Come a little closer, and I’ll tell you.”

Lin Ke Song furrowed her eyebrows, how close is closer ah? She’s already in his embrace, isn’t that close enough?

And, no one would eavesdrop on their talking when they are here ah!

But she was just too curious, who was the person Jiang Qian Fan thought he had the most chemistry with?

She had just put her ear in front of Jiang Qian FAn, when the other party gave her face a kiss.


That word had movement in the clearness.

Lin Ke Song was stunned, only opening her mouth to confirm a few seconds later: “What did you just say?”

“I said, i choose you. You and i have a lot of chemistry.”

“Chemistry?” where did that chemistry come from?

“Any questions? I really want to kiss you, bring your face here. I think Brody or HanBin and i won’t have this kind of chemistry.”

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  1. Oh lord all mighty.. I’m dead.. He’s killing me with all that sexy moves and talk… Missing this novel already.. I’m definitely gonna miss it.. Thanks a lot for giving us your time and allowing us to read this gem

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  3. Thanks for the updates! HAHAHA that last line cracked me up. JQF is just such a great ML, I really love him, and I loooove them together. They’re just so suited for each other… now… when are they gonna go beyond kissing >>


  4. You know what? JQF is bad for my heart. Damnit I just melted. Lucky Ke Song, he’s the type of man of responsibility, giving you the feeling of security. And at the same time a level of sexiness. What a deadly combo.

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