The heartbeat at the tip of the tongue (舌尖上的心跳) Chapter 73

Word count: 2013

Song Yi Ran’s and Jiang Qian Fan’s Collaboration

The whole world was coming at her, becoming a power that was unopposable.

She hurriedly wiped away her own tears.

You must know, Jiang Qian Fan did not like tears, because tears are a sign of weakness.

But she never thought that, Jiang Qian Fan would instead kiss her face, gently taking her tears away.

The temperature of his lips was like a sun that had sunk into the ocean, floating and soft, wrapping all of her.

She hugged his shoulders tightly, finally understanding what it means to not turn back.

“Silly.” his fingers didn’t go through her hair, gently caressing, “i am actually really happy that you cried.”


“When you cry, it means that you are concerned about me.”

Lin Ke Song lifted her head, and realised that Jiang Qian Fan’s lips held a slight smile, like a quiet ripple.

“…… What to do about your Chinese food street?”

“Do you think, that because you lost it gave Quentin co. an opportunity to attack me?”

Jiang Qian Fan’s hand was resting on LIn Ke Song’s face, whispering to her forehead.

“Isn’t that why?”

“Of course not. Even if you won, this project will still not be mine. And, there isn’t only this street in new york, as long as i really want to do so, anywhere will do.”

Hearing Jiang Qian Fan say this, seems quite logical. Without that street, there will still be other places to realised his long-cherished wish.

“So stay by my side, do the things you want to do, live the life you want to live, and most importantly is to not anyhow imagine things.”

“En.” Lin Ke Song laughed.

Then she embarrassedly realised that she’d unknowingly sat in Jiang Qian Fan’s lap.

She’d only seen this position in movies, her face suddenly started heating up, clutching Jiang Qian Fan’s shoulders to stand up, she didn’t think that the other party would easily latch onto her waist.

“My legs aren’t numb.”

He lifted his face, and kissed her jaw, that feeling that would make all the pores open made Lin Ke Song shrug her shoulders upwards. The tip of his tongue gently brushed against her lips, occupying her lips, her heart sank into the night with the setting sun.

Like Jiang Qian Fan said, she had to live her life properly, do the things she wished to do.

She applied for the New York University that Song Yi Ran was at, then successfully passed the interview.

When she walked out of the interview room, Song Yi Ran was sitting on a seat waiting for her. There was another nervous looking student waiting beside him, while he was carrying a computer keeping an eye on the financial news.

Lin Ke Song tucked her hand in her pocket, and looked at his side profile, and thought of the times when she was younger and ignorant.

“Hey, let’s go, I’ll treat you today!” Lin Ke Song slapped Song Yi Ran on the shoulder.

“Is that so? There’s another person giving me a treat today, and you are the chef for today too.”

Song Yi Ran looked up, raising his beautiful brow.

“Who ah? Uncle?”

“Nope, Jiang Qian Fan.”

“Qian Fan? He’s giving you a treat? Not possible ba? What’s up with you guys again?”

“Most likely because he’s worried that we’re in the same university and the same faculty, staying close to the source ah!”

Song Yi Ran leisurely kept his tablet, chicly hanging his coat on his shoulder, then got up to leave.

“What? Can’t be ba! What is up with you guys!”

This is something that gave Lin Ke Song the greatest headache: her lover and her childhood love battling against each other ah!

So, when Song Yi Ran lazily sat at the dining table at the patio in Jiang Qian Fan’s room drinking freshly brewed Longjing tea in front of the rain, and there was Jiang Qian Fan holding onto his cane with a calm expression, Lin Ke Song felt weird no matter how she thought or felt.

“Ke Song, i want to eat tomato omelette! I want that kind that have a thick sauce oh!” Song Yi Ran revealed a heartless smile, being obvious that he wanted her to leave.

Lin Ke Song looked towards Jiang Qian Fan, the words the other party said almost made her choke on herself.

“Don’t worry ba, i won’t use my cane beat him to death.”

How do you expect me to not worry when you say things like that ah!

But even with a thousand and 10 thousand worries and curiosity, Lin Ke SOng still had to go to the kitchen. She knew, that these 2 chaps definitely had really important things to talk about.

When Lin Ke Song left, Song Yi Ran’s finger circled around the edge of the teacup, and when it returned to the starting point, he put away the smile on his lips.

“I know Mr Jiang has always been straightforward, so i shall get to the point. You have something i want.”

“You have something i want too.”

“Oh? What is it?” SOng Yi Ran scratched his chin, a curious look, “I actually have something you want?”

“You and your partners are planning to make a theme park, aren’t you?” Jiang Qian FAn’s face didn’t have any change of expression.

“Oh…… you want to have a Chinese food street in it, this idea is indeed not bad.”

“It’s advantageous to you too. Don’t have to worry that the food will have a problem in the theme park, and it will be unique. You must know, for the management of food and beverages, Jiang Co. has the most experience and needs the least of your worries.”

“And this theme park will give your chinese food street foot traffic. This is indeed a win-win idea. Your mind isn’t as old fashion as it seems.” the corners of SOng Yi Ran’s lips lifted, his finger tapping on the table lightly, “but, if you really want me to join hands with Mr JIang, please at least show a little sincerity.”

“Alright ba, i’m willing to sell the 50% of stock i have on RuiHeng hotel. With this 50 per cent, it’s enough to win your brother, right ba.”

“What about the remaining 50 per cent?”

“Are you sure you don’t need management of Jiang Co. for the food and beverages of RuiHeng Hotel?”

SOng Yi Ran turned away, and a few seconds later, he asked: “did you expect this day to come a long time ago?”

“You should say, i have been planning for this day.”

“Ah ha, this is the reason why i hate you. You plan for everything, meticulously, step by step.” the corners of Song Yi Ran’s lips lifted, “but even if I’m willing to work with you, the Chinese food street continuing its operations at the theme park i invested in, can you guarantee that Quentin Co. will not continue to attack you? This is like 2 food industry giants contesting with each other, you sing and i stand on your stage, there’s no end to it.”

“The tricks Jessica Quentin can use, i too can definitely use.”

“I’m looking forward to it.”

At this time, Lin Ke Song pushed the pushcart to them, and looked at Jiang Qian FAn with some apprehension, then she looked at Song Yi Ran, and saw that these 2 people were safe and sound, Song Yi Ran had drunk a huge half of the tea from his teacup, and most importantly, that atmosphere that made people nervous was not felt anymore, so Lin Ke Song could finally heave a sigh of relief.

Lin Ke SOng placed the tomato omelette, hometown tofu and braised pork on the table.

SOng Yi Ran smiled happily and rubbed his palms together: “it’s been a long time since i’ve had home cooked food!”

Lin Ke SOng hadn’t even said anything, when this chap scooped a huge spoonful of tomato omelette into his mouth.

“Hey! I haven’t eaten yet! How could you start first!”

“What does it matter?” Song Yi Ran lifted his chopsticks, and picked up a piece of braised pork, “En! En! So smooth and tender, the juices of the meat is so fresh, i definitely want to eat 2 bowls of rice!”

If it weren’t for Jiang Qian FAn at the side, she really would have used her chopsticks to hit this chap’s head.

“What did you guys talk about?” LIn Ke Song still couldn’t help but ask. She knew that asking SOng Yi Ran would not give her an answer, so she asked the question towards Jiang Qian Fan.

But Jiang Qian Fan didn’t answer her question, “if you have to go against Jessica Quentin, will you be afraid?”

“Jessica Quentin? Isn’t she Viktor’s mentor?”

The most important thing was, that she was a top chef in the industry…… how would she have an opportunity to battle against her?

“If it’s about having a match with Jessica Quentin, what do i have to be afraid of? Will she eat me? Furthermore, even if i lost to her, i don’t have anything to lose face ah.”


Jiang Qian FAn’s finger was on the edge of the bowl, LIn Ke SOng got him a piece of the braised pork.

Don’t know when it started, when Jiang Qian FAn stopped critiquing her dishes?

“Is it delicious?” Lin Ke Song ask him tentatively.

“En, very delicious.”

SOng Yi Ran looked between them, and pursed his lips, a mischievous thought surfaced, he purposely lifted his legs, toes touching Lin Ke Song’s calf occasionally.

Then, every time he touched her, Lin Ke Song would glare over, indicating that the other party should stop playing.

But the more Song Yi Ran played, the happier he became, looking at eating the hometown tofu, while smirking, this chap was just waiting for her to blow up.

But Lin Ke SOng purposely ignored him, and while helping Jiang Qian Fan with the dishes, she silently avoided Song Yi Ran.

A few rounds later, SOng Yi Ran this rascal, was having more fun the more he played.

Jiang QIna Fan took his folded cane from his pocket, and opened it.

“What’s the matter?” Lin Ke Song asked.

“Nothing.” Jiang Qian Fan suddenly harshly jabbed his cane under the table towards Song Yi Ran’s direction.

Everything was too sudden, Jiang Qian FAn’s actions were swift and accurate, Song Yi Ran’s belly was hit, he almost spat out all the food in his mouth.

Lin Ke SOng was stunned, she knew that Jiang Qian Fan’s sense of hearing was really good, and Song Yi Ran’s little actions would definitely not be able to be hidden from him. But who would have thought that Jiang Qian Fan would think to carry out such a trick?

SOng Yi Ran’s face turned red, one hand clutching his stomach to face the side, the other hand clenched into a fist pressing onto the table.

“Hey…… you’re okay ba?” Lin Ke Song worriedly looked over to him.

“He’s fine, eat.” Jiang Qian Fan’s pretty fingers were interlaced on the table.

Even though Lin Ke Song really wanted to say that he deserved it, ……. There was still that little bit of pity.

2 days after that dinner, Jiang Qian Fan attended a charity dinner, and Lin Ke Song was sitting side by side with Song Yi Ran at the library of New York University doing reading together. After all she was about to choose her subjects, she had to have some form of understanding towards the curriculum. And that chap SOng Yi Ran was at the side using the school’s unlimited wifi to check the news.

“What are you looking at?”

“I’m looking at Gourmetmagazine’s official website.”

“Ah? Official website? What news has made you so interested?” Lin Ke Song reached her head over.

“Oh, Jiang Qian Fan declared war on Jessica Quentin already.” Song Yi Ran had an expression of being ready for the show to start.

And Lin Ke Song was almost choked to death by her saliva.

13 thoughts on “The heartbeat at the tip of the tongue (舌尖上的心跳) Chapter 73

  1. The triangle between them is getting even more komplex… love it!😍No bitter antagonism between the male leads but a healthy rivalry/frenemy ~
    Thank you for the chapter(ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

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  2. Thanks for the chapter
    I’m uncomfortable with the SYR and JQF relationship
    Had thought they had grown up after LKS made up her mind
    Hope the school and maturing makes SYR LKS relationship better (friendship not affection)


    1. I actually think it’s pretty good as it is now. For two rivals in love to suddenly become best buddies, I think it’s a little unrealistic. At least they understand each other, work together, and to a certain extent, respect each other. I think this is also a kind of friendship, considering their personalities. It could be better probably, but I think this is not too bad as well.
      Of course, these are just my thoughts, nothing major.


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