The heartbeat at the tip of the tongue (舌尖上的心跳) Chapter 72

Word count: 1904

I Want To Be With You

“What did you say? Why would you try her food?”

“Because i want to understand her! What was it that made Winston and the other judges be so familiar with her! I’ve lost, no matter the number of rounds i’ve won before, i’ve lost.” Viktor took a deep breath, and turned his face around.

“Win or loss isn’t determined by you, but by external evaluation. Soon, you will understand this principle.”

The second day, when Lin Ke Song was planning to sleep till she woke naturally, the door was almost knocked down by Lin Xiao Xue.

“Ke Song! Ke SOng wake up! Look at this ya!”

“En…… look at what…… ” LIn Ke Song sleepily arose from her bed, to open the door.

Lin Xiao Xue placed her laptop in front of her, it was a news article online, the title was Quentin vs Jiang Qian Fan, Jiang Qian Fan loses!

“Ha? What is this?”

LIn Ke Song suddenly was wide awake, and brought the computer towards her to read the article properly.

The general spotlight of this article online about the results of the “ master’s show” was shone on the 2 mentors, meaning that this was actually a competition between 2 great chefs in the industry, and Jessica Quentin was the final winner. And it was only because Jiang Qian Fan was blind that he was given clout with so many accolades given out by the fine dining industry.

“This was totally not the original intention of the ‘master’s show’! And the ability Jiang Qian Fan has isn’t clout!”

“Obviously ah! There must be someone hyping this, trying to use the results of this competition to attack Mr Jiang!” Lin Xiao Xue too out her phone, and started searching, “it’s still fine! Look at the front page of Gourmet, it is positive evaluation towards you! in chief editor Winston’s column, he is saying that your cooking has exquisite delicateness, you are clear about what you need to do, and have the ability to produce the flavour in your head!

He hopes that you stay in the food industry, losing you will be a great loss!”

LIn Ke Song exhaled slightly.

“Ah, and the food critic Luke’s online article said that Jiang Qian FAn once again showed that he wasn’t only a great chef at cooking, but he also had a unique vision!” Lin Xiao Xue patted Lin Ke Song’s shoulder saying: “good thing, that those negative reports are an individual occurrence. The mainstream figures in the food industry still acknowledge your ability and Jiang Qian Fan’s vision!”

Lin Ke Song quirked an eyebrow, the things that Iris said to her were getting clearer, she couldn’t help but start worrying.

It was the afternoon, when she was watching the afternoon news with Lin Xiao Xue and having spring rolls in spicy sauce, when the female newscaster broadcasted a news. That the street that was originally for the Chinese delicacy, was taken over by the Quentin corporation, planning to be built into a resort centre for leisure, entertainment and shopping.

When Lin Ke Song saw that street with that familiar architecture on both sides, she was totally stunned.

“…… that looks like the Chinese food street project from Jiang Co. ba? I remember my dad totally looking forward to this…… in the end it’s still given to a project with more of business atmosphere ah…… ”

Lin Xiao Xue’s words made Lin Ke Song understand that she didn’t hear wrongly.

She fiercely put the things in her hand down, and dashed out of the door.

The sun was really shining today, so glaring.

There were too many pedestrians around, Lin Ke Song knocked all of them away like she had no feeling.

She was naively persuaded by Jiang Qian Fan, thinking that her failure really wouldn’t have too much of an impact on him

But that was no so in reality. That news of Jiang Qian Fan losing to Mrs Quentin was not a coincidence, it was probably a way of Mrs Quentin pressuring Jiang Qian FAn. or maybe this was a fight between the 2 corporations, Lin Ke Song was only an insignificant ant. But like what Iris said, she really became a flaw of Jiang Qian Fan.

This project was too important to Jiang Qian Fan. he spent so many years, going to many places in China, just to find the best flavours, and bring them to the other side of the globe, but she because of her he had to give it up.

Lin Ke Song wanted to burst out crying, but she felt that she had no reason to be weak.

She wanted to see him right now, immediately. Wanted to look at his eyes, wanted to know what he was thinking right now.

She reached Jiang Qian Fan’s villa, Mayer opened the door for her.

“You came here in a rush, looks like you’ve heard the news.” Mayer lifted his hands, to smooth out  Lin Ke SOng’s collar., “Listen here, don’t say things like ‘sorry’ to him, because, you haven’t done anything to warrant an apology. And don’t cry in front of him, because he doesn’t like weak people. To Mr Jiang, failure is but a small thing.”

Yes, Jiang Qian Fan was always calm, like nothing could make him suspicious or shake him.

Lin Ke Song closed her eyes, and took a deep deep breath.

Mayer looked at his watch face: “you still have time to think carefully, think calmly, what you wish to say to him.”

That impetuous and guilty heart settled down.

Her nose filled up with a slight rose fragrance, all the overwhelmed feelings gradually went away.

“I’m done with thinking.” Lin Ke Song said to Mayer.

“Then go ba. Sir is waiting in the room for you.”

She didn’t actually go to Jiang Qian Fan’s room immediately, but went to the kitchen. At this time, both her hands were steady, her thoughts clear. She spent a whole afternoon, cooking a dinner for Jiang Qian Fan.

She pushed the pushcart, into Jiang Qian Fan’s room.

The whole room was empty, the wind was constantly blowing in from the patio, lifting up the European style curtains, like waves, one after another.

And Jiang Qian Fan was sitting there, the orange sunlight moving with the waves of the curtains, light and shadows gliding across his face, becoming the focus of the view.

“Qian Fan, I am Ke Song.”

“I know. I can smell the fragrance of food, you made something for me.” Jiang Qian Fan tilted his face towards her.

Elegant and meticulous eyebrows, soft contours of his features, everything looked unreal.

His hand held onto that cane, he held it out of habit, but didn’t press his body weight against it. After losing his sight, Jiang Qian Fan lost all pursuit of everything, except for cooking. He was immersed in the empire of taste, standing on high ground that no one could hope to reach, indifferently watching those who were in the pursuit of fame and fortune in the food empire.

The Jiang Qian Fan now, seemed to have his sight on Lin Ke Song, and at the same time looked like he saw through her, looking at a faraway and wide place.

“I have prepared an appetiser, main dish and dessert. Make sure to tell me if its delicious or not.”

Lin Ke Song placed the first dish in front of him on the table.

He lowered his head, and gave a gentle sniff: “it’ll definitely be very delicious, because it has a nice fragrance.”

“This doesn’t look like it’s a comment from Mr Jiang. Shouldn’t you analyse it from the taste, heat control and technique?”

LIn Ke Song stepped back to a distance neither far nor near, looking at Jiang Qian Fan elegantly lifting the fork and knife, putting the shrimp pea jelly between his lips.

He finished the appetiser seriously, and after putting his fork and knife down, gently stroked the edge of the plate, but to Lin Ke Song, he was finger was touching her heart.

“It’s delicious, Ke Song.”

Lin Ke Song gaped, but didn’t say anything. She placed the main dish, the quail foie gras in front of him.

“What about my main dish? Mr Jiang, is it like your style as much as the judges said?”

Jiang Qian Fan cut the quail foie gras, and leisurely put piece by piece into his mouth. His soft and focused expression made Lin Ke Song believe, that he really was enjoying the main dish she’d prepared.

“I don’t know what my style is, i only know that this is the most delicious quail foie gras that i’ve ever eaten.”

Lin Ke SOng laughed, her eyes were tearing, “if you say that the flavour of this dish that i cooked is really like yours, then is this considered narcissism?”

The corners of Jiang Qian Fan’s lips nudged lightly, “i wish to eat the dessert now.”

The sugar coating split open at his mouth, he gently closed his eyes, like he was feeling the soft and beautiful sweetness of the vanilla ice cream melting the tartness of the hawthorn, a taste that penetrates the taste buds at the tip of the tongue.

“Hows my dessert?”

“Very delicious.”

Lin Ke Song endured with all her might, even if she didn’t know what she was enduring, but don’t know why there’s a need for the voice to use much strength to be rid of the shackles around her throat.

“Do you still remember what you promised me? If i made something that made you feel is delicious, you will promise to do something for me.”

“I remember. Today i’ve said 3 ‘delicious’. So do you want me to do 3 things?”

“No, i only want you to do 1 thing for me.”

Lin Ke Song’s voice was very steady.

“Tell me ba.”

“I want to stay by your side. No matter how many problems i bring, even if i become the reason that other people attack you, even if people threaten me to hurt you, i want to be by your side. I will work harder than other people, i will become stronger, there will come a day where i’m not your weakness anymore, i…… ”

“Ke SOng, ” Jiang Qian Fan’s body was tilted forward, to be closer to her, “if you are asking me for you to stay by my side, why are you so far away from me now?”

Lin KE Song took a step forward strongly, her vision was already blurry, Jiang Qian Fan’s figure looked like it was immersed in water.


Lin Ke Song pursed her lips and gripped her hands into fists, taking another step forward, her knee was about to lean on Jiang Qian Fan’s knee, that small, tiny distance, was like a distant divide in her heart.

“Is it that no matter who threatens you, no matter what failure you go through, and no matter what other people say to you, you will stay by my side?”

“Yes.” Lin Ke Song answered with certainty.

“Then, you are not my weakness. Losing you will instead be my weakness.”

LIn Ke SOng eyelashes trembled slightly.

Jiang Qian Fan pulled on her arm, and brought her into his arms.

When her face touched his warm skin, something couldn’t help but gush out.

“Ke Song, why are you crying?”

“I’m not crying.”

“But i smell the scent of tears.”

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  1. I work in film. This chapter hit my phone, I yelled ‘H*ll yes!’ and walked off while Mr Box Office was mid-sentence. I just got myself in trouble at work, but I don’t even care. I’m going to stand outside by the the smokers and devour every word. YOU ARE THE BEST! Thanks for the chapter.

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  2. LKS: it’s the onion ninjas! ╥﹏╥
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  3. WOW, this chapter is simply beautiful, full of heart that moved my heart. I admit this chapter brought tears as I read it. LKS is so adorable in her love for JQF and he is splendid in return. Thank you so much for sharing this wonderful story with us readers. Awesome!

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