The heartbeat at the tip of the tongue (舌尖上的心跳) Chapter 71

Word Count: 1850

Glorious Defeat

The applause of the audience sounded, that was their most heartfelt acknowledgement towards Lin Ke Song.

“You were really great.” Annalise went forward to hug Lin Ke Song.

At this time, the 12 judges walked out from backstage, when they received news of the end results, they couldn’t help but sigh simultaneously.

They were all feeling pity for Lin Ke Song.

And this also made Viktor grip his trophy with so much strength till his knuckles went white.

“Viktor, you were great. You have outperformed all expectations and hopes that people had for you. No one around us has reached your standard at this age. But this is only the start…… you still have a long  road to travel.” Winston reached his hand out to Viktor, “with time, your outlook will be a lot wider, and you will…… not need to wallow in this moment’s victory.”

Viktor lifted his face, and stared hard into Winston’s eyes: “Sir, what are you hinting? That I’m not fit to hold this trophy?”

Winston smiled, his eyes had a kind of wisdom that came with time: “if you’d acknowledged yourself, you wouldn’t need to say these words to me.”

Viktor wanted to say something more, but Winston’s laid his hand gently on his chest: “Child, the best way to know yourself is to understand your opponent, measure the standard of your opponent, and see whether you stand in front or behind them, not from the critic of others, but according to your own standards.”

Now, David was shaking hands with Lin Ke Song: “you were splendid, even the failed chicken liver paste from the previous round was splendid too. When i found out that Mr Jiang was the mentor for this round of competition, i was surprised and wondered what kind of student he would be able to mentor…… but looking at you today, i must say, are indeed a student that Jiang Qian Fan taught.”

Lin Ke Song’s eyes were teary, she had thought at first that whatever David said was just to comfort her, but he looked so sincere.

At this time, Jessica Quentin walked over, elegant and confident, it was a beauty stronger and more innate than Iris.

She reached her hand out to Jiang Qian Fan: “it’s been a long time, i have never been able to forget your quail foie gras. Never thought that your student would be able to have this kind of standard too. But its a pity, that Viktor was more stable in showcasing his abilities.”

“Yeah ah. I hope that Viktor can go further.”

“Of course Viktor will go farther. But i don’t know about Ke Song, what plans do you have for the future? Did Mr Jiang plan for your future? Or was your performance today beyond expectations and burnt out like shooting stars?”

Of course Lin Ke Song could read between the lines of Jessica Quentin’s words. She thought that Lin Ke Song’s future won’t go as far as Viktor’s.

“Thank you for your concern. I will walk my own path, and have no need for another’s plan.”

Past Jessica Quentin’s shoulder, Lin Ke Sogn could see Iris who was leaving, whatever she had said to her before, Lin Ke Song remembered it clearly.

“Hey, I’m Luke, you remember me, right ba!” Luke reached his hand out to Lin Ke Song, to shake her hands.

“Of course i remember…… very sorry that you had to taste it on the day of the auditions…… my red hell soup…… ” every time Lin Ke Song thought about that prank, she would feel sorry.

“It’s nothing. I wanted to say that i have a restaurant in new york, of course it has only just received a fork and spoon review, but if you are willing, and Mr Jiang has no objections, i look forward to you being able to come to my restaurant.”

Luke took out a name card, and passed it to LIn Ke Song.

This really shocked Lin Ke Song, even though Luke wasn’t a master chef, he was really famous as a gourmet. The selection of his back kitchen crew for his restaurants are naturally incredibly strict, but he was now…… recruiting her?

Lin Ke Song swallowed, the media who were constantly photographing Jessica Quentin and Viktor all couldn’t help but turn their attention towards her direction.

At first, they had some suspicion that the final counterattack was because the judges wanted some ups and downs in the competition, but Luke actually reached out to Lin Ke Song to recruit her? Such strict and rigorous food gourmet like Luke will never treat his career as a joke.

Lin KE Song looked at Jiang Qian Fan’s direction, she didn’t know whether accepting Luke’s name card would make her seem like she was overestimating herself.

“Ke Song, why haven’t you accepted Mr Luke’s name card? That is very impolite.”

Jiang Qian Fan’s voice was ice cold, but his tone seemed to carry some warmth.

Lin Ke Song hurriedly accepted Luke’s name card.

Luke blinked, then lowered his head to say softly: “i know Mr Jiang is very strict, but i think that with only a little more training, you will be able to stand your own ground.”

At this time, chief editor Winston too came over to Luke’s side, he reached his hands out, then reached his hands out, and gave Lin KE Song a look.

“Mr Jiang, chief editor Winston is in front of you, and wants to shake your hands!” Lin Ke Song hurriedly reminded.

Jiang Qian FAn reached out his own hand, chief editor Winston laughed: “honestly, at the start, i had already prepared myself that you would reject joining the competition, so when you agreed, i was overjoyed. Your cooking skills are excellent, that is known throughout the industry. But the more excellent the standard, the more difficult it is to express the understanding of cooking. To be able to have your student match up to you, is an extremely difficult thing. So…… for Ke Song to be able to reach this stage, really surprised me.”

“Thank you, i will take your acknowledgement towards Ke Song as a compliment.”

“My compliment has a price. It is already too late to make reservations at pht for my daughter’s coming of age party, so i can only earnestly request Ke Song to come to my house, to prepare this birthday dinner. Pea shrimp jelly, quail foie gras and vanilla hawthorn ice cream, is the menu of our dreams. I’m thinking…… you won’t mind ba?”

“Sounds like it is a very formal invitation.” Jiang Qian Fan said.

The media on set couldn’t help but be surprised.

Winston’s Gourmet magazine had always maintained rigorous, fair and meticulous style. The other judges may give compliments in front of these great chefs, but Winston was definitely not that kind of person.

“I…… Chief editor Winston, do you really think i can?” Lin Ke Song looked at him seriously.

She knew that she had made growth, even grown to the point that she’d never thought possible before, she had entered a field she never thought she’d step into.

“En…… ”chief editor Winston raised his brow, then laughed, “you three months ago will definitely not be able to. But you now, i believe will make my daughter’s birthday party very perfect.”

“Thank you so much!” Lin Ke Song never thought that even after losing to Viktor, there would still be so many people putting their attention on her.

“Then, i will take your ‘thank you’ as confirmation.” Winston smiled towards the media, answering their questions.

Some media were about to interview Jiang Qian Fan, but Mayer hurriedly led them away.

At the door outside the resting room, Song Yi Ran had a hand in his pocket, and was leaning against the wall, waiting for Lin Ke Song. he pressed a bouquet of baby’s breath and daisies into Lin Ke Song’s arms.

“There were so many people wanting to invite you, compared to them, my restaurant isn’t worth mentioning.”

He tilted his head, his gaze passing across Lin Ke Song’s hand that was held onto by Jiang Qian Fan.

“Of course your restaurant isn’t the same! As long as you aren’t afraid that i will bomb your kitchen away, i …… ”

LIn Ke Song felt like Jiang Qian Fan was pulling her backwards slightly.

Song Yi Ran laughed, he walked forward, lowered his head, and purposely blew at Lin Ke Song: “you try to see whether you can bomb it ah!”

Lin KE Song rubbed her nose, hearing the sounds of her uncle coming from behind.

He and his friends were here. When Li Ke Song saw Lin Xiao Xue who had her head lowered behind her uncle, she couldn’t help but be shocked.

“Xiao Xue? Why are you here?”

Lin Xiao Xue pouted: “it’s already the finals, if i don’t come to cheer for you…… am i that bad of a person?”

“Go go go! Ke SOng got such a good result, let’s go celebrate!”

After the competition, Lin Ke Song had some feelings of loneliness, but with this boisterous and loud noise, everything became peaceful again.

A large group of people were surrounding a table, they kept asking Jiang Qian Fan all sorts of questions regarding cooking, a few chefs in their 40s and 50s were like primary school students, with a notebook to record every word that Jiang Qian Fan said. It was Lin Xiao Xue who couldn’t tolerate it anymore, and said loudly: “can’t we just eat properly ya!”

Song Yi Ran stood up, and confiscated all the notebooks and pens.

“That…… Mr Jiang, are you really with Ke Song?” one of Uncle Lin’s friends asked.

“If there’s a need to put on a ring to count, then i can go make an order for one now.”

Jiang Qian Fan’s answer made everyone around him go silent, his posture didn’t even change, but Lin Ke Song’s heart started beating furiously.

That night, Lin Ke Song accompanied Jiang Qian Fan for a walk through the long long street.

The streetlamp light fell on him, Jiang Qian Fan’s profile was serene and beautiful.

Her heart was uneasy, because she didn’t know what would happen tomorrow.

Her mind was filled with thoughts rushing back and forth about the things that Iris had said to her, she kept assessing the effects of her loss to Viktor.

At the same time, in a moving car, Viktor sat unsmiling in the back, Mrs Questing was beside him.

“Viktor, where is your trophy? Why don’t i see it with you? There’s a magazine interview tomorrow, you need it to take pictures.”

“I’ve left it with chief editor Winston.” Viktor answered blandly.

“What? You’ve left it with Winston? why?”

“Because i  am indeed not as good as Lin Ke Song.”

“What?” Mrs Quentin had an expression of incomprehension, “just because Winston said those words to you? He is that kind of person!”

“I think that i’m not as good compared to her because i tasted her food!” Viktor furiously whipped his face towards Mrs Quentin.

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  1. So if Victor left the trophy behind and is probably going to reject his first place…. everything will work out? There are still 11 chapters left. What is going to happen???

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  2. 1st–> thanking you for another translated chapter.

    2nd–> although, Viktor maybe the winner of this competition for Iris n Mrs Quentin yet is a biggest loser of them all because in this chapter Viktor has acknowledged that he not the actual winner. Now, we have to see will Viktor admit it at the magazine interview?!

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  3. I JUST READ THREE CHAPTRES IN A ROW god my heart feels so satisfied right now. Like I ate a really goo dmeal. But instead of a meal its this novel. Although at the same time… now… thanks to all those descriptions… … I’m SUPER HUNGRY hahahah

    no but seriously, thanks for translating! I just really love this story. And this is the best defeat I’ve read in a while, if that makes sense – she lost, but she also won. Guhhhh I just love the way this competition ended (ღ˘⌣˘ღ)

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