The heartbeat at the tip of the tongue (舌尖上的心跳) Chapter 70

Word count: 1776

The Perfect Regret

This let everyone see the possibility of another ending to this competition.

“Maybe KE SOng really has a chance of making a comeback this time around! I can’t wait to see Jessica Quentin’s disappointed expression!”

Mayer who had always been calm was unable to contain himself too.

He crossed his fingers, and prayed to the heavens: “Oh god ah! Her dessert must not have any mistake! It must be a success!”

But Jiang Qian Fan who was beside him was as calm as always, like he was waiting for an ending that he already expected to happen.

“It is the time for the dessert that will determine a win and loss!” Annalise too inhaled, looking at Viktor.

Viktor’s brow trembled slightly, he was very nervous.

Because he thought that even with all the ability he had, it would all be for naught after Lin Ke Song’s dessert.

“Now, who aspires to be the ‘Master’s show’? Not only is there a prize of 30 000 USD! There is the honour you get for your own mentor! All judges, please meticulously and sincerely taste this vanilla ice cream hawthorn, no matter if it is the slightest difference in points, they all have the power to change the result of this competition!”

The staff of the competition carefully placed the dessert in front of every judge.

The baking master from Australia exhaled, looking at golden pyramid piled in the middle of the plate, and saw the dessert caged in a bird’s nest made of caramel, he couldn’t help but exclaim: “I really can’t bear to break it this time!”

“Oh, this is really the vanilla ice cream hawthorn! You must know, that this is the dish that became the signature dessert of pht! Even though not many people have tasted it, those who have are unable to forget it!” David lifted his fork, and seemed to be hesitant about where to start.

Luke lowered his head, and gently sniffed the sweet fragrance that the caramel emitted: “En……. I can smell vanilla in the caramel and the vanilla carries the fragrance of tropical fruits, even the decorative materials were seasoned well…… I am only curious about how this contestant still had so much time to make this dessert after making such intricate appetisers and main dish?”

But Winston sighed instead, “Actually I was looking forward to a simple dessert, because I don’t think that any amateur chef would be able to make a dessert properly after making such intricate appetizers and mains. You must know, it holds great meaning to Jiang Qian Fan, the chef has put a lot of thought and effort into making this dish. To reach the results that he expects, is not an easy task.”

Annalise turned to look at Lin Ke Song: “Did you hear the judges’ thoughts? They think that your dessert has only the appearance, and no substance. Because they don’t think that you had enough time to make it perfect.”

Lin Ke Song looked at Jiang Qian Fan’s direction, and slowly opened her mouth to answer: “Then let them have a taste. I believe, this dessert not only shows his thoughts and cooking skills, but also the feeling that he has towards this dessert.”

These words were passed on by Annalise.

Winston laughed, lifted a spoon and gently shattered the thin layer of caramel nest that was caging the hawthorn. When the caramel shattered to the base, its beauty moved everyone on set.

He scooped up one of the berries, and placed it into his mouth, gently holding it there, then bit down on it.

A soft crunching sound was broadcasted, sounding bright and sharp in the silent atmosphere of the competition.

He closed his eyes, and pursed his lips, then he opened his mouth slightly. The audience all thought that he was going to say something, but he only scooped the second berry into his mouth. It was only when there was only one hawthorn left in the plate, that he gave a sigh.

“Someone told me, that when Jiang Qian Fan was making this dessert, it was because he heard someone say that the flavour of having a one-sided love was like china’s candied hawthorn, liking someone is like carrying a thin coat of sugar, but when you bite down, you will taste the sour and tart flavour. But having a one-sided love is also a form of love to another, just loving another is a sweet and beautiful happiness. So he designed this dessert. The fragrant sweet sugar coat breaks between your teeth, and when your tongue touched the sour tartness, the smooth softness of the vanilla in the ice cream will crack open. This is indeed the effect that Jiang Qian Fan wanted to have…… the unity sour and sweet, is implemented beautifully.” Winston pressed his forehead, then lifted his head, “Annalise, you’re sure this isn’t a finished product? This isn’t something that Jiang Qian FAn made that was put somewhere then placed in front of us?”

Annalise laughed: “Sir, do you think that’s possible?”

“That…… is indeed impossible……” Winston gently forked the last berry, “ I am a little reluctant to eat this…… ”

“If you don’t finish that, the ice cream will melt, it’s flavour may not be as perfect.” Annalise smiled slightly, “Mr Jiang Qian Fan had said before too, that all beautiful flavours have an expiry date.”

“Thank you for your reminder.” Winston nodded his head, then sent the last vanilla ice cream hawthorn into his mouth.

And David had pretty much hugged the plate to pour the rest of the sugar sprinkles into his mouth.

“It is not only delicious…… but explosively delicious. It made me think about the tablemate is had a crush on in primary school. From that time onwards, I was a fatty, no one wanted to play with me, except for her, after school, she bought an ice cream, and stood in front of the school to wait for her parents, and I was standing beside her. My heart was tingling with sourness, because it was always me looking at her, she would never turn around to look at me. There was only a waiting period of a few seconds, before her parents arrived. She smiled at me, then gave me that ice cream, and without turning around, left with her parents.” David’s shoulders sagged, then continued saying, “she hadn’t even eaten that ice cream. So whenever I think about it, I would wonder if she bought that ice cream especially for me? It was only later, that when she went away with her parents, that I never had the chance to ask her this question. This dessert made me think about that ice cream. I carry an apprehensive and tingling mood, but it’s all sweet ice cream in my mouth……. Absolutely incredible……. Absolutely incredible dessert…….”

The judges were about to announce the scores for the dessert. This did not only concern Lin Ke Song, it also could affect Viktor’s ranking.

Viktor clutched his hands into fists, even though he wasn’t totally satisfied with his performance in the competition, he really didn’t think that his ranking could be threatened by Lin Ke Song. it was obvious that she was falling behind, but from the look of things that were happening right in front of his eyes, it looked like he was going to be plucked from the peak of the clouds.

How did not believe that all 3 of her dishes could be that perfect.

But without knowing why, thinking about the previous rounds of competition, her performance was above expectations, and this round of competitions was like doing well after many preparations, finally able to show her full ability.

He was really terrified. This kind of failure was totally not in his calculations!

“Oh…… this dessert too received a score of 9.8 points! Which is to say, Lin Ke Song receives a final score of 9.8 points for this competition! It is just too surprising!”

Annalise started clapping, and the audience too, joined in the applause.

“This is totally a miracle……. Ah…… ” Uncle Lin exhaled, “She is our pride! Really…… ”

“Her performance was really so perfect. Even though there wasn’t a chance to taste her food, the judges’ expressions were surprised and convinced. You were right, sir. She really much talent…… ” Mayer looked at Jiang Qian Fan who was beside him.

“Her talent isn’t because it is an innate talent, it is only that she is more meticulous in tasting and feeling flavours compared to others.”

At this time, the number score was shuffling, everyone held their breaths as they waited to see the final results.

The first place had a final score of 44.5 points —— which still belonged to Viktor!

And the final score had 44.4 points was for Lin Ke Song.

The audience applauded as they sighed.

Afterall having such a perfect performance ending in failure, gave everyone regrets.

LIn Ke Song didn’t actually look at the scoreboards, because when Annalise announced her scores earlier, she’d known that she lost.

This was all within her expectations. She knew that in order to win Viktor, she needed a perfect 10. But, on the road to flavours, no one can really achieve that perfection.

“Congratulations, Viktor, for being the champion of this round’s ‘Master’s show’! You not only receive the prize of 30 000 USD, you have also won honour for your mentor Jessica Quentin! You must know, it is more difficult to mentor another than to do it yourself! Viktor, you are still young, and have far and wide roads to travel in the future, don’t forget to keep moving forward oh!” Annalise smiled.

Viktor’s face did not have any smiling expression, he only stiffly shook hands with Annalise, then received the champion’s crystal trophy.

Applause surrounded him, even Jessica Quentin went forward.

She was a conservative lady, with blonde hair like Iris, and even though she was of age, her elegance was as clear.

Lin Ke Song applauded with everyone, even though the thing she wanted to do the most at this moment wan to run into Jiang Qian Fan’s arms.

But right at this moment, someone tapped her back, when she turned around, it was to face that pair of deep eyes.

“You…… why are you here?”

“Because you received the 2nd place, Annalise is going to reveal your mentor’s name.”

“Sorry…… sorry…… ”LIn Ke SOng didn’t know why, but the initial calmness she had suddenly left her, the liquid accumulated at the base of her eyes burst out.

“You did perfectly, they all thought you were me.” Jiang Qian Fan wrapped her in his arms, not caring about the stares from everyone else.

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  1. This is not fair😡😡😡, LKS had to win, I am really mad. Thanks for the chapter 😁😁😁, What a nice surprise when I opened my email. Thank you Thank you

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  2. Thank you thank you ❤️❤️🙌 she didn’t win however she’s the winner.. She was perfect executing his signature dishes.. Can’t wait to read how that last scene will unfold.. He really doesn’t care with others 👍😁

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  3. Grrr! I really thought LKS would win! T-T Oh well, at least she found out that she is as capable as anybody at cooking and she still has the love of JQF.


  4. she is the WINNER and everyone know that especially Viktor. what a blow to his pride. He got the prize and loss the acknowledgement of food master. After reading this I was satisfy for it a great defeat.
    Thanks for the release and translation. Although it just too short for i rush thru it and when i want to savour it.I found out it has finish. Thanks so much

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  5. The reason why Viktor is not the real winner is because he is the apprentice of a chef for a long time. Lin Ke Song only started to learn after she joined the program. If they have the same starting point, Viktor is left very far behind

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  6. Someone explain to me how tf did she not get a 10 but only 9.8???! They claimed it tasted exactly like Qian Fan so are they to say Qian Fan’s cooking/dish is not even worthy of a 10??


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