Word count: 2713

Don’t Take Advantage of my Jealousy


“If I say I have no regrets, will you believe it?” Song Yi Ran used the wine bottle to tap his friend’s head. “I was afraid that during the period I was in New York, another man would break into a life. Hence why I brought her here. When I want to see her, I can. When I want to hear her talk, she would be by my side. Should I have told her that I liked her earlier?”

Kevin shook his head, “That ending may be worse than now. The younger one is, the less they understand how to exercise patience; especially those who know that the one they love also love them. Other than blind courage, they have nothing else. What can you and Lin Ke Song do? Your elder brother and fourth uncle are using her family and future to threaten you. If she was the kind of person who could leave her family, you could take her away to settle down and start from scratch again. Maye a few years later, she would take you to see her parents who had suffered for many years under the suppression of the Song family. If she wasn’t heartless enough to abandon her parents, then you can only be forced to get married with another well-bred young woman from a prestigious family. You and Lin Ke Song will only be able to separate, but never be able to forget about each other.”

Ha ha ha……” Song Yi Ran’s shoulders shook as he held himself against the window, unable to stop laughing.

“If it was even more tragic than that, then you two could play Romeo and Juliet.”  Kevin’s expression seemed very sincere.’

“……Hey, you should go and invest in a movie! You can even write the script yourself!”

“What are you saying, I was only telling you all the possible number of outcomes.”

“Unexpectedly, not a single one of your possible outcomes has a happy ending though?” Song Yi Ran raised his head and asked seriously.

En, there is. You brought her to America, and you both study at the same school. You go to school with each other, and also graduate together. While studying, you accumulate your capital. During this period of time, her life is still very simple. No other man appears, and there is nothing that changes her life. Finally, there is a day when you fiercely counterattack against your brother. You can pull out the brotherly feeling hid far inside you and ruthlessly beat it up. Once you see the defeat and regret in your elder brother’s eyes, you will coolly turn around and leave since you don’t care about the Song family at all. Then, you take flowers and rings to confess to the girl who has always been by your side. After that, there is nothing that you need to fear or worry. Song Yi Ran and Lin Ke Song are finally able to lead a beautiful and blessed life.”

“……So my mistake was thinking that everything would be done according to my imagination.” Song Yi Ran looked into the distance, his eyes brightly reflecting indistinct colours.

“A story with no twists or turns is merely a fairy-tale. You should just regard that man who stole the woman you cherished like those twists and turns. Not confessing this time was correct. If you did confess, it will only add to her burden and not be able to change her decision at all. Since it’s like this, it is better to wait quietly for the moment when you can bring her back to your side,” said Kevin, as he patted Song Yi Ran’s shoulder.

At this moment, someone yelled towards them, “Kevin! There’s a person looking for Song!”

“Looking for me?” Song Yi Ran threw the bottle to Kevin and walked out.

He saw a blonde, white woman holding her elbow, and he strode towards where she stood under the dim light.

“I remember you. I remember that the first time I met Jiang Qian Fan, you were there next to him. What is it that you’re here for, Chef Quentin?”

Although Song Yi Ran appreciated confident women, he didn’t like those arrogant and proud ones. It was obvious that the woman in front of him had pride which far exceeded mere confidence.

“It’s good that you remember me. You haven’t seen that picture yet? I thought that you were very familiar with Lin Ke Song, so should have already seen it.”

She took out her phone from a pocket, inside was a photo of Jiang Qian Fan and Lin Ke Song kissing under the streetlight.

From the angle, a clear image of the two with their eyes closed was shot. It was a matter of course that such a photo made others feel enviable.

Song Yi Ran’s eyes dulled momentarily.

“What do you think? Believing that you can endure it in your heart is different to actually seeing it, am I right?”

“What are you trying to do, showing me this?”

“Take a seat, and let’s have a talk.”

Iris turned around and walked out. Song Yi Ran nodded to Kevin then followed her.

They went to a café across the street and found a corner to sit down in. This was just an ordinary café, so although they both ordered a cup of coffee, neither intended to actually have a taste.

“I think you can guess the reason I came to find you.”

Song Yi Ran laughed, “If you’re here to represent the Quentin group, you should go and find my elder brother, Song Yi Fan, not me. In the Song family, my words hold no power.”

“Is that so?” Iris leaned back in her seat and curled up a strand of the hair near her ear. “Actually, you became a shareholder of SNS and didn’t tell your elder brother, right? My father and I have automatically ignored this matter and not told your family, isn’t this considered our goodwill towards you?”

“Oh……it’s not too late even if you tell them now.” Song Yi Ran said indifferently.

“It seems that you have already bought enough shares of Ruiheng Hotel. In fact, if you want to push down your elder brother and fourth uncle, having a friend is better than having an enemy. You should know that the Jiang family are planning to build a street for Chinese food. But in that area of land, our Quentin Group are also very interested in building a resort hotel, as well as restaurants, casinos and an entertainment and shopping central  there. You can consider joining us, I’ve heard the chairman of SNR say that you are a someone who has a vision and is very thoughtful. I believe that your way of thinking will make us stand out against the competition in the hospitality industry.”

“Ah……I understand now. This is why you showed me a picture of Jiang Qian Fan and Link Ke Song kissing. You wanted me to become angry and jealous, so I would have the desire to deal with Jiang Qian Fan, and help your group with your plans. Do you know the reason why I can reach the place I am now?” Song Yi Ran tilted his head and asked.

Iris only stared back at him, waiting for his answer.

“It’s because I know how to endure. I can even tolerate the loss of Ke Song, who I’ve liked for ten years. Since I have tolerated to this point, I can still keep enduring. According to your plan of dealing with Jiang Qian Fan, what exactly would I be able to receive? Would she come back to my side? Or would I just feel refreshed for defeating my rival?”

Song Yi Ran’s words caused Iris’ face which originally held triumph to change.

“If we consider the business philosophy, Jiang Qian Fan’s steady advancement is more to my appetite compared to the quick success of your Quentin Group. I might as well cooperate with the Jiang family, and help them with their project of building a street for Chinese food. At least, that’s something I would actually like. It’s better than making a hotel resort. Is that place really suitable for a hotel resort? How long would it take for the manufacturing and production costs of the shopping and entertainment centre to be returned? If someone were to take a vacation, why not go to the Maldives rather than in New York?  If you want to make me a partner of the Quentin Group, give me a better project. Don’t take advantage of a man’s jealousy.”

Song Yi Ran took out a dollar from his wallet then pressed in onto the table before turning around and departing.

“You really don’t want to win against him?” Iris raised her voice and asked.

“Of course I do. However, what can hiding in the shadows and winning against him prove? Chef Quentin, you already know that you can’t have him back, so you want to hurt him to make yourself feel better. But it won’t make you feel better. It’s better to prove your ability in the areas you both belong to than depending on those lousy hotel plans.”

Song Yi Ran pushed open the door, then headed into the darkness of the night.

Iris sat quietly at the table for a long time, until the coffee became completely cool.


At this moment, Li Ke Song was sitting in front of her laptop, sending a few webpage links to Lin Xiao Xue’s MSN.

Not even a few minutes had passes before Lin Xiao Xue pushed open Lin Ke Song’s door in anger. Lowering her voice, she asked furiously, “What is the meaning of you sending all that to me?”

Lin Ke Song deliberately crooked her head and said, “You grew up in New York, don’t you understand English? I gave you the quotes of every major law firm!”

“Why are you giving that to me?”

“Oh, don’t you know that there is a reporter from <<Diners in New York>> under your Facebook page who is an expert in concocting up stories? Wait until they compile a completely shocking and surprising story, do you think the Jiang family won’t send out a lawyer to defend his reputation? Haven’t you seen those TV shows? <<Suits>>, <<Legal Sharks>> and the <<Drop Dead Diva>>?”

Lin Xiao Xue didn’t speak.

Lin Ke Song turned around and propped up her head. “Oh, I also have to find a house!”

“Are you finally going to move out?” Lin Xiao Xue’s eyes lit up.

“Do you think that lawsuits won’t require any money? Nevertheless, you’ll be confronting a group of lawyers. It’s estimated that uncle will have to sell the restaurant and house in order to pay for the lawyer’s fee. Would there still be a place for me to live? Oh, lawsuits are lost half the time anyway. At that time, you’ll have to pay others fees for damage to their reputation and so on.”

“You……didn’t you just want me to delete that photo? Isn’t it fine if I just delete it?”

Lin Xiao Xue prepared to go back, when Lin Ke Song suddenly lowered her voice and said coldly, “Slow down.”

“What are you in a hurry for?”

Lin Ke Song stood up and walked to the door. Holding the frame of the door, she stared at Lin Xiao Xue. “I know that you don’t like me, because I’m living in a room at your house. For you, I am and outsider. I’m unfashionable and I don’t speak English as well as you. I’m boring, and also don’t know how to dress up properly. Yet, despite this, the person you like, Song Yi Ran, is my best friend. You’re a person who thinks the world should revolve around you, right?”

“You’re crazy!”

“Oh, of course I’m crazy. At least I still help your father at his restaurant since I eat at your house. And after participating in the competition, I’m planning to leave part of it to your father if there is award money. But what have you done for him? If you like Song Yi Ran and want him to like you too, then rather than troubling me, you should be trying to make yourself better and become a person worthy of being liked by him. Everyone wouldn’t like you for putting other people’s photos on the internet. This ‘everyone’ includes your classmates, friends, your father, me and even Song Yi Ran.”

There was a sense of oppression in Lin Ke Song’s eyes. They were cold and indifferent like Jiang Qian Fan, whom Lin Xiao Xue had seen in gourmet magazines.

“S-sorry……I’ll go and delete it……”

Lin Xiao Xue practically escaped from the room.

In less than five seconds, all the photos concerning Jiang Qian Fan had disappeared when Lin Ke Song looked at her Facebook page again.

She lay on her bed and pulled on a blanket, then gazed at the picture she had downloaded onto her phone of Jiang Qian Fan kissing her. In fact, she felt gratitude to Lin Xiao Xue from deep inside her heart. If it wasn’t for Xiao Xue, she would have never known what she looked like when kissing Jiang Qian Fan.

At this time, her phone rang. The caller was ‘Jiang Qian Fan’.

It was nearly one o’clock in the morning, why was he still not asleep?

“Hello, Mr Jiang!”

The other side was silent and didn’t answer.

Holding her phone, Lin Ke Song couldn’t help but wonder whether the other had accidentally knocked the screen of his phone.

But when Jiang Qian Fan slept, his phone was placed on the nightstand.

“I already said I love you, hugged you, and even kissed you. Yet in your heart, I’m still just ‘Mr Jiang’?”

The sound of Jiang Qian Fan’s voice was as cool as the night.

As she glanced out of her window at the colour neon lights and listened to his voice, she felt as if time was as fleeting as water.

Lin Ke Song knew that Mayer must have told Qian Fan about what had happened with the photo, but he wasn’t angry with her. What he cared about was his position in her heart.

“Qian Fan.” Lin Ke Song felt somewhat embarrassed as she spoke his name.

En. I called you to let you know that I’ll send you to Leidewensen Hotel the day after tomorrow.”

Lin Ke Song held her phone and understood the Jiang Qian Fan’s intentions a few seconds later.

She knew that the audience and participants of the Master’s Show would all know her relationship with Jiang Qian Fan. They would definitely ask her many questions, whether they be out of goodwill, or to mock her. Since it was like this, Jiang Qian Fan wanted them all to know that he was her mentor, but also her lover. That way, they could cut off all speculation and doubt.

“Are you not willing? Being together with me, will it give you a lot of pressure?”

Jiang Qian Fan’s voice was light, causing her state of mind to echo around this empty room.

This was him. Instead of hiding her, he would rather bear the pressure of the world with her.

“It won’t,” replied Lin Ke Song with a smile.

Because, you have always been my strength.

Lin Ke Song nestled into her blanket. Jiang Qian Fan’s breathing transferred over to her side; it was as if he was lying next to her, accompanying her to sleep safely.

She slept until it was late the next morning, and only got up then.

The doorbell rang and Lin Xiao Xue wasn’t at home so Lin Ke Song quickly pulled on a coat. She opened the door, and it unexpectedly turned out to be Mayer.

She thought that Jiang Qian Fan had come too, but there was no one behind Mayer.

“I came alone. It seems you just woke up, would you be willing to go on a walk with me?”

“Of course, I’ll be back down soon!”

Lin Ke Song hurried back into the house and showered before putting on her clothes.

When she went downstairs, Mayer was still waiting patiently for her.


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