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Bad news and Good news


Lin Ke Song looked innocently into Jiang Qian Fan’s face.

All of this seemed unreal.

He had long woken up, yet had not said a single word, only lying quietly next to her. He couldn’t see, and also wasn’t doing anything else, so didn’t he feel bored?

“I finally know why you need two pillows.” Hearing Jiang Qian Fan’s voice in the morning, it was slightly hoarse and even had a touch of laziness and pampering.


Lin Ke Song moved, only to find that one of her legs were around Jiang Qian Fan’s waist.

His hand gently slid over the calf of her leg and slowly went up.

Feeling an electric shock, Lin Ke Song turned to the side but her ankle was firmly grasped by Jiang Qian Fan.

“You basically pressed against me for the entire night.” Jiang Qian Fan slowly sat up.

His hair was messy, and his eyebrows seemed to hold a more heart-warming flavour.


Lin Ke Song’s face was completely red.

Her sleeping habits were actually not that good, but the last time she fell asleep beside Jiang Qian Fan, everything seemed fine. So how come this time she was so unbridled?

But Jiang Qian Fan’s waist, she actually pressed against it for one whole night.

“Get up.”

Jiang Qian Fan finally let go of Lin Ke Song’s ankle and she let out her breath.

Who knew, that Lin Ke song would suddenly fall form the bed. Fortunately Jiang Qian Fan’s bedroom floor was covered with carpet, otherwise she would’ve been hurt.

Jiang Qian Fan opened the quilt then sat down on the bed, lowering his head as he reached out.

The corner of her lips pulled up and Lin Ke Song grasped his hand.

That morning for breakfast, they had fresh porridge and tasty side dishes and some dessert. This kind of Chinese style breakfast, Lin Ke Song had eaten for three months and yet still didn’t feel tired of it.

Jiang Qian Fan still didn’t speak much, but Lin Ke Song didn’t feel bored. Mayer stood beside Jiang Qian Fan and read the news. Every time Mayer looked in her direction, Lin Ke song subconsciously lowered her head and blushed. Mayer acted like nothing had happened and focused on the tablet, no longer glancing at her.

After breakfast, he sent her to the underground parking lot at Leidewensen Hotel. For the entire journey, he basically did not speak.

But Lin Ke Song unexpectedly became nervous, she didn’t know what content today’s competition would include. And…trying to catch up to Viktor was a difficult task.

Turning her head, she faced the handsome man. She knew he really did not care whether she lost or won, but only hoped that she could understand this domain which her loved dearly.

This point, he had already accomplished. She not only understood and accepted, she had already become addicted.

Because of this, she had the desire to win and do her best.

Before opening the door, he grabbed her hand.

“Have fun.”

Lin Ke Song paused, turning her head back to face him.

Sitting in the driver’s seat, Mayer faced back as well and looked thoughtfully at Lin Ke song.

“I’ll come to watch you…”

Jiang Qian Fan had not yet finished when Mayer said, “Sir, this morning at ten o’clock you have to meet with the seafood suppliers.”

“It doesn’t matter, I can participate in the competition myself!” Lin Ke Song quickly said.

Closing the door, Lin Ke song watched the car leave before entering the elevator.

At the moment when she looked back, she was surprised to see Song Yi Ran standing not far from her. His eyes were locked onto her line of sight, making her have the illusion that even if she wanted to evade his gaze, she couldn’t.

“Song Yi Ran? How come you came?”

Today, he had neither a leisurely disposition nor the sharpness he revealed at the dinner hall, but seemed to be somewhat tired.

She knows, that every time song Yi Ran faced his own brother he would always feel very frustrated.

Needless to say, this time his marriage had even been used by Song Yi Fan like a bargaining chip on the market. Just as she knew that such a day would come, he should have been mentally prepared too. It was just that neither of them had thought that day would come so soon.

“Watch your competition, didn’t I already say I would?” Song Yi Ran came to stand in front of her, “Jiang Qian Fan didn’t send you back to your uncle’s house, right?”

Lin Ke Song paused then shook her head, but her heart was suspicious, how did Song Yi Ran know?

“I called you several times and sent you a WeChat message.”

“Don’t tell me you came to find me later?” Lin Ke Song quickly reached out to her phone, only to realise her phone had disappeared!

She was finished! Where did her phone go?

Did it fall in Jiang Qian Fan’s villa? Or maybe in the car? Please don’t be lost! She had only bought the phone when she came to New York, it hadn’t even been used for half a year yet!

“You left just like that, how could I not come to find you?” Song Yi Ran reluctantly pursed his lips and then pulled out Lin Ke Song’s phone out of his pocket then handed it to her, “You dropped it at yesterday’s banquet.”

“Thank God!” Lin Ke Song quickly took the phone and it showed several missed calls, probably those dialled by Song Yi Ran.

If she did not guess wrongly, it had probably dropped out of her pocket yesterday when she nearly fell at the banquet.

“You…didn’t have a falling out with your brother right?” Lin Ke Song observed Song Yi Ran’s expression, involuntarily worried.

No matter what, his life would belong to that women. Since it wasn’t her, then Lin Ke Song wished that he would enjoy the long journey.

“This isn’t something you need to worry about, I’ll handle it.”

Song Yi Ran’s hand stretched out and rubbed Lin Ke Song’s head, “Go to the competition. Once the competition is over, let’s go and eat fried chicken and beer.”


Jiang Qian Fan just said he would pick her up!

“I have something I need to tell you.” Song Yi ran’s lips pulled into a shallow smile that was slightly cool.

She knew that what he wanted to tell her must be quite important.

“…Okay.” Lin Ke Song nodded. What he wanted to say, most probably had to do with Chu Ting.

“For today’s competition, good luck.” Song Yi Ran finally revealed a little smile.

“Of course!”

Lin Ke Song returned to the competition. Compared to the previous competition, her mood seemed to much calmer when facing the audience and the dazzling lights. Uncle Lin sat in the audience with his friends, and Song Yi Ran would talk to them occasionally.

Although she was curious as to what Song Yi Ran wanted to tell her, she switched her mind to the competition.

“The rules of today’s competition is very simple! Please welcome the contestants to go to the ingredients warehouse to choose ingredients and prepare their best dishes! It can be marinated and fried steak, or could be an appetizer. Dessert that will move our hearts is also a good option! However…you will all only have one chance to go into the ingredients warehouse once! So don’t forget anything!”

That meant, this competition turned out to be a free-for-all?

Compared to previously when the theme was limited to the potato pancake tower, the participants had more room to experiment here. Everyone’s expression were eager.

What was the best dish? In Lin Ke Song’s mind, appeared the raspberry charcoal grilled pork chop.


Towards this dish, she had practised it the countless times by Jiang Qian Fan’s side.

This time Lin Ke Song wasn’t as naïve as last time to speak out her ingredients of choice. Instead, she selected everything in the warehouse silently. When she tasted the raspberries to determine its sourness and sweetness, Viktor looked over with a smile. Lin Ke Song ignored him, when she was sure all the ingredients were completely gathered, she carried them back to the competition stage.

Everyone’s table had a variety of different kinds of food placed upon it. For example, Shan Sha’s basket had lamb chops and some flour, so Lin Ke Song guessed she was planning to make crispy lamb chops. On the other hand, Bruce’s table was placed with flour, eggs and met. If he wasn’t planning to make Italian-style dumplings, then maybe it was pasta. As for Goto, he had prepared rice, seafood and seaweed. Sure enough, sushi was his favourite dish!

As for Viktor, she couldn’t see what was in his basket since he was in the front row.

Annalise clapped her hands. Lin Ke Song didn’t know why, but she always felt that her smile was bad, and had a gloating flavour.

“If this competition is just to see who can make their best dish, then it’s too boring!”

As soon as this sentence was finished, everyone became nervous and stared at her.

“I have good news and bad news to tell you, but I know we all like to hear the bad news.”

Annalise nodded her chin, seeming to be looking forward to everyone’s disappointed expressions.

“That is, everyone cannot do their own cooking! The ingredients which you have chosen will be given to other contestants!”


“No way?”

Some of the contestants were surprised, and others complained. Even the audience were in discussion.

Lin Ke Song looked towards Uncle Lin and Song Yi Ran. Uncle Lin seemed a bit nervous, but Song Yi Ran just stared at her without expression.

“I know everyone is disappointed, but being good at winning the judge’s praise is not the most remarkable skill. Real culinary skill is being able to create something at any given moment, regardless of the ingredients are changed. Next, I’m going to announce the good news! After hearing the good news, I hope that contestants will think carefully and cautiously, and be sure to grasp this chance to baffle their opponents!”


kiai: Hope you all enjoy these updates ^ – ^ Most of the chapters before had around 5000-6000 words in Chinese, so they were quite long. However, the word count will be around half for next few chapters until the end. But don’t worry, qintar and I will will aim to post at least four to five chapters a month until this novel is finished (๑˃ᴗ˂)ﻭ


    1. that would make it too obvious that he knew what was going on and that he was “cheating”

      if he had inside info, it’s most likely that he chose very difficult to handle or very exotic ingredients

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  1. Thank you so much for the two chapters; quite a treat for us. This is such an enjoyable story. Oh the suspense, I wonder how LKS will do given the surprising rules for the competition. Will be frequently checking to find out what happens….


  2. Wow! What a twist in the competition! I’m feeling nervous for LKS–but am impressed with her ability to think creatively under pressure. Wish I had more of that trait! Thanks for these chapters. So good to reconnect with this excellent story.

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