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Phone Booth Kiss


“They will only say that you are very independent, and there’ll probably be some people who will admire you secretly. After all, among all the women here, you are the only one who has the courage to show what you really look like.” Jiang Qian Fan’s voice was light and calm.

Let her think that they were not a dinner banquet right now, but walking in a garden full of fragrant roses instead.

Lin Ke Song laughed.

She suddenly didn’t feel as restrained and in a relaxed mood, took the waiter’s champagne.

At this time, Song Yi Ran had come to face Jiang Qian Fan and Jiang Qian Fan stopped.

“Mr Song.” Jiang Qian Fan’s even voice became cold.

Lin Ke Song opened her mouth, wanting to say something, but Song Yi Ran raised his hand and Lin Ke Song had nothing to say.

“What exactly do you want to do?”

This is the first time she has heard Song Yi Ran speak in such a tone.

It was if the snow and ice at the top of a mountain suddenly in a flash dropped to the ground.

“I’m doing what you want to do, but can’t do.”

Jiang Qian Fan’s eyes were quiet, and his facial features held no joy.

Lin Ke Song could feel that there was some kind of tense atmosphere threatening to burst between them.

She could clearly sense that they were both opposing each other with equal harshness. The reason for their hostility, she could only guess that it was because of her.

Although this idea is quite narcissistic, there was no other possibility at all.

If Song Yi Ran worked together with Jiang Qian Fan, then their future cooperation would very strong. Coupling Song Yi Ran’s intention and determination as well as Jiang Qian Fan’s steady and solid strength, then the Song family’s hotel business in New York would achieve extraordinary results.

At the moment, she could only step forward and whisper to Song Yi Ran, “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to destroy your birthday banquet. I’ll leave in a while, you should go to your brother…”

“Why are you apologising to me?” Song Yi Ran finally moved his gaze away from Jiang Qian Fan. He looked at Lin Ke Song, “I let you come to a place you don’t like.”

Lin Ke Song shook her head, “I know, it wasn’t you.”

Someone must have used Song Yi Ran’s phone to send the text messages to her. It was probably not Song Yi Ran’s elder brother, Song Yi Fan, since men have always felt doing such things were disdainful. On the other hand, from Chu Ting’s attitude towards her, she was sure that Chu Ting must’ve taken advantage of when Song Yi Ran was not paying attention and sent her that text message.

Song Yi Fan, who had always hoped to establish a good relationship with Jiang Qian Fan, came to them with a gentle and polite expression, “Mr Jiang, the food for today had been specially prepared with Chinese flavours, I wonder what you think?”

His arrival defused the tension between Jiang Qian Fan and Song Yi Ran, causing Lin Ke Song to exhale in her heart.


Ah, indeed it was Jiang Qian Fan. When other people said ‘not bad’ politely, he instead removed even any sense of politeness.

Lin Ke Song thought that Song Yi Fan’s expression would be very ugly, but he just smiled indifferently and said, “I have long heard the it is not an easy thing to satisfy Mr Jiang’s taste buds. That must be why all the restaurants under the Jiang family have superior taste and are famous in the western food industry.”

It seemed that he had done some research on Jiang Qian Fan’s character.

“Jiang’s success stems from harsh self-expectations and demands.”

The Jiang Qian Fan seemed to have a pattern of terminating conversations, such that Song Yi Fan already did not how to further continue their talk.

“Therefore, in order to gain a foothold in New York city, our Song family will be more harsh on the hotel facilities, personnel quality and internal management requirements so that we will never be inferior to how the Jiang family manages their restaurants. We will make people unable to find fault in the smallest detail.” Song Yi Ran opened his mouth and broke the deadlock.

Compared to Song Yi Fan who always talked a lot in front of Jiang Qian Fan, Song Yi Ran seemed far more assertive.

“Then I’ll wait and see how far the Song family can reach.”

Jiang Qian Fan turned his head to face Song Yi Ran’s direction.

It was if from the beginning, the war had always been between the two of them.

Chu Ting walked over, standing in a position not far from Song Yi Ran. She wanted to stay closer to him, but she was discouraged by the cold atmosphere around his body.

Only Song Yi Fan didn’t give up, he believed that there was always a way to narrow the distance between him and Jiang Qian Fan.

In the end, he shifted his attention to Lin Ke song.

“Miss Lin, at the front of the banquet hall just then, I was too rude. I did not think that you had also met Mr Jiang. Song Yi Ran was really too immature, if he invited you then he should’ve made it clear. Then such an embarrassing misunderstanding wouldn’t have appeared.”

Lin Ke Song knew that Song Yi Fan wanted to probe into her relationship with Jiang Qian Fan, but she was not willing to allow Song Yi Fan to approach Jiang Qian Fan through her.

It was at this moment that Montgomery approached with Monica. The latter faced Lin Ke Song and kissed her, then said with a smile, “Oh, my Ke Song, it’s wonderful that you came! I was just complaining to Jiang Qian Fan. Asking why he didn’t bring you!”

“Ms Bell!” Lin Ke Song embraced the other, and two started chatting enthusiastically.

“Little bun, you shouldn’t call Monica ‘Ms Bell’ anymore, she is now Mrs Montgomery.” With a face full of pride, Montgomery corrected Lin Ke Song.

The atmosphere relaxed again. Monica brought Lin Ke Song away from Jiang Qian Fan, making her feel more grateful. To Lin Ke Song, it was as if she was freeing herself in relief.

“Let’s go and talk in another place. There are some chinese dishes here which are quite interesting!”

Jiang Qian Fan loosened Lin Ke Song’s hand and he seemed relieved to hand her over to Monica. Chu Ting stared at the figure of Lin Ke Song and felt very puzzled.

This girl had not the slightest background, so how could she even know Jiang Qian Fan such a person, and even the Montgomery couple?

And Montgomery remained beside Jiang Qian Fan. He smiled, then asked, “Jiang Qian Fan, you brought Lin Ke Song to my birthday party, and now even took her to Song family’s banquet. The people invited to my party were discreet, but there are many business people here and their imaginations are very rich.”


“Don’t give Lin Ke Song too much pressure, she is a talented and lovable child.”

“Thank you for your concern. If you don’t mind, I’d like to talk with Mr Song alone.”

Hearing this, Song Yi Fan beamed.

“I mean Mr Song Yi Ran.” Jiang Qian Fan’s supplementary explanations for Song Yi Fan embarrassed him again.

He can only give a glance to Song Yi Ran, suggesting that he should be careful not to offend Jiang Qian Fan in any way.

As a result, Jiang Qian Fan and Song Yi Ran leaned against the wall. Yet, even if they were standing in the most inconspicuous place in the banquet hall, it still became an eye-catching picture.

Many ladies who were present couldn’t help but look over.

Jiang Qian Fan’s eyes were distant, making people unable to discern anything. Song Yi Ran took a sip of wine, his sight chasing Lin Ke Song’s figure amongst all the guests.

She already didn’t have any of her original cautiousness. In her hands were a tray of some snacks and she was happily talking to Monica.

“What did you want to talk to me about, Mr Jiang?”

“Although it has nothing to do with winning or losing, you are bound to lose to me.”

“Lose what to you?” Song Yi Ran spat.

“I can pursue Ke Song without second thoughts, but you cannot.” Jiang Qian Fan’s voice was like an ice cone firmly leaving marks on an ice cube again and again.

“Sometimes, it’s not that pursuing without second thoughts will guarantee justice. Just as Mr Jiang said, it has nothing to do with winning or losing.”

“Is that right? If she is harmed at this dinner. I’ll take her right away.”

At that moment, the pupils of Song Yi Ran’s opened up slightly and he seemed to realise something.

The sound of a drinking glass being hit sounded and the entire hall quietened down. Standing in the middle of the banquet hall was Song Yi Fan and Chu Ting’s uncle. Chu Ting was holding onto her uncle’s hand with a shy smile.

Song Yi Ran walked in the direction of Lin Ke Song and grabbed her shoulder. He apologised to Monica then took Lin Ke Song to the banquet door.

“What happened? Song Yi Ran?”

For the first time, is expression made her feel a bit scared.

“Let’s go. If you still haven’t eaten enough, I’ll take you to eat something else in a while.”

They had only gone a two steps, when two security guards wearing dark suits stopped them under the order of Song Yi Fan.

“Move.” Song Yi Ran’s low voice drew the attention of the guests around him.

One of the guards lowered his voice and sent a note to Song Yi Ran’s hand.

Song Yi Ran opened it and glanced at it, then clenched his fist, the note tightly clutched in hand. He turned away and stared fiercely in the direction of Song Yi Fan.

But Song Yi Fan’s face always maintained a smile.

“Thank you distinguished guests for coming. For many of the friends here, it is my, Song Yi fan’s first time meeting with you.” Although he spoke the passage in English, it sounded fairly fluent. He had clearly prepared in advance, though his accent was quite heavy.

“Today is my younger brother, Song Yi Ran’s birthday. It is also the day of his engagement with his childhood sweetheart, Chu Ting.”

At the end of his sentence, applause sounded out.

Stunned, Lin Ke Song stared up at Song Yi Ran who was clenching his teeth, boiling anger coursing through his body.

His palm still clutched Lin Ke Song’s shoulder, and the force was as if he was trying to crush her bones.

Song Yi Fan began to introduce the touching story of how is younger brother and Chu Ting met, and listening it made it seem as if it was youth romance film.

Chu Ting bowed her head, cheeks already red.

Although Lin Ke Song had known for a long time that Song Yi Ran who was born in such a family would certainly choose a well-deserved woman in the future, and that it had nothing to do with love. Even if that woman was not Chu Ting, there would always be others. It would only be impossible for her.

But it all came too fast.

She was caught off guard.

She hadn’t mentally prepared herself yet.

One of the security guards pressed down on Song Yi Ran’s wrist and whispered, “Mr Song, you should let go of the lady.”

Song Yi Ran then lowered his head and seemed to want to say something, but ultimately didn’t say it.

The expression in his eyes, Lin Ke Song seemed to understand, yet also did not understand.

At the moment that his hand was gone, she retreated as though she has lost focus.

There seemed to be an invisible force crushing her.

Song Yi Ran intended to stabilise her, but his finger just slid over her fingertips.

Lin Ke Song fell down.

She thought that she would end up sitting on the floor in an unsightly manner, but someone firmly grasped her waist and held her up. She turned blankly and faced Jiang Qian Fan.

“Yi Ran! Come! Didn’t you say you wanted to cut your birthday cake with Chu Ting?” Song Yi Fan’s voice was very loud.

At that moment, Lin Ke Song’s mood stabilised.

However, Song Yi Ran stood in his original spot and stared at Lin Ke Song. He didn’t move for a long time.

She looked into his eyes and instantly understood his thoughts.

He never wanted to be bound to anyone, no one could direct him or decide what he did.

“Yi Ran, now’s not the right time.” Lin Ke Song forcefully pushed out those words from her body.

Regardless of the consequences, to resist would cause all of Song Yi Ran’s previous seclusion and silent endurance fizzle out.

Song Yi Ran slowly turned his body and clenched his fists, walking in the direction of Chu Ting.

“It’s no big deal, let’s go.” Jiang Qian Fan voice came from behind, “Or do you want to see Song Yi Ran sentimentally holding that girl’s hands and cut the cake?”

“I don’t want to.”

Everything here has nothing to do with her, she wasn’t interested in watching the self-made drama directed by Song Yi Fan.

Turning around, she pulled Jiang Qian Fan’s hand and following his pace, walked out.

As they walked out the door, all the noise and applause we left behind.

Jiang Qian Fan did not say a word, and only led Lin Ke Song into the elevator.

He was clearly the one who was blind, yet he became the source of direction to Lin Ke Song.

They arrived at the first floor of the hotel, where Miller had already stopped at door and was waiting for them.

The wind was at night, and the air was humid and hot with a hint of oppressiveness.

This was a precursor to rain.

Miller opened the door, but Lin Ke Song said, “You send Mr Jiang back first, I want to go for a walk.”

Without any more superfluous words, Lin Ke Song cradled her arm and walked under the streetlight and into the night wind.

She knew that she had never been one to be emotional, but her eyes were sore yet she did not dare to let the tears flow.

Due to her fear, all the happiness she had with Song Yi Ran in the past would disappear with her tears if they left her body.

She asked herself, if the happiness she had with him in the last ten years exceeded the sadness of that moment.

She knew she should have bravely dragged Song Yi Ran and pulled him in an unbridled manner into their own world, regardless of what other people thought and no matter what the consequences.

But she did not know if such freedom was really wanted by Song Yi Ran.

If it was, even if she was badly beaten, she did not mind being his knight just once.

Thin rain fell from the darkness of the sky, dropping on her eyelashes and skin.

It was cold to the point of making people feel dazed.

Then she heard the sound of a cane striking the ground behind her.

Suddenly, she found that Jiang Qian Fan had actually been walking not far behind her.

“Mr…Mr Jiang…aren’t you already supposed to be in the car?”

There was no bright lights, and Jiang Qian Fan’s shadow under the streetlight was long. Under the light, his facial features intertwined with the shadows and created a breathtaking mood.

The top of the bag of a passer-by running by hit the shoulder of Jiang Qian Fan and Lin Ke Song gasped, quickly stepping forward to help him.

“Do you think I can get on the car with a peace of mind?”

Moving closer to him, she could feel his breath and body temperature.

“I’m fine, there’s nothing wrong. I’ll take you back to Miller’ car.”

“I’ve let Miller go back already.”

His expression was indifferent yet persistent.

“Why, are you not willing to take my hand and take a walk down this road?”

“It’s going to rain, Mr Jiang!”

“Do you mind whether or not it will rain?” Jiang Qian Fan turned his head, although he couldn’t see, Lin Ke Song always felt as if he was looking at her.

He knew everything about her. He knew that at the moment, she would rather stand underneath the shower of rain.

In the sky, there was thunder and lightning.

Then, a rumbling sound shook the city.

Lin Ke Song pulled Jiang Qian Fan and bolted away.

The rain crashing down became harder and harder.

Lin Ke Song involuntarily opened the glass door of a phone booth on the road side and pushed Jiang Qian Fan into it.

The two crouched in the narrow space, with Lin Ke Song’s arms leaning against Jiang Qian Fan.

Rain splashed water on the ground, and bursts of wind blew past the phone booth.

He silently put away the cane.

“Now you really have to call have Miller to pick you up,” said Lin Ke Song reluctantly.

“If I told him to come, will you go with me?” Jiang Qian Fan asked, turning to face her,

His face was too close, everything was blurred except for his obsidian eyes.


The next second Jiang Qian Fan had leaned towards her and kissed her without warning. The question he asked was only to make her open her mouth and speak.

He pressed against her mouth and his tongue slipped inside along her lips, wrapping around her warmly. In that one kiss, Lin Ke Song could feel that everything had softened all at once.

He was full of tolerance, almost to the point of eternal patience.

Lin Ke Song tried to avoid his tongue, but that was exchanged with a more intense feeling which lingered.

She had thought he was only cold.

Even kisses had a kind of presumptuous feeling, as if he was saying ‘if not me, then who?’

But this time, he didn’t want to receive anything from her, but only wanted to tell her.

When Lin Ke Song reacted, Jiang Qian Fan had already covered her. He held her hands and pressed them against the glass wall, just as if he was holding her in his arms.

Yet, she did not feel scared.

His kiss became more forceful and pressed Lin Ke Song into the wall. His kiss held a certain confidence which didn’t surprise her.

He turned his face, as if he could not get enough affirmation from her and wanted to move closer.

She only felt that her trance had finally settled down.

As he left her lips, the temperature in the phone booth plummeted.

He sighed and said in her ear, “Ke Song, did you know that crushing on someone for ten years has no difference to loving someone for a few months.”

His voice was light, but clearer than the lingering sound of rain and thunderstorm outside the glass wall.

“So when you feel sad because of Song Yi Ran, I will be more sad than you.”

Lin Ke Song’s eyes widened, did she make Jiang Qian Fan sad?

In his heart, did she really hold such weight?

“Because I don’t know how to show you that I love you much, much more than what you feel for Song Yi Ran.’

Jiang Qian Fan had always been indifferent to fame and fortune, and he disdained comparing himself to anyone else.

But originally, he would do so.

“You are so generous to Song Yi Ran as he walks towards other women in order to fulfill his countless pursuits. You think that if you cannot walk hand-in-hand with him, then at least you can be his most important friend forever. However, I don’t think the same.”

Lin Ke Song started to feel a bit afraid. In front of Jiang Qian Fan, she was like a set up script, and he knew everything about her.

“I will not let you look at other men and will tolerate you going after other men. I will also not be willing for other men to give you happiness.”

His was cold, colder than hate.

“I will not be kind enough to watch you fulfill your feelings for Song Yi Ran, that’s why I took you to the banquet.”

He was forcing her to clearly see the outcome of her and Song Yi Ran.

“If one day, you really go to other men, I will get yo back at any cost, even by using unscrupulous means.”

This was the most straightforward statement Jiang Qian Fan had told her.

“Do you understand?” he asked her.


“Very good.”

Jiang Qian fan released her hand which he had held tightly, and parted her wet hair, kissing her eyebrows.

That was very serious.

He pushed her into his arms, not using too much force, but enough to make her feel as if she couldn’t escape.

He kissed her forehead, her brows and her chin. His tongue slid down to her chin, and sucked hard as if wanting to suck out blood.

He didn’t do anything over the border, but the attitude of his embrace was immovable.

Lin Ke Song had an illusion, and felt as if she really belonged to him.

He hugged her, then covering her ear, said, “Ke Song, in actuality, I really like rain.”

“En.” Lin Ke Song rested her head on his shoulder.

She found that she very much liked listening to him.

Other than cooking, she seldom heard him talking about other topics.

“Because the rain is falling, there is a hierarchy. As the rain falls, I can imagine the look of the city, every building, every tree, and every pedestrian.”


“And how you look.”


Lin Ke Song’s tears slid down from her eyes, falling onto his shoulder.

He had these delicate and soft feelings, but she didn’t know before.


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