Word count: 3931

Birthday Banquet


According to Song Yi Ran’s character, he should have invited a pack of rogues to some entertainment place and play wildly until the next day. So wasn’t this Audrey Hotel too formal?

Lin Ke Song made a phone call to confirm, however, the call was ignored. Lin Ke Song was immediately angry, just because it was his birthday didn’t mean he could pull something like this and just ignore her call!

A short while later, she received a text from Song Yi Ran: I was together with my elder brother. What’s wrong, you can’t come anymore?

This guy, it was 80% likely that he had been listening to his elder brother’s sincere instructions. Fine, in order to express heartfelt sympathy, she wouldn’t bicker about the matter of the ignored phone call.

Lin Ke Song replied: Okay. Got it.

Song Yi Ran: If you arrive and can’t find the place, just give me a call.

Lin Ke Song: Received.

Ah, Song Yi Ran’s birthday…he never had any shortages of gifts. But the parties held by his friends, Lin Ke Song hardly participated in.

The reason was, when his group of hedonistic sons of rich parents gathered together, Lin Ke Song and their painting styles were very distant to each other. Only Song Yi Ran seemed to change a lot after arriving in New York. This time he invited her to his birthday party, it was perhaps because Song Yi Ran’s friends are no longer the ones from before.

At previous birthdays, Song Yi ran would always invite Lin Ke Song out to eat in advance. Sometimes they would barbecue, and other times hot pot- it was almost as if the birthday was an excuse to ask her to eat her favourite things.

This guy would also shamelessly ask her for a birthday present each time.

She remembered that the first time her invited her to eat seafood, as soon as they sat down he stretched out a hand towards Lin Ke Song and asked, “Ah, it’s my birthday. Where is my present?”

At that time, Lin Ke Song had thought Song Yi Ran was just joking with her.

And then that guy had really searched Lin Ke Song’s pocket a dozen times and even dumped her backpack across the entire table. His manner was just like a child who had not been given candy, and he had said sorrowfully, “No way, I thought you would have prepared something for me!”

At that time, Lin Ke Song was merely a junior high student, and she had little pocket money. Yet Song Yi Ran’s living standards were already like that of nobility. She simply couldn’t give any present that was up to par to his living standards. In the end, Song Yi Ran lifted Lin Ke Song’s sleeve, and removed her red beads bracelet which she had taken form the temple.

To this day, Song Yi ran still wore the red beads bracelet on his wrist. He had replaced watches many times, only the bracelet did not change. Last year, this guy went to Hong Kong to burn his money and bought a retro-style Chopard watch. The reason was, because the watch and the red beads bracelet were very compatible.

Lin Ke Song really wanted to hit his head. Just where was it compatible?

Later, at Song Yi Ran’s birthdays, Lin Ke Song remained stingy, free-loading from him. Song Yi Ran could always find a few things hidden on her body.

For example, the keychain of Astro Boy and a frog wallet used for storing money. Even though they were things he didn’t even need, he would still find them and take them away.

This time, Lin Ke Song decided to bake him a birthday cake.

Her uncle’s kitchen had all the cooking utensils, including an oven.

Lin Ke Song bought her own fresh milk and made her own cream.

The second day, she spent an entire morning’s time and finally finished her champagne and liquor cake with sugar frosting.

Looking at her own completed product, Lin Ke song was very satisfied.

After checking the address of the hotel online, she carried the cake to the top floor of the hotel.

As soon as the elevator doors opened, Lin Ke Song felt as if something was not right.

All the people her were upper class figures wearing formal attires suitable for a banquet, so the T-shirt and jeans clad Lin Ke Song felt very inharmonious with the atmosphere. Did she come to the wrong place?

Even the waiters who stood in front of the banquet floor stopped her and said, “I’m sorry, Miss. It will be fine for couriers to just send things to the side lounge.”

Did she look like a courier?

Was she wearing a courier company’s hat or a courier company’s uniform?

Ah, not happy! Not happy!

Lin Ke Song pulled out her phone and made a call to Song Yi Ran.

“Hey, I’ve arrived at the top of Audrey Hotel…but why does it seem like a banquet?”

If it was a banquet, you should’ve told me. Then I wouldn’t have come!

“You’re at the Audrey Hotel?” Song Yi Ran’s voice sounded very surprised.

“Yeah, didn’t you send a test message inviting me to come?”

It was just at this moment that a young woman wearing a champagne-coloured long dress walked out. Showing a sweet smile to Lin Ke Song, a familiar yet strange voice spoke out, “Long time no see, Ke Song.”

The other wore a smile appropriate for the occasion, and had an elegant hairstyle.

Lin Ke Song stared for half a day before realising: “Chu Ting?”

It was Song Yi Ran’s last girlfriend form before he came to New York!

Why was she here?

“Ah, yes. It’s been a long time. Today is Song Yi Ran’s birthday, his eldest brother Mr Song Yi Fan also came. Actually, compared to your surprised expression, I am even more surprised. I didn’t think that both you and Song Yi ran would come to New York together! Your friendship is really deep.”

Compared to the delicate older sister she was half a year ago, Chu Ting appeared to be even more magnanimous now.

If it was before, she would definitely complain disgustingly, accusing that Lin Ke Song and Song Yi Ran coming to New York together was “conspiring errantly” or even “harbouring unfathomable motives” and so on.

Now, she has learned to hide her emotions and use a more metaphorical way of expressing her ridicule of Lin Ke Song.

“Do not use the word ‘follow’, my uncle’s restaurant in New York.”

“Oh, so you are here to help out with your uncle’s restaurant and Song Yi Ran is here to study. Even if it is foreign lands and places, the two of you can still be together. It must really be fate.” Chu Ting glances at the cake in Lin Ke Song’s hands then took it with a smile, handing it over to a waiter by the side, “I didn’t think you would even bring a cake. But there may be no way to blow the candles and cut the cake here, since there are too many guests and your cake is too small.”

Looking through the open door of the banquet hall, a massive birthday cake can be seen, as well as many laughing guests holding wine glasses.

“So it’s like this. Then I’ll go back, he didn’t clearly tell me about the occasion for tonight’s banquet.” Lin Ke Song turned to leave.

At this moment, a figure dressed in a suit and bow tie hurried out. “Ke Song!”

Lin Ke Song paused and turned to look at Song Yi ran. His expression was very shocked, as if he didn’t even think she would come.

“I was planning to come and eat at your uncle’s restaurant tomorrow after your competition’s finished…how did you know I would be here?”

Lin Ke Song suddenly guessed that the person she had been texting last night, may not have been Song Yi Ran at all.

He knows what kind of occasions she does not like, and never forced her into is world. He wouldn’t have not old her that this was going to be banquet. He made a lot of jokes about her, but he never did anything to embarrass her.

There have also been many guests in the banquet hall casting Song Yi ran and Lin Ke Song with strange and inquiring glances.

Chu Ting walked forward, tugging at Song Yi ran’s hand and smiled, “Ke Song has already come, isn’t she your good friend? Aren’t you going to invite her inside to eat?”

Song Yi Ran politely pulled away from Chu Ting and glanced at the cake held by the waiter, “Is this what you are giving me?”

“Never mind, I’ll take it back and cut it tomorrow night.”

Lin Ke Song wasn’t angry. How this misunderstanding came about, she could discuss with Song Yi Ran later and slowly figure it out, there was no need to make a scene here.

She was about to take the cake back from the waiter’s hand, but Song Yi Ran personally took the cake back.

“I’ll go with you.”

Song Yi ran grasped Lin Ke Song’s hand and led her towards the opposite direction, away from the banquet hall.

His expression was solemn, and even held a touch of anger. He clutched Lin Ke Song’s wrist to the point she felt pain, “Song Yi Ran, be lighter…it hurts!”

Lin Ke song glanced up, she didn’t understand why Song Yi ran was suddenly angry.

Today he appears mature and steady, and even cold and sharp.

Hearing her shout in pain, Song Yi Ran’s grip lessened slightly, but still held her tightly.

Chu Ting followed after him in two or three steps, attempting to discourage him, “It is a matter of fact that today is your birthday party and all the guests her are very important people for the Song family to open up new businesses in New York. Therefore…”

Song Yi Ran paused, raising an eyebrow as his lips curved into a sneer, “You’re really getting better and better Chu Ting. The you before never even knew how to use the Song family as an excuse.”

Just then, a burst of implied anger came from the front of the banquet hall.

“What’s happening here?”

It was a middle-aged man dressed in a suit that seemed a bit old-fashioned. He wore a pair of fine gold-rimmed glasses, but they did not succeed in making him look more cultured, but rather gave him an appearance of a nouveau riche…

His outline seemed somewhat similar to Song Yi ran, but his facial expression were far less refined.

If Lin Ke Song did not guess wrong, then he was Song Yi Ran’s eldest brother, Song Yi Fan.

“Oh, eldest brother.” Song Yi Ran’s eyes filled with a bit of ridicule, his shoulders raising slightly, seemingly in a rude and lazy manner. “I won’t play with you, you can continue performing your own personal show here. There’s so many people here, so there won’t be any shortage of my supporting role.”

“What are you trying to stir up? Today is very important…”

“Brother Song, Song Yi Ran’s friend Lin Ke Song jie came. But it seems Miss Lin Ke Song didn’t know that tonight was a banquet, so did not wear any suitable clothing. Yi Ran had only wanted to accompany Miss Lin to find a pair of suitable clothing, that’s all. They’ll be back soon, right?”

Chu Ting “kindly” explained for the sake of Song Yi Ran.

But Lin Ke Song was completely shocked. This girl was really Chu Ting?

A few months ago, while Chu Ting was arrogant, she was still quite simple, so what was the saying for this change?

While many men would appreciate her “generosity” and “ability to respond at the scene”, Song Yi Ran regrettably was not one of them.

He slowly walked to Chu Ting’s side, then spoke near her ear at a level only the two of them could hear, “Your acting is quite good. How about I order an Oscar to give to you tomorrow?”

When Song Yi Ran intentionally took a step back, Chu Ting’s eyes reddened.

Song Yi Fan glanced at Chu Ting, and raised his eyebrow. Then he stood in front of Lin Ke Song and said in a polite but unable to be rejected manner, “Miss Lin, today is Yi Ran’s birthday. The guests present are very important to the development of the Song family in New York. I thank you for your careful concern of Yi Ran. Wait until today’s banquet has finished, then I will allow Yi Ran to invite you out for a good meal.”

The underlying message was clear: This is not a place where you should be, quickly leave.

Lin Ke Song did not explain or even express any politeness or respect to him, because she knew Song Yi Fan despised her.

“Good bye.”

Lin Ke Song tried to pick up the cake from the hands of Song Yi Ran, but Song Yi Ran did not let go.

“You keep it to eat, I’m not angry with you.”

Lin Ke Song simply did not want the cake anymore, and went straight towards the elevator.

Just as she stepped into the elevator and the door was about to close, Song Yi Ran deliberately reached out and grabbed the elevator door.

The voice of Song Yi Fan travelled through the air and sounded out, “Song Yi Ran, what are you trying to do?”

It was at this time that a cold voice broke apart the tension and poured into Lin Ke Song’s ears.

“What happened?”

All the people turned around, only to see a slander figure standing with a cane by the door.

“Mr Jiang, how did you come?” The Song Yi Fan who had just been frowning now showed a very natural and kind smile. “My younger brother’s friend just came to send him a present, but nothing has happened. We’ll go back soon.”

Lin Ke Song was stunned.

Standing straight with an aristocratic temperament, stern  expression and deep facial features- if this wasn’t Jiang Qian Fan, then who else could it be?

Was he also a guest of Song Yi Ran’s surprise birthday banquet?

This was completely beyond the expectations of Lin Ke Song.

No, this was actually reasonable. Lin Ke Song has long heard of Song Yi ran’s remarks mentioning that the Song family wished to invest in hotels in New York. While the Jiang family was the leader of the Chinese catering industry, the Song family wishing to maintain a cooperative relationship with the Jiang family was for granted.

This occasion was too embarrassing, Lin Ke Song really did not want Jiang Qian fan to know that she was here.

Yet, every time that Jiang Qian Fan’s cane touched the ground as he walked to the elevator door, each ‘da’ sound rang through Lin Ke Song’s heart.

Lin Ke Song swallowed her saliva, taking half a step back.

“Mr Jiang, what happened?” Song Yi fan spoke up.

“Ke Song, is that you?” His voice was light, as if he was worried that Lin Ke Song was going to be shocked.

Song Yi Fan was stunned. In his eyes, the head of the Jiang family did not know how to get along with others. He was indifferent, as if there was nothing in the world that could impress him in general. But at the moment, though his voice is still cold, there is a subtle softness.

Song Yi Ran did not intend to let them speak, and stepped into the elevator, wanting to take Lin Ke Song and leave.

However, he did not expect Jiang Qian Fan to stretch out his arm and pull Lin Ke Song past the elevator door.

She almost crashed into his arms, but he stabilised her at the right time.

“I could smell your taste.”

“My taste?”

Lin Ke Song did not understand what taste she had on her body. Sweat? Taste of shower gel? Or left over taste from cooking?

“What happened?” Jiang Qian Fan turned his head and leaned into her, his manner as if her was almost kissing her.

Although, to outsiders it seemed as if it was only because Jiang Qian Fan could not see, and he wanted to move closer to the other but did not control the distance.

But Lin Ke Song knew very clearly, that he just wanted to be close to her.

“I…today is Yi Ran’s birthday, I only found out after coming that it was a banquet, so I was planning to go home for a set of clothes…”

She had unexpectedly borrowed Chu Ting’s excuse.

She knew that Jiang Qian Fan would definitely hear her lie, but she also knew that he would not expose her.

“Then I’ll send you back.”

Jiang Qian Fan raised Lin Ke Song’s hand and placed it on her own arm, preparing to walk into the elevator.

At this time, Song Yi Fan realised that the situation was not good. He quickly stepped forward in front of the elevator, incidentally fiercely staring into the indifferent face of Song Yi Ran.

“Mr Jiang, it turned out that you and Miss Lin seem to know each other? Miss Lin is also Yi Ran’s friend. Since we’re all here to celebrate Yi Ran’s birthday, how about we go in and eat something.”

Let her in? No mistake right? Even if it was an big sedan lifted by eight people, she still didn’t want to go!

“That…I’m not wearing appropriate clothes, I shouldn’t go. Mr Jiang, I can go back by myself, you should just…”

“It’s already time for lunch, I’ll accompany you to eat something.”

Jiang Qian Fan did not have any meaning of going back to the banquet.

Song Yi Fan was a bit anxious, and he kept glancing towards Song Yi Ran who was in the elevator. Yet Song Yi Ran didn’t move, and even seemed to be quite frosty.

In desperation, Song Yi fan directly clasped his hand on Lin Ke Song’s other arm and led her towards the direction of the banquet hall.

“Miss Lin, since it is Yi Ran’s birthday, then don’t sweep aside everyone’s interest. If you don’t have a dress, I will invite people to send you a…”

“Ke Song, what kind of shoes do you wear?” Jiang Qian Fan suddenly spoke.


“Shoes, I will also…” Song Yi Fan had already decided that he wouldn’t just let Jiang Qian Fan leave like this.

If a guest who had already arrived suddenly left, it would cause the other guests to gossip about it!

“Ke Song, can you wear high heels?” Jiang Qian Fan turned his head and asked Lin Ke Song.

To be honest, she did not know why Jiang Qian fan was asking her these questions, but she had a feeling of being completely trusted by each other.

“I’ve never worn them before.”

“Ah, so it’s like this. Don’t wear high heels then, they’re not comfortable anyway. Just wearing sports shoes, the evening dress will be too long and it will be easy to trip.”

Song Yi Fan’s eyelids trembles slightly, he was angry yet didn’t dare do anything. He now completely did not understand what Jiang Qian Fan meant in the end.

Give Lin Ke Song a dress, yet he felt that Lin Ke Song had no high heels. Give her high heels, yet her said she couldn’t wear them.

“Either we just go in and eat something like this, or I send you home.”

Jiang Qian Fan finally said his final answer.

Let Lin Ke Song wear a T-shirt and jeans into a high class banquet?

Song Yi Fan suspected that his own ears were not working.

However, Song Yi Ran was staring at Jiang Qian Fan even more surprised. From the beginning, he did not understand what the other man was thinking, even now.

He never thought of following the plot in a drama and creating a Cinderella dream for the heroine.

In his heart, Lin Ke Song is not a Christmas tree and did not require any extra decoration. Just looking up and proudly appearing in front of other people is fine.

To go or to stay, the decision lay in Lin Ke Song’s hands. This what the power which he gave to her, even more than what was given to Cinderella.

If Lin Ke Song was willing to go in, then Jiang Qian Fan would stay. If Lin Ke Song was willing to go, then Jiang Qian Fan will also leave.

Song Yi Fan covered his own eyes, his head hurting. Jiang Qian Fan’s request was simply too headstrong!

But he indeed did have a wilful capital.

Song Yi Fan could only soften his voice, speaking in a manner far more polite than previously to Lin Ke Song, “Miss Lin, let’s go in together. Yi Ran also wishes that you stay.”

It seemed that if she didn’t go in, then she, Lin Ke Song, would have swept away everyone’s refined and elegant attitude of mind and destroyed it. Everything would be a very serious crime, in general.

Lin Ke Song opened her mouth, and could only say, “En…alright…”

Song Yi Fan sighed in relief.

Lin Ke Song could only tug Jiang Qian Fan and enter the banquet with him.

The entire hall was immersed with soothing music. Elegant ladies wearing long dresses holding wine glasses were laughing together, when they coincidentally saw Lin Ke Song entering on Jiang Qian Fan’s arm and revealed a surprised expression.

The Lin Ke Song at the moment only wished to find a scarf and wrap her entire face with it, save for her eyes.

When she tried to withdraw her hand from Jiang Qian Fan’s arm, he held her hand directly, “Ke Song, the people here, do you think you will meet them for a second time?” Jiang Qian Fan asked.

“Probably not.”

“Then why do you care about what they think? Adding together all the people present here, are they more important to you than me?”

“Of course not…”

After speaking, Lin Ke Song suddenly felt that this question was a bit odd?

“Since I am the most important person here to you, why do you care about what other people think if I don’t even care?”

In Lin Ke Song’s heart, Jiang Qian Fan was absolutely concerned regarding etiquette and conservation, and his own clothes were always very methodical.

But this time, her behaved in such a ‘continue with one’s own way’ manner.

“Every woman here, in order to make her look flawless, would have begun preparations a few days ago. What kind of hairstyles, what kind of dresses to wear, what kind of jewellery to wear, and even what kind of perfume to use. But they do not know, that in the eyes of others, it is just like fleeting moment. No one will remember how they dressed up tomorrow.”

“But tomorrow someone would definitely remember what I am wearing.”

Nonetheless, Lin Ke Song’s mood suddenly got better. Other people’s gazes no longer made her feel embarrassed. They could only look at her, curiosity in the eyes more evident than accusations.

They all wanted to know what charm that this seemingly ordinary girl had in the end, to make Jiang Qian Fan to disregard the stares of everyone and bring her around, leisurely strolling.

















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