The heartbeat at the tip of the tongue (舌尖上的心跳) Chapter 45

Word count: 3756

Qian Fan VS Song Yi Ran Round2

How many years is the so called “many years”?

If 10 years were not enough, will it really last for a whole lifetime.

You mean she had to wait till she’s old, and there’d still be a heart that’s interested in her?

At that moment, Jiang Qian Fan’s words of “I like you” rang sharp and melodious.

Like a kind of comfort, a small ripple in calmness.

This villa’s kitchen is in the same body as the dining hall.

Lin Ke Song turned around and put the dining plates on the table: “Eat ba!”

“Ai, it’s really tomato scrambled eggs!” Song Yi Ran revealed an exaggerated expression, picked up a spoon, and with a serious expression, sat at the table and took a bite.

Lin Ke Song waited for him to say something, but he only ate slowly, spoon after spoon.

“Hey, is it good?” Lin Ke Song could not resist asking.

“better than tomato scrambled eggs that have salt added to them.” Song Yi Ran replied smiling.

“For real?” Lin Ke Song picked up a spoon.

The egg was very fluffy, the juices of the tomato were boiled out, the natural tartness of the tomato and the fragrance of the eggs blended together, giving an extraordinary flavour, the only pity was that it didn’t have salt.

“how’s it, isn’t it better that the salted tomato scrambled eggs you made previously?” Song Yi Ran asked.

“indeed.” Lin Ke Song laughed along.

Song Yi Ran finished lunch, then pulled Lin Ke Song to the living room. The both of them sat on the mat, and faced the television and started playing games. This was pretty much their daily activity during winter breaks. And today, Song Yi Ran wanted to test the compatibility between the game and the tv.

“Hey! Are you kidding ah! If you hit there I’ll die!” Lin Ke Song shouted happily.

“It’s my original intention to win you ah! if you don’t die how will I win?” Song Yi Ran replied naturally.

When this chap played games, you can use “fast, ruthless, accurate” to describe him, with a solemn face, for those that don’t know, they’d think that he was looking at the stock market! Lin Ke Song used her peripheral vision to glance at him, the light from the screen flashing on his face, it was like an illusion.

Sometimes, Lin Ke Song will feel that this kind of Song Yi Ran, whose goal is to have a clear decisive kill, is the real him.

2 to 3 seconds later, Lin Ke Song really died. She reached out her hand angrily and clawed Song Yi Ran’s head till it became a bird’s nest.

Her eyes were a little tired, Lin Ke Song laid on the mat lazily, and gave Song Yi Ran a kick: “Hey, I say…… do you and your girlfriend stick together all day to play games?”

“I only do this with you.” Song Yi Ran pulled a cushion next to Lin Ke Song, and laid down with her.


Subconsciously, she pursed her lips, even though she knew that Song Yi Ran was good at sweet talking girls, but these kinds of words, were rarely said to her.

“Ke Song.”

“Hmm?” Lin Ke Song was sleepy, she’d normally be having a nap at this time.

“We will always be like this together, right ba?” Song Yi Ran’s voice was soft, like some kind of probe.

“En…… I’m gonna nap for a while…… wake me up before 2.30……”

She still wanted to go back to Jiang Qian Fan’s kitchen to continue practising searing scallops and baked tomatoes olives bass.

Listening to her mumble, Song Yi Ran supported his chin, reached a hand out, and gently brushed across her forehead.

Lin Ke Song was awoken by the phone’s ringing. It was Mayer calling.

When she suddenly sat up, she realised that it was already 4.30 in the afternoon.

Oh my god ah!

“Ke Song, looks like you’re having a great time at your friend’s ah.”

“That……I accidentally fell asleep, and forgot the time!”

It can’t be that Jiang Qian Fan is already back ba! If he realised that she actually hadn’t been properly practising in the kitchen, will he be very disappointed?

Lin Ke Song gave Song Yi Ran an angry kick, this chap was in deep sleep!

Song Yi Ran reluctantly sat up, and rubbed his eyes, this sleepy-eyed look, was indeed quite childlike.

“It’s alright, I just called to ask if you’d be back for dinner?” Mayer’s voice carried laughter.

“Of course I’ll be back! Will Mr Jiang be back too?”

“Yes, Mr Jiang came back at 3 o’clock.”

Lin Ke Song suddenly had a feeling that she was “dead”.

“Since you’re coming back, Mr Jiang wants me to tell you, why not invite Mr Song over for dinner ba.”

Lin Ke Song was shocked at that moment, according to Jiang Qian Fan, he knew that she was with Song Yi Ran?

The problem was, how did he know that?

Lin Ke Song couldn’t reply yet, when Song Yi Ran suddenly replied: “Can ah”

“We’re looking forward to your arrival.”

After the phone call, Lin Ke Song looked at Song Yi Ran suspiciously: “I’ll say, what drug did you put in the gourd? Why would Mr Jiang invite you to dinner?”

“We’re neighbours. Don’t you know about the custom of visiting your neighbours with a little gift or some snacks when you move to a new area in other countries?” Song Yi Ran had an expression like everything was as it should be.

But Lin Ke Song knew him, this chap must have hidden something from her.

“did you prepare snacks?”

“Why don’t you bake them now? I have butter and flour.”

“Forget it ba, you don’t even have sugar. Furthermore, can’t you talk properly to him. Mr Jiang is never the type to invite neighbours to enter his villa and host what dinner? Just what is going on?” Lin Ke Song grabbed Song Yi Ran’s collar, and asked sternly.

“Don’t you know what a banquet is?” Song Yi Ran lifted his arms, placing them on Li Ke Song’s shoulder, a coldness surfacing in his eyes, “Who knows, he may try to kill me.”

“Kill your head!” Lin Ke Song knocked him harshly on his head, “Hurry, go take a shower, don’t have any messy scent! When you see him don’t speak anyhow! As for things that you shouldn’t be saying, speak a word and I’ll pluck your tongue out!”

Lin Ke Song then proceeded to kick Song Yi Ran into the bathroom.

At 5 in the afternoon, Lin Ke Song brought Song Yi Ran into the Jiang Qian Fan’s villa.

Mayer walked in front of them as their guide. Song Yi Ran tucked his two hands into his pockets, and looked around as he walked.

Lin Ke Song inexplicably started getting nervous. Actually, when you think about it, Song Yi Ran’s standard of living is actually closer to Jiang Qian Fan’s than hers, she didn’t need to worry that he would speak inappropriately in front of Jiang Qian Fan. Furthermore, Song Yi Ran had great qualities and could easily succeed, it would be a piece of cake to handle Jiang Qian Fan ba. But don’t bother guessing Jiang Qian Fan’s intentions, no matter how you guess you won’t understand ah……

“Mr Mayer, who cleans these marble floors, they’re really clean as a mirror.” Song Yi Ran said using fluent and almost accentless English.

“Thank you for your praise. Every week, we have specialised help to do cleaning and maintenance, if Mr Song needs so, I can recommend them to you.” Mayer gave a textbook reply.

“No need. They’ve cleaned too well, it feels like when you look down you would be able to see your reflection, a little scary.”

Lin Ke Song tugged Song Yi Ran, when does a little scary mean ah?

“Mr Jiang has a higher standard of expectation towards cleanliness than the average person.” Mayer’s voice carried a slight smile, not a little displeased, totally within boundaries of a professional housekeeper.

At last, they finally reached the dining room, Jiang Qian Fan was sitting at the dining table, holding his cane in his hand, posture tall and straight, his perfect face adding on aristocratic elegance.

“Mr Jiang, Mr Song and Ke Song have arrived.”

Jiang Qian Fan stood up, and extended his hand in Song Yi Ran’s direction: “Heard you moved nearby and have become my neighbour.”

“That’s right.” Song Yi Ran smiled, shaking his hand.

There was a feeling of competing rivals in a mall between the two of them, apart from those words of courtesy, there was pretty much no other interaction.

“Ke Song, Mr Song is your friend. You will oversee today’s dinner ba.”

Before Lin Ke Song had arrived, she had already thought that Jiang Qian Fan wouldn’t personally cook to host her and Song Yi Ran, and she hadn’t done anything for a whole afternoon too.

“Yes, Mr Jiang. What will the menu be?”

“The appetiser will be the sauteed scallops you’ve just learned today ba. The main dish will be raspberry charcoal pork chops. The dessert will be caramel stewed pear.”

Lin Ke Song blinked, sauteed scallops are still fine, but she had only seen Jiang Qian Fan cook the raspberry charcoal scallops once before, even the ingredients for the hollandaise sauce especially for the pork chops is very complicated. Furthermore, even though she’d read about the cooking method of caramel stew pears in books, she’d never tried before ah!

Looking at Jiang Qian Fan’s calm expression, she understood that this was another opportunity to learn. In a situation where there was no one to demonstrate or help her and be able to produce results, is an ability she needed to have.

Lin Ke Song looked at Song Yi Ran a little worriedly, there’ll only be him and Jiang Qian Fan left, will they have things to talk about? Song Yi Ran won’t be tactless and say things he shouldn’t be saying ba? Or will the two of them be awkwardly silent, until the end of dinner?

When Lin Ke Song left the dining area, Mayer brought out a very traditional ancient Chinese tea set, and brewed oolong tea for them.

Song Yi Ran cradled the tiny tea cups, had a whiff of the fragrance, and smiled: “it’s such a rarity to be able to taste such great oolong in New York. But Mr Jiang, you didn’t invite me here simply for a dinner ba?”

Jiang Qian Fan didn’t actually touch the cup of tea in front of him, keeping his previous posture, steadfastly.

“They say that your appearance is excellent and handsome, that you’re graceful and talented.”

“Thank you for your praise, the same for you.”

“what’s rarer, is that apart from your appearance, you know passiveness and tolerance.”

“What do you mean?” Song Yi Ran turned, looking at Jiang Qian Fan’s unchanging eyes.

“The Song Family specialises in hotel operations, they have a strong standing in this field. The hotels your family invests in are not only domestically, there’s even Malaysia, Singapore, Japan, Sri Lanka, Maldives and other tourist countries, and they also invest in many high-class hotels and resorts.”

“I never thought that Mr Jiang would be so interested in the Song family. But I believe, your motive for talking to me about these, is not to collaborate with the Songs, right ba.”

“the Songs can indeed be considered outstanding in your father’s generation. But when it comes to your generation, it’s honestly lacking. On the surface, it looks like the head is your brother Song Yi Fan. But it’s a pity, he doesn’t have business mindedness or foresight, and he is greatly influenced by you uncle, it can be said that the Songs are under your uncle’s directions.”

“Ah, thank you for your summary. But these have nothing to do with me.”

“Why would they have nothing to do with you?” Jiang Qian Fan’s body leaned forward slightly, and in that moment, there was an oncoming force of oppression.

Song Yi Ran even had the illusion that the other party could see.

“on the surface, it looks like your brother sponsored you to study in America, but in fact it is to put you far away from the Song’s heart of the control. Here, he gives you whatever you want, except power. He wished to use the life of luxury to paralyse you, use pleasure to kill your ambition. But if I were him, I wouldn’t send you to America. You used the principal pay he gave to you as living fees, to accumulate your own net worth in the operation of this high-speed capitalist market in the US. But I am very curious, if he knows that you have shares in snr already? Network technology can indeed achieve a million, notwithstanding the popularity of smart phones now.”

“Can I take this as Mr Jiang praising me?” Song Yi Ran touched his chin.

At this time, Mayer served the appetiser to the both of them: “sauteed scallops, please enjoy.”

Every plate had three scallops, their appearance was pan-fried golden, releasing a seductive scent. Underneath the scallops were pickled radish thinly sliced as onion skin, then dotted with mushy peas that were first boiled then baked.

“Was this really made by Ke Song?” Song Yi Ran lowered his head, revealing a surprised expression.

“Apart from her, there isn’t a second person in the kitchen.”

Song Yi Ran lowered his head, and had a taste of one of the scallops, that fresh and just right flavour lingered at the tip of his tongue: “as expected that a renowned teacher would produce such a great disciple ah. Mr Jiang, you can continue the topic from before.”

“what would happen if your brother knew what you were doing here?” Jiang Qian Fan spoke indifferently.

Song Yi Ran put down his utensils, the smile on his lips got deeper: “does Mr Jiang plan on telling him?”

“You haven’t accumulated sufficient financial resources to rival your uncle, you still need them to continue ‘sponsoring’ you. This is also the reason why you pretend to indulge in pleasure every day. Use their financial resources against them, your every move is consolidated, almost seamless, but many a time, success or failure is but a word. But don’t you worry, I didn’t expose you to your brother and uncle.”

“Oh, didn’t think that Mr Jiang is a traditional gentleman, who thinks that there is only honour in winning the opponent in a fair fight?”

“Because I want Ke Song to stay here in peace, and do the things she wishes to do.”

Song Yi Ran lowered his head, his fingers gripping the fork tightly, “Mr Jiang, do you know what it feels like to have a crush on a girl for 10 years but be unable to confess?”

“You know it clearly, that once people know that she is the person you care about the most, your enemies will use her as a weapon to deal with you. And before you fight back, your marriage will be a deal between families. Your love, is meaningless. You have been waiting, enduring, putting in the effort to put her in a place within your sight.” Jiang Qian Fan said unhurriedly.

“So I will not tolerate anyone who spoils what I have planned. If you want to try, this Song will accompany you in the fight. (T/N: this sounds a whole load cooler in Chinese.)”

Song Yi Ran lowered his head, and unhurriedly ate the rest of the scallops.

“You have tolerated everything for the sake of getting everything back, then I think you can understand Ke Song’s frame of mind. I have no doubt that she will retreat as much as she can for you, no matter how depressed she may get. For your own goals, it’s enough that you have her in sight. Do you also want her to put her dreams only where you can see them?”

“Mr Jiang, you are indeed very persuasive.”

At this time, Mayer served the main dish. Raspberry grilled pork chops.

Song Yi Ran tilted his head looking at it in detail, and said to Mayer: “Mr Mayer, are you sure these were not prepared by you, but by Ke Song?”

“I’ll take this as a compliment to Ms Ke Song.” Mayer made a “Please enjoy” gesture and left.

Song Yi Ran’s finger slid across the edge of the plate, laughing softly: “now I know why you invited me for dinner. You want to let me know of her talent in this field.”


“You want to make me feel despicable, for taking away her dream by making her stay by my side. But Mr Jiang, to me, it is originally despicable to love another. One who is too gentlemanly, will forever seek and not receive.”

At this time, Lin Ke Song had already finished making the dessert, she pushed it out on the cart to serve them personally.

When she reached the dining table, she realised that Jiang Qian Fan hadn’t even touched the appetiser and main dish, and couldn’t help getting apprehensive.

Did it mean that there was a problem with the smell of the things she made?

She was a little nervous and didn’t know if she should even bring the dessert out, after all, they still had much of the main dish left.

What was going on between the 2 of them?

Lin Ke Song quietly tugged Song Yi Ran’s clothes, and used her eyes to ask him: did you say something inappropriate?

“Mr Jiang and I have been having a wonderful chat.”

Song Yi Ran replied smiling, and got up to pull a chair for Lin Ke Song.

“Really?” Lin Ke Song looked in Jiang Qian Fan’s direction.

She kept feeling that the atmosphere between these 2 was so…… strange?

And Jiang Qian Fan had already picked up the knife and fork, and started on her main dish. The action of him putting the scallop between his lips and holding on slightly to the fork was introverted and sexy, Lin Ke Song could pretty much imagine the moment of the food coming into contact with the tip of his tongue. Even when he swallowed, the surge in movement made Lin Ke Song take a breath.

Lin Ke Song thought that he would say something, but he only quietly ate the rest of the appetiser.

This was totally not according to his habit of only taking a bite ma!

Lin Ke Song stared at his lips, thinking that he would give some suggestions, but when Mayer brought the main dish to him, he started cutting the pork chops.

Just as Lin Ke Song was getting very nervous, someone took a hold on Lin Ke Song’s hand under the table.

That familiar warmth, was Song Yi Ran. She looked over, Song Yi Ran was holding his chin, giving her a shallow smile.

He could always read her emotions easily.

“Have you tried the pork chops you made?” Song Yi Ran asked.

“Yes! I’ve tried them!”

“Do you think there’s any weakness?” Jiang Qian Fan asked.”

Lin Ke Song took a breath: “I think the proportions of the raspberry sauce hasn’t been appropriately controlled. The tart flavour is stronger than the original flavour of the pork chop. In addition, the raspberry sauce was smeared too early, leading the raspberry to turn sour due to the prolonged baking time.”

“So you made adjustments to the dipping sauce at the base of the plate, and didn’t stick to the original flavour.”

“Then, are my adjustments successful?” Lin Ke Song asked apprehensively.

“in my opinion, you have successfully saved this dish from losing balance.”

Jiang Qian Fan lowered his head, and continued with the pork chops on the plate.

Lin Ke Song pursed her lips, and laughed silently.

She was really worried that Jiang Qian Fan would blame her for having unrefined skills and yet trying to play these kinds of tricks, but the baking period of the pork chops is really not short, if they were to be made all over again, she was afraid that something would happen if Song Yi Ran and Jiang Qian Fan were left with each other.

So when she realised that the raspberries were grilled too sour, she could only adjust the flavour of the dipping sauce.

This dinner ended with the sweet fragrance of the caramel stewed pears.

Lin Ke Song walked Song Yi Ran to the entrance of the villa.

“Hey, you agreed to stay with me before.” Song Yi Ran hands were in his pockets, leaning forward to bring his face closer to Lin Ke Song, depth could not be seen in his smile.

Lin Ke song laughed, and used her fist to hammer his shoulder: “if I were to really stay with you, I might not be able to endure.”

“endure what?”

“endure molesting you, this good woman ah!”

Song Yi Ran sighed: “you actually can’t bear to leave this place ba?”

Lin Ke Song lowered her head. Apart from having a crush on him, she has never hidden any other things from him, and it is the same now.

“Not that I can’t bear to, but I can’t. Many things can be learned here. Song Yi Ran, did you know, this is the first time I want to do something well, and is also the first time it feels like I’m doing something I like.”

“Alright, I understand.” Song Yi Ran gave a tap in between Lin Ke Song’s eyebrows with his finger, “you got me worried to death, I thought you were bullied.”

Lin Ke Song lowered her head smiling: “Be at ease, Mr Jiang only looks like he wouldn’t be easy to interact with. But he has always dealt with situations resolutely, and his critique towards me has always been very objective.”

“did you know that the tone of voice and descriptive words you use now are worlds apart from what you used to describe him then.”

“Sorry ah, made you worry.”

“It’s nothing, if you have time, come over to make something delicious ah!”

“Forget it ba, the number of people who want to make delicious food for you are aplenty!”

“But no one’s foods are comparable to the things you make!”

Song Yi Ran stood under the silver moonlight, there was a clear sense of ethereal beauty.

“Ke Song, are you sure, that you don’t want to stay with me?”

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        2. You aren’t alone in this. Me too is a callous old bag. My reasoning is quite simple. If SYR really likes LKS for 10 years as he claims and is unable to confess due to family business matters, he should at least maintain clean dating history. But that’s not what happen right? Not only he fools around and has never been without girlfriends, he also introduces them to LKS. It’s fine if he dates with other girls before falling in love with LKS, but those happens during the time he is in love with LKS. This doesn’t sit right with me.


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