The heartbeat at the tip of the tongue (舌尖上的心跳) Chapter 34

Word count: 3618

Qian Fan VS Song Yi Ran round1

McCallum’s laughter got more obvious. And the legal consultant was full of praise too.

In front of all these praise, Jiang Qian Fan took them all in stride, he gracefully and properly listened, but never showed any exaggerated happy expression. Like the praises of the guests were within his expectations.

McCallum looked at the partner who was consistently sitting quietly at the side: “Mr Song, what do you think about the dish today?”

The constantly smiling black haired guy, used a playful glance to look at Jiang Qian Fan, and leisurely opened his mouth.

“It is indeed a great piece of work. The fruity fragrance reduced the greasiness of the pork chop, the cumin added flavour to the pork chops, the special hollandaise sauce enhanced the taste of the pork chops. As expected of the head chef of a restaurant that had been awarded 3 Michelin stars.”

A sleek American pronunciation, with a slightly lazy sound, when heard, made people inexplicably forget their thoughts.

“Thank you.” Jiang Qian Fan replied.

McCallum passionately explained: “This is our snr’s new shareholder, Mr Song Yi Ran. He came to New York from China. Don’t look at his young age, he had unique insights, quick thinking and should not be underestimated.”

“Hello, Mr Song.” Jiang Qian Fan turned to Song Yi Ran’s direction, and nodded at him with restrain and politeness.

Unexpectedly, Song Yi Ran stood up, put his hands in his pocket and faced Jiang Qian Fan: “even though you look cold, but you have an unforgettable face. Girls should be easily attracted to you ba. And the colder you are, the more they’d want to get closer to you, understand you.”

This section of words, Song Yi Ran used Chinese to say them.

Apart from Jiang Qian Fan, no other person present could understand them.

“sorry, but I do not know what other people think.” Jiang Qian Fan also replied calmly in Chinese.

Song Yi Ran turned his face, sweeping an oppressive look across Jiang Qian Fan’s features: “What about Ke Song?”

“Mr Song, what are you want to say?”

Iris at the side looked suspiciously at the both of them, she could feel the confrontation between Jiang Qian Fan and Song Yi Ran, even though the confrontation seemed baffling.

“What I want to say is, if you are planning on teaching her, then be dedicated to teaching her properly.”

When Song Yi Ran straightened up, he recovered his carefree smile.

“What were you guys talking about?” McCallum asked curiously.

“I was just thinking that I would have never thought that a Chinese could actually be this accomplished in a place where the Europe chefs dominate.” Song Yi Ran used fluent English to reply.

That sincere expression, made people trust wholeheartedly without doubt.

Iris accompanied Jiang Qian Fan to the entrance of the restaurant to see Mr McCallum off.

When she lowered her head, she realised that Jiang Qian Fan’s fingers were gripping the cane tightly.

“Iris, did you see that Mr Song just now?”

“Yes. What happened?” Iris was curious.

As a head chef, to meet the people who really like his dishes is a very normal thing. He seldom said unnecessary words, and had never been interested in how those guests were like.

But today, from the time that Mr Song said that bunch of words to Jiang Qian Fan, even though Jiang Qian Fan’s expression had no change, Iris could still faintly detect a stir in his emotions.

“describe him to me.”

“Describe him……” Iris gave a thought, not knowing which aspect of Mr Song Jiang Qian Fan wanted her to describe, and could only start from the appearance, “Apart from you, I seldom see such an attractive Asian guy.”

“You’re saying his appearance is outstanding.”

“Yes, and low key. When we met Mr McCallum, he silently stayed seated, unlike the other Chinese tycoons, who were eager to give their opinions on the food.”

“What else? Tell me whatever you saw.”

“he had short black hair, his features 3D, pretty eyes. From his dining etiquette, he’s probably not from those families that got rich overnight, very virtuous. His physique slender, height about the same as yours, probably the type to go to the gym frequently. Good taste in clothing……”

Iris didn’t know what else to say.

Jiang Qian Fan kept silent. This silence made people inexplicably feel like a volcano covered by frost, one that could explode at any time.

“why did you suddenly ask about Mr Song?”

“No reason.” Jiang Qian Fan turned around and walked towards the back kitchen.

He stood at the door, and coldly voiced: “Lin Ke Song, let’s go.”

Lin Ke Song was stunned, “but I haven’t cut finish the steak……”

“don’t make me repeat the same words.”

Jiang Qian Fan’s voice was very cold, cold to the max.

Lin Ke Song didn’t know what had happened, but she knew that something must have angered Jiang Qian Fan.

“Yes, Mr Jiang!”

Lin Ke Song could only hand the uncut steak to Pepper, wash her hands, and get to Jiang Qian Fan’s front.

Iris also gazed at the both of them weirdly.

Lin Ke Song followed Jiang Qian Fan up into the car, Mayer was in the car, there was no one to read the industry news to Jiang Qian Fan, the tension in the car made Lin Ke Song uncomfortable.

Needless to say about Jiang Qian Fan at the side, was totally low pressure.

Lin Ke Song really wanted to ask the other party about what had happened. But instinct told her, that it was best that she kept silent.

Good thing Nina left some sandwiches for her, otherwise she’d really starve.

Once she returned to her room, Lin Ke Song collapsed into her blanket and fell asleep.

And Jiang Qian Fan was seated on a soft chair at the terrace, unmoving, don’t know what he was thinking about.

Until Mayer came up to him.

“Sir. Your mood doesn’t seem good. Ms Iris said, you didn’t even have lunch, and just left the restaurant.”

“Lin Ke Song?” Jiang Qian Fan asked coldly.

“Ms Lin? After having a sandwich, she returned to her room. Haven’t heard any movement, probably taking a nap.”

“Get her up, to the kitchen.”

“Sir, are you going to teach her? It seems like the both of you hadn’t had any sleep last night, it’s better to have a rest now ba.”

“she already doesn’t have much time left before she needs to compete.”

“Sir……” Mayer helplessly sighed.

“I hear you sighing.”

“Because you now, isn’t like you.”

“Then how should the normal me be like?” Jiang Qian Fan asked coldly.

“Calmly analyse what is affecting your emotions. Realise the problem, then solve the problem. And rather that than making yourself unhappy, it’s better to clear all the obstacles.” Mayer’s voice was very gentle, “Sir, do I still need to wake Ms Lin up?”

“No need.”

Mayer retreated a couple of steps, Jiang Qian Fan’s figure was still cold.

Lin Ke Song slept till dinnertime. If it weren’t for Nina knocking on her door to deliver dinner, she suspected that when she opened her eyes herself, it’d be seeing the sun.

While retrieving the tray, Lin Ke Song suddenly thought of something: “what about Mr Jiang? Has he had dinner?”

“Mr Jiang has had dinner. He let me notify you, that you’d be flying with him to Washington.”

“What are we to go to Washington for?”

“to attend Mr Jiang’s teacher’s, Chef Montgomery’s birthday party.”

After saying her words, Nina turned around and left.

To meet Jiang Qian Fan’s teacher? Who’s her grand teacher then?

Jiang Qian Fan’s culinary skills are so amazing, then wont that Montgomery be god like?

What should she say when she meets Montgomery?

She didn’t even prepare any birthday present, and just meet Jiang Qian Fan’s teacher empty handed, will it really not be a problem?

She hurried to Jiang Qian Fan’s room, and knocked the door, and heard the other party’s cold voice from the other side.

“Come in.”

At this time, Jiang Qian Fan was seated on the sofa, his facial features were clear, the crisp white shirt bringing his introverted aura.

Lin Ke Song inexplicably got nervous.

“That…… going to Washington tomorrow…… I’m not sure what Mr Montgomery party is like? Will it be very formal?”

“he’s a childish person, so it’s impossible for his party to be formal.”

This was the first time Lin Ke Song heard Jiang Qian Fan use “childish” to describe a person. So she doesn’t need to wear a formal evening dress?

Great, after all she had no chest and no waist, totally unsuited to evening dresses ma!

At the same time, Mayer brought a document to Jiang Qian Fan for his signature. He saw Lin Ke Song, and smiled: “Ms Lin, you’re about to follow Mr Jiang to Washington tomorrow, feeling happy?”

“Of course I’m feeling happy! I’ve never been to Washington!” Lin Ke Song’s face was of excitement.

“Remember to give a call to your family, and your boyfriend oh! Otherwise they’ll worry if they can’t find you.” Mayer blinked while he said so.

Jiang Qian Fan received the document, Mayer helped him move the pen to where he should sign, but his fingers did not move.

“Haha, I don’t have a boyfriend, it’s enough to just inform my Uncle.” Lin Ke Song shrugged her shoulders in laughter.

“No way ba, no one actually ate such a cute little bun?” Mayer showed an expression of regret.

Lin Ke Song smiled embarrassedly: “Mr Mayer, you’re the first person to say I’m cute!”

When Mayer lowered his head, he realised Jiang Qian Fan had already signed his name.

Mayer took the document to leave, Lin Ke Song thought and still uncertainly asked: “then what about the birthday present? I don’t need to prepare it either?”

“No need, I’ve already prepared it.”

Lin Ke Song thought that with Jiang Qian Fan’s thoughtfulness, indeed she had nothing to worry about.

“Well then, goodnight, Me Jiang.”

Just as Lin Ke Song was about to turn around, Jiang Qian Fan spoke again: “You once told me, candied haw is like the taste of having a crush, right?”

“Ah…… yes ah.” Lin Ke Song didn’t know why Jiang Qian Fan would suddenly ask her this.

“So you’ve had a crush on someone.”

Jiang Qian Fan’s expression was like a pine on the artic cliff, heavy with snow, seemed indifferent.

He used this type of tone to discuss with Lin Ke Song about crushes, totally a bit uncomfortable.

“Crushes and all that, isn’t it a very normal thing?”

How many girls, have never had a crush on their tablemate, the most handsome in school or the male god?

“do you still have a crush on him?”

Lin Ke Song lowered her head, and went silent.

Having a crush on Song Yi Ran, this thing that lasted for 10 years, she’d never before brought it up with anyone.

And she never dared to talk about it with someone either. Because the people by her side had something to do with Song Yi Ran, classmate, friend, they were all in the same circle. She also understood a principle, which was that she definitely could not tell her secret to another girl, once it’s out, it will not be a secret anymore.

But Jiang Qian Fan wasn’t the same.

Not because he was a guy, but because he’s definitely a tight-lipped person.

“Yeah ah, I’m still having a crush on him, but he only treats me as a friend.”

The frustration and melancholy rose like mist shrouding ships on the lake, and the moment they came in contact with Jiang Qian Fan, they quickly dissipated.

Lin Ke Song looked at Jiang Qian Fan, when she told him her deepest secret, she realised that that this cold man was actually no as far as she had thought.

“Is he in this city too?”

Even though there was no understanding as to why Jiang Qian Fan had a sudden interest in her, especially in the world of delicate feelings, but Lin Ke Song’s heart was inexplicably pleased.

“He is ah.”

“Did you come to New York for him?” Jiang Qian Fan asked again.

She’d thought about this question in her heart for a long time before. In her heart, a woman should be independent, have her own judgement in her own life. She could never understand those women who would chase a guy to a totally unfamiliar place. But when Jiang Qian Fan asked about it, she felt like she had become those type of “incomprehensible women”.

“Part of the reason ba. Because after liking a person for a long time, it’s like opium, unless he mercilessly makes me desperate, otherwise it won’t be that easy to quit it ba.”

Lin Ke Song had no choice of using lies to cover up. Because Jiang Qian Fan would definitely be able to hear it.

In Lin Ke Song’s heart, he was the strong in life. From losing his sight to losing everything, to making a comeback, gaining fame and fortune. It seemed like there was nothing that could get his life off track, his own fate has always been in his own hands.

In front of these kind of people, there was no need to feel ashamed even when your weakest appearance is shown.

“He must be a perfect guy, otherwise you won’t always be crushing on him.”

Lin Ke Song looked at Jiang Qian Fan unbelievably. He said that because Song Yi Ran was perfect, only then would she have a crush on him, this kind of logic was the trust Jiang Qian Fan had in her. He thought she wouldn’t like a shallow guy. This kind of affirmation, could only be understood by people who understood Jiang Qian Fan’s logic.

“You said it before, nothing is perfect.”  Lin Ke Song’s eyes prickled, “apart from being good looking, and being pretty loyal, and never minding the gap between our rich and poor, he has a pile of shortcomings. He spends money like he’s burning it, has no brain, is lazy, a playboy.”

But Lin Ke Song knew, under this layer of thin shell, she had never had the chance to discover Song Yi Ran’s other world deep in his heart. She was always patiently waiting, to one day really be part of his world.

Jiang Qian Fan raised his hand towards her, she wasn’t sure of the other party’s intention, and gently held on to his finger.

When his fingers curled, and held onto her, she had an illusion of being hailed by the other party. Like being drawn close, she went closer to him step by step, when she regained consciousness, she realised that she was already by Jiang Qian Fan’s side.

He lifted the other hand, covered her face, slowly moved up, got to her forehead, covered her eyes, and gently nudged.


Cold but so gentle it was almost inaudible, Lin Ke Song felt her eyes were about to be drenched.

Jiang Qian Fan’s palm was very warm, so warm it made Lin Ke Song unwilling to let go of his hand.

Only when she left Jiang Qian Fan’s room, did she remember that she had forgotten to ask why the other party suddenly talked about the topic of “Crushes”. Is it because of the candied haws?

Light passed the front of the window, Lin Ke Song moved her head and looked, and saw an unfamiliar car drive in.

A middle aged guy wearing a suit stepped out of the car, wearing rimless glasses, looking refined and virtuous.

What was even more unthinkable to Lin Ke Song was that, Mayer was actually at the entrance to personally receive him.

The man lifted his head, saw Lin Ke Song at the windowsill, and gave a warm smile.

His eyes were deep, like it could pierce through everything.

Lin Ke Song politely nodded at the direction of the other party.

Who is that man? Apart from Mayer and Nina, Lin Ke Song pretty much didn’t see any other persons entering this villa.

Dr Xie was very familiar with this villa, he didn’t need anyone to lead him, and found Jiang Qian Fan’s room.

Lightly knocked the door, and heard a voice saying “Come in” from the other side, Dr Xie smiled as he opened the door.

Jiang Qian Fan’s back was facing him, leaning against the edge of the terrace. Moonlight fell on his shoulders, and his hands gently rocked the wineglass, reflecting a ray of starlight.

“What a great mood, you’re actually drinking wine.”

“Today doesn’t seem to be the date of our appointment.”

“En…… someone told me that your mood wasn’t that good, and you have to set off to Washington tomorrow, the conversation this weekend will definitely be cancelled.” Dr Xie went to his side, holding his chin, indifferently looking at him.

“you are analysing the reason behind my bad mood.”

“I saw ‘Little bun’.” Dr Xie did not reply to Jiang Qian Fan’s words directly.

Jiang Qian Fan’s brows wrinkled slightly.

“You don’t like me to call her ‘little bun’, and hope that I address her as Ms Lin or Lin Ke Song, right?”

“How you address her, is your business.”

“If I address her as ‘Ms Lin’ or ‘Lin Ke Song’, it means that her and I have a definite distance between us, I have to treat her with the most basic of societal courtesies. But ‘Little bun’ is different, this is an intimate way of address, and from different meanings shows my favour to her. If I call her ‘Little bun’, and she gives me a reply, it means that she acknowledges the relatively close relationship between us. This will make you uncomfortable.”

Jiang Qian Fan didn’t move at all.

“Actually, my suggestion is that, you can occasionally call her ‘Little bun’, see if she’d reply to you like how she reacts to Mayer. This is a start to building a close relationship.”

“Why do I have to do that?”

“I thought you wish to be closer to her. Qian Fan, you have always been clear about what you want, and how to get it.”

“I like her.”

The voice was cold, permeating in the drunkenness of the red wine, layer upon layer, lingering.

Dr Xie lowered his head, smiling.

“she told me, that she had a crush on a guy. But today, that guy warned me ‘if you are planning on teaching her, then be dedicated to teaching her properly’.”

“Oh, interesting. Then will you tell her, that the guy she has a crush on demonstrated at you?”

“Why must I tell her? I have never been a generous person.”

Dr Xie’s smile on his lips got bigger: “This is called jealousy. I and very glad that after being your psychological consultant for eight years, there’s finally a sense of humanity.”

“I want you to help me check up on a person. His name is Song Yi Ran, snr’s new shareholder.”

“You’re not kidding ba? This kind of thing, you’re not getting Mayer to help you search, but me?” Dr Xie showed an expression of incomprehension.

“Because you are my psychological consultant, according to doctor patient confidentiality, everything I’ve said to you, you can’t reveal to a third person.”

“but what does investigating Song Yi Ran have to do with confidentiality?”

“For my mental health.” Jiang Qian Fan gently rocked the wineglass.

Dr Xie rubbed his eyes: “Why don’t you just tell me that you wish to know yourself and win all battles?”

“You have achieved your motives for today, you may go.”

Dr Xie took a look at his watch: “There’s still 46 minutes, don’t mind me drinking a glass of wine before I leave ba?”

Probably because she took too long of an afternoon nap, Lin Ke Song had no intention to sleep. She decided to go to the kitchen to try making an apple pie according to the basic recipe.

Just as the door opened, she saw that man with the rimless glasses walking by, smiling.

He saw Lin Ke Song, and stopped, reached his hand out to her: “Hello, I’m Jiang Qian Fan’s psychological consultant, Xie Jing Wen. You must be Little bun ba?”

Lin Ke Song was stunned, and shook the other party’s hand: “Hello, Mr Xie, I am Lin Ke Song……”

“I prefer to be addressed as Dr Xie.”

“So…… you are a psychologist?”

Lin Ke Song widened her eyes, no wonder this Dr Xie looked gentle with a mild temperament.

Wait…… Jiang Qian Fan sees a psychologist?

As expected, he has psychological problems ah! and to be at the stage where a doctor has to be seen, the illness must be serious!

“What are you thinking? Do you feel that as long as a person is seeing a psychologist, that means the person has psychological problems?”

Dr Xie’s laughter was pleasant to the ears, making Lin Ke Song inexplicably relaxed.

“Isn’t that so?”

“A lot of times, those who consult or talk to a psychologist, are trying to adjust their moods, to prevent mental illnesses from appearing. Prevention is better than cure ma. Then in your heart, does Jiang Qian Fan seem like a person with mental illness?”

Lin Ke Song thought about it, to say words that are against her thoughts would be easily seen through by a psychologist ba, so she nodded her head.

Dr Xie had long expected Lin Ke Song’s thoughts, and only bend down slightly, quietly asked: “then what mental illness do you think he has? See whether our opinions are the same?”

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      Finally, JQF admitted his liking to LKS n got jealous on top of that. It show he is not such a cold n unfeeling person after all. JQF also does not like his psychologist calling LKS as ‘little bun’ n I find that cute.

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      1. HAHAHAHAHAHHAAHAHAHAHAH!!! I totally get this question, thanks for asking it!! Wonderful question!! For those not familiar with Chinese might find it JQF’s name a tongue twister, I’ve got problems pronouncing it properly in one try too!! But, practice makes perfect, or at least more comfortable pronouncing it!!~ Nothing is better than listening to it yourself, so I’ve put their Chinese names as they’ve appeared in the story!! Copy the names to google translate and listen to it!! I gotta warn you, it’s robotic, but still accurate!! The little tails on top of the words tell you what tone to read the word in. Take note of the tones, since mandarin is a tonal language. A little off and it can mean a whole different thing~

        林可颂 – Lin Ke Song lín kě sòng

        江千帆 – Jiang Qian Fan jiāng qiānfān

        宋意然 – Song Yi Ran sòng yírán

        梅尔 – Mayer méi ěr

        米勒 – Miller (the driver) mǐ lēi

        谢静文 – Xie Jing Wen (Psychologists) xièjìngwén

        伊丽丝 – Iris yī lì sī

        麦考伦 – McCallum mài kǎo lún

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    1. Both of our male leads are sizing the other up by the process of vetting. Sorry, SYR even though you beat JQF to it, you’re still going to lose out to him in the end.


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  7. Thank you for this chapter and all the ones before it!

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    “Remember to give a call to your family, and your boyfriend oh! Otherwise they’ll worry if they can’t find you.” Mayer blinked while he said so.


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    They love each other but lying to them selves. Most people inly blame SYR but forgetting the fac that the fear and action he has is just the same as what LKS does.
    No more no less.. They fear to disturb the status quo for fearing to lose their precious closeness.
    That makes them lose so many opportunities to be happy as a true pair.
    I would just ignore his playboy lifestyle, although it’s obviously things that annoys most people and normally annoy me too.
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    But this time It’s just a different case.


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