The heartbeat at the tip of the tongue (舌尖上的心跳) Chapter 28

Word count: 3854

Mixed mushroom pork noodles VS shredded fish fried noodles (Comes with a small act)

“Which part of it is not nice ah! This is the best noodles I’ve ever had!”

Lin Ke Song hurriedly explained.

If the noodles Jiang Qian Fan made wasn’t good, then what else would be good food?

Jiang Qian Fan’s eyebrows were still in a frown.

“I’m only…… only……”

Lin Ke Song thought about Jiang Qian Fan telling her to never lie to him, but the truth, was really a little awkward.

“You only what?”

“I was only afraid of making sounds, then you’ll think that I have no manners while eating.”

Jiang Qian Fan lifted his hand, rested it on his chin, his fingers clutching his lips, his head facing the side, like he was thinking about something.

Lin Ke Song looked nervously at the other party.

Until he opened his mouth: “this is only a bowl of noodles, and it’s only my kitchen, not a fine dining western restaurant that you have to dress up for.”

This belonged to Jiang Qian Fan’s unhurried tone of speech, sounding as cold as always, but Lin Ke Song seemed to be able to see a faint smile on his lips under his fingers.

Her heart felt like a page that was brushed by the wind, gently swaying and bending.

Lin Ke Song lowered her head, and took a huge mouth.


It’s simply too refreshing!

All the flavours followed the smooth noodles and fill all the spaces in her mouth.

Lin Ke Song used around a minute to down the whole bowl of noodles.

She closed her eyes with satisfaction, and exhaled a breath.

Rubbing her stomach, Lin Ke Song leaned on the chair and did not feel like getting up.

When her eyes slit open, Jiang Qian Fan was looking in her direction. She had an illusion that he could actually see.

The world in his eyes was clearer compared to other people.

Lin Ke Song sat up, washed the bowl and chopstick, and put them on the bowl rack.

“Let’s go.” Jiang Qian Fan only stood up then, feeling the edge of the counter top, and after determining the space and direction, he walked out without hesitation.

Jiang Qian Fan returned to his room first, open the door and walked in.

When that door was closed, Lin Ke Song looked at the long and dark corridor, her heart filled with a sense of fear.

She stood at her place, filled with great affection for the slit of light coming from Jiang Qian Fan’s door.

And the road forward, looked like something would jump out at any moment.

The more Lin Ke Song moved forward, the more her imagination and worry increased.

Who knows, when she gets to the corner, someone would suddenly jump out? Or when she opened the door, she’d realise that there was someone hiding behind the door? Or maybe, after she’s fallen asleep, some thing will slide out from her closet?

In the darkness, her imagination was infinite.

She knew that she was only scaring herself, but she still couldn’t stop her imagination.

Forget it, she’d rush back to her room in a breath, then give the bottom of the bed, the closet and the bathroom a proper check and lock up, then put on her headphones and listen to music to sleep!

At this time, Jiang Qian Fan’s door suddenly opened.

“Why haven’t you left?”

“I’m…… about to go……”

Lin Ke Song wondered, did she produce any sounds, is standing outside his room for a few moments considered breaking the rules?

Jiang Qian Fan only held onto the door, not saying anything.

Lin Ke Song had a feeling of being seen through.

She knew, Jiang Qian Fan was waiting for her to say the truth.

“I……I’m a little scared. Your house is too big and too quiet…… if there’s someone like Li Yan hiding somewhere in this place, will we not even know ah? ”

“Li Yan was my assistant before, he knew the passcode to deactivate security. It’s not that easy for other people to come in. if you are afraid, then sleep on my sofa. Wait till tomorrow when Mayer comes back, I will let him check the security system again.”

Lin Ke Song wondered, had she heard wrongly?

“You’re saying, you’d let me sleep on your sofa tonight?”

“Is this the first time you’re sleeping on my sofa?”

Jiang Qian Fan spoke his share, turned around, and left the door to Lin Ke Song.

This was total happiness, if she stayed in the room alone, she’d definitely imagine things and be jittery!

“There’s a backup set of blanket and pillows in the cupboard, help yourself. No snoring, no grinding of teeth, no sleep talking.”

After Jiang Qian Fan said the three “No”s, he lifted the quilt, laid in, with his back facing her.

Lin Ke Song could only look at the back of his head and a small section of his neck peeking out of the blanket, seriously, it gave of a feeling of being partly concealed.

After finding the pillow, and covering up with the blanket, Lin Ke Song laid on the sofa, this time was much more comfortable than the previous time la!

She took a peek at her phone, and saw a message from Song Yi Ran.

Song Yi Ran: Good night.

Lin Ke Song: Still good night! A bad guy had entered this house! The police just took him away!

Lin Ke Song had actually thought this chap was still asleep, unexpectedly, not three seconds later, her phone started vibrating.

She panicked, with Jiang Qian Fan’s sense of hearing, he’d definitely have heard it. She quickly rejected Song Yi Ran’s call.

Lin Ke Song: I’m about to sleep, I’m beat!

Song Yi Ran: Lin Ke Song, you are dead meat, how dare you hang up on my call!

Lin Ke Song: Then you bite me ah!

Song Yi Ran: Seeing that you still have the energy to ask me to bite you, seems like you’re alright ah.

Lin Ke Song: I can even beat you to the ground, what can happen?

Song Yi Ran: You’re definitely so scared you can’t fall asleep.

Lin Ke Song: How did you know?

Song Yi Ran: You’re only a little brave. Watch a ghost film and you’re scared to use the bathroom at night.

Lin Ke Song: Haha, I’m not scared, I’m sleeping with my teacher!

Song Yi Ran: your teacher is a female?

When Lin Ke Song looked at this sentence, she suddenly realised…… even though Jiang Qian Fan is blind, he’s a male.

But Lin Ke Song knew Jiang Qian Fan was an upright person, and he was her mentor, so she didn’t even think about anything else.

Lin Ke Song: My teacher is on the bed, I’m sleeping on teacher’s sofa! There’s teacher to protect me, goodnight la! There’s still many things to learn tomorrow! Bye bye!

Lin Ke Song lifted a corner of the blanket, looked towards Jiang Qian Fan, made sure that he hadn’t moved at all, and then could only exhale.

And at this time, Song Yi Ran had actually gotten up from bed, randomly put on a suit, went to the balcony, and lighted a cigarette.

She looked at the last message Lin Ke Song sent, a finger pressing down hard on the word “protect”.

In the morning the second day, Lin Ke Song was awaken by Nina.

And Jiang Qian Fan had long awakened.

Breakfast today was slightly different from yesterday’s, but it was as nutritiously balanced. Without Mayer reciting the headline news at the side, the whole atmosphere at the table was heavy and quiet.

But the fish porridge was fresh and delicious, even the fish fried noodles has a very delicate taste.

“Today I will send you to a fine dining restaurant under Jiang Co., you will practice cutting ingredients. The head chef, Iris Quentin will be at the side personally supervising you.”

Lin Ke Song looked up, “Iris Quentin?”

Wasn’t Jiang Qian Fan the one to personally teach her? She still remembered the feeling of him holding her hand gently to slice the meat, and even at this time she could still deeply remember every nuance of every minute.

And this name “Iris”, sounds like it’s a lady?

“It doesn’t matter how much theory I teach you, what you need is practice.”

“I understand.” Lin Ke Song lowered her head, and weirdly, the breakfast in front of her doesn’t taste as good as before.

Jiang Qian Fan turned his head slightly, and gently placed the spoon beside the bowl: “You sound disappointed.”

Lin Ke Song really feels like saying that there’s nothing wrong, but it’s best not to hide things in front of Jiang Qian Fan, have a little hesitation and he’d notice.

“Because you’re my mentor, I thought you’d be teaching me.”

“Indeed, you are able to practice segmenting ingredients in this kitchen, but the two of us will not be able to finish eating the ingredients that are prepared. Furthermore, in the back kitchen of a restaurant, while facing the pressure at the pantry, you will improve faster. Iris Quentin is the top chef of all the restaurants under Jiang Co., with one of the most superb artistry. Especially in the aspect of ingredients, she is an expert.”

Lin Ke Song had always thought that Jiang Qian Fan was authoritative, that everyone had to follow his directions.

But he actually explained to Lin Ke Song.

“How do you find today’s fish fried noodles?” Jiang Qian Fan asked.

“It’s delicious ah! Not only are the noodles chewy, even the meat is fragrant and tender! The sweetness is just right, it won’t make people feel sick! I actually don’t like green peppers, but today’s green peppers doesn’t have the hateful raw taste! This is the most delicious shredded fish fried noodles I’ve ever had!”

“Yesterday you said that the mushroom pork noodles were so good you were going to explode. Today you say the fish fried noodles is the best you’ve ever eaten. Do you like using all these exaggerated expressions?”

Lin Key Song was stunned.

The fish fried noodles was probably made by Nina. Now that she’s praising the fish fried noodles as the best ever eaten, it sounds like it surpassed that noodles that Jiang Qian Fan had made last night—— you mean to say even this has made him unhappy?

How should she explain this ah. If she said the truth that both noodles were delicious, then it means that Nina’s and this big chef, Jiang Qian Fan’s cooking skills are about the same. But if she said that the noodles last night were better, Jiang Qian Fan would definitely be able to tell that she was lying!

Nina ah, Nina! Why do you have to make such delicious fried noodles ah! No matter how I eat it, I find it flawlessly perfect!

It’s hard to be human ah!

It’s even harder to be Jiang Qian Fan disciple!

If Iris thinks that you are hardworking enough today, I’ll teach you how to make fish fried noodles tonight.

Jiang Qian Fan lowered his head to continue drinking the porridge, and everything was back to normal.

Lin Ke Song’s brain went a full big round, and she suddenly realised a problem: Jiang Qian Fan said to teach her how to make fish fried noodles, does it mean…… the fried noodles she’s eating was actually made by Jiang Qian Fan?

But how is this possible ah!

Where will you find a teacher waking up early in the morning to make breakfast for the disciple?

When breakfast ended, and Jiang Qian Fan had gotten up to walk towards the door, Lin Ke Song then went to Nina’s side, softly saying: “Nina, your fried noodles today is totally a total success! Never thought that you’d be able to make such delicious Chinese food!”

Nina had on a puzzled expression: “What fried noodles?”

“The shredded fish fried noodles ah!”

“That was made by Mr Jiang. This morning, sir asked me what I’d made for breakfast, then he said that it might be tough for you today, the portion I prepared may not be enough. So he personally cooked a portion of fried noodles for you.”

Lin Ke Song’s heart felt like it had sat on a roller coaster and rushed out.

She looked at Jiang Qian Fan’s faraway back, and suddenly felt that he was just that big.

In the past she’d had always thought that he was very indifferent, always not talking about his feelings. Until now she still remembers that eight bowls of mint cabbage soup.

But…… from last night’s bowl of mixed noodles onwards, she felt that he was not as cold as she thought.

Aiya Lin Ke Song, you are really easily bought by food ah!

From Song Yi Ran’s mala crayfish to Jiang Qian Fan’s mushroom pork noodles……

After sitting in the car, they drove towards the urban district.

But the thing Lin Key Song couldn’t expect was, that today’s traffic conditions would be more serious than normal, jammed everywhere.

People were carrying signboards everywhere, shouting something. Even the police had to be dispatched.

“Oh, god…. It’s the environmentalist that are protesting!” the driver sighed, turned around and said to Jiang Qian Fan, “Sir, we might not be able to reach he restaurant on time.”

Lin Ke Song curiously put her head out of the window, back in her country, she’d heard about the environmentalist of the European countries, and their publicity protests were abundant. But after seeing so many people raising “treasure every green leaf in the city”, “reject the forest of steel”, “New York is crying” and other slogans, and the distribution of leaflets, Lin Ke Song felt for the first time a sense of perceiving first hand.

“I never thought that New York had so many environmentalists?” Lin Ke Song exclaimed.

“it’s because of the negative impact of a real estate project by Rosen and Doyle group, that so many environmentalists that don’t belong to New York came over from the other cities to participate in this protest.” The driver kindly explained.

A few youths lifted a sign and walked towards Lin Ke Song, Lin Ke Song suddenly felt someone pull her back into the car.

At the next moment, in a group of people, some fell down, and the youths carrying the placards were squashed at Lin Ke Song’s window.

Good thing she was already pulled back, otherwise her brains would be hit.

“Do you really like watching the fun that much.” Jiang Qian Fan’s cold voice sounded.

Lin Ke Song pursed her lips, quietly not saying a word.

“Miller, are there any other ways to reach the restaurant on time.”

According to Jiang Qian Fan’s OCD personality, he definitely can’t endure lateness. No matter if it were others or himself that were late.

“Sir, looking at the situation now, it’s probable only by taking the subway will you be able to be punctual.”

Lin Ke Song laughed in her heart.

Jiang Qian Fan would not take other forms of transport, his cleanliness disease is too serious!

“Lin Ke Song, do you know the subway route?” Jiang Qian Fan suddenly asked.

Lin Ke Song thought, it can’t be that he want her to get to the restaurant by herself ba? But she doesn’t even know Iris Quentin!

The driver turned around and said: “the route is very simple.”

“I know ah.”

Just as Lin Ke Song finished saying, Jiang Qian Fan retrieved his cane, opened the car door: “Very good, let’s go.”

Lin Ke Song froze for a few seconds before reacting: “You are also going to ride the subway?”

“Iris doesn’t like lateness.”

Lin Ke Song then understood Jiang Qian Fan’s intentions. Her teacher today is Iris Quentin, if the teacher did not have a good impression of the student, the type of ending can be expected.

Lin Ke Song hurriedly got off the car, and went round to the front of Jiang Qian Fan.

Jiang Qian Fan reached out his hand and put it on Lin Ke Song’s shoulder.

Their surroundings was a surging crowd, Lin Ke Song suddenly got nervous.

She carefully squeezed through, saw the subway sign tens of metres away, her heart started getting nervous. She nervously observed every person, afraid that the things they raised or carried would hurt Jiang Qian Fan.

There were people squeezing over, and once Lin Ke Song got nervous she raised her hand to grab his wrist.

Like going against the current, Lin Ke Song pulled Jiang Qian Fan, with difficulty, reached the roadside and squeezed to the entrance of the subway station.

She exhaled, and when she turned around to look at the silent Jiang Qian Fan, her heart stopped.

Finished, finished! She hadn’t asked for permission and she grabbed his hand! He’d definitely be mad!

“That, Mr Jiang, sorry! I didn’t mean to grab you ……”

Lin Ke Song hurriedly released his hand, but didn’t expect that the other party’s fingers would tighten, and grab her back.

At that moment, she almost couldn’t stand steadily.

“Let’s go. Into the subway station.”

His voice had not even a trace of hate or irritation.

People came back and forth, from Jiang Qian Fan’s side, occasionally some would kick him, and some would walk by him while smoking, these touches and smells didn’t seem to bother him, calm and indifferent.

“En, let’s go.”

Lin Ke Song turned around, and held onto him tightly.

“This is an escalator, be careful!”

Jiang Qian Fan took a step, and followed Lin Ke Song up. He had totally kept his cane, and seemed to practically only trust Lin Ke Song to hold his hand.

They walked a long distance. The air in the station wasn’t as fresh as the air outside, with all sorts of smells mingling.

Jiang Qian Fan did not say a single word, and didn’t even frown once.

It was the morning rush hour in New York, human traffic was great. Lin Ke Song was so nervous her palms were perspiring.

What to do ah! It’s so embarrassing ah, Jiang Qian Fan will definitely be able to feel that her hands were moist……

Lin Ke Song only wished that all of this would end as soon as possible.

With much effort, they managed to squeeze in to the train, Lin Ke Song couldn’t help but triple check that they were on the right line and in the right direction.

This kind of nervousness was like you had left your house and kept feeling that you didn’t lock the door.

The seats were all taken up, and they could only stand.

A Chinese student who was listening to music probably realised that Jiang Qian Fan could not see, and just as he was about to let his seat, Lin Ke Song hurriedly shook her head, signalling to the other party that it wasn’t necessary.

Even though she hadn’t interacted with him for long, Lin Ke Song understood Jiang Qian Fan. He didn’t need anyone to show him extra care or pity. Even without Lin Ke Song around, she knew that Jiang Qian Fan would be able to take care of himself.

Jiang Qian Fan continued holding on to her hand, and Lin Ke Song held on to the handgrips in the carriage. She couldn’t help but maintain her balance carefully, because Jiang Qian Fan would not touch anywhere else in the carriage.

When they reached a transferring station, even more people entered the carriage. Lin Ke Song couldn’t help reaching her hand out, to attempt to fence off others. But just as her hand was just reaching out to Jiang Qian Fan’s side, he reached out to hold onto her.

“Mr Jiang?”

Jiang Qian Fan did not say a word, and only put her hand back to where it was holding on to beforehand.

His meaning was obvious: you only need to take care of yourself.

Lin Ke Song thought he’d retrieve his hand quickly, but she never thought that he’d leave his hand on her back. If she leaned back just a little, Lin Ke Song’s back would be able to feel the warmth of his chest.

She had an illusion that she was being hugged by the other party.

Her heartbeat followed the sounds of the moving train, beating like a page of a book flapping in the wind.

Only when they reached the last station, did Lin Ke Song lift her hand, and when the other party’s palm left, Lin Ke Song’s floating mood sank.

She held his hand and walked out of the station.

“What time is it?” Jiang Qian Fan asked.

“It’s already eight forty. But according to what Miller said, we should walk down this road and be able to see the restaurant!”

“Let’s go.”

No more environmentalist could be seen on this stretch of road, there were only people rushing their way to work.

Lin Ke Song carefully went around them, avoided the working adults holding cups of coffee, and finally reached the entrance of the restaurant.

This elegant and high class fine dining restaurant even had patio seating, and this patio had fresh flowers planted.

The décor in the restaurant was meticulous and exotic.

It was still early, and there were waiters cleaning the interior, setting out the cutlery, and changing the flowers to fresh ones.

When they realised Jiang Qian Fan had walked in, they all got up to greet.

At this time, a blonde lady wearing the white chef’s uniform walked out. Deep set eyes and high forehead, with a pair of blue eyes that made people think of the deep blue Aegean Sea.

“Goodness, you’re here? Why didn’t I see your car?”

She opened her arms, and hugged Jiang Qian Fan, her sight traced his shoulder to his wrist, and when she realised that he was still holding onto Lin Ke Song’s hand, her eyebrows jumped slightly.

Lin Ke Song felt like her hands were poked with needles, and abruptly took them back.

“Traffic was no good today, so halfway through, I decided to take the subway.”

Jiang Qian Fan also patted the other party’s back.

Iris exposed a surprised expression: “What? You sat on the subway? Unbelievable.”

“It’s actually no big deal. Since my appointment with you was to meet at nine, I will definitely do so.”

Iris smiled: “You still remember my principle.”

“Of course I remember.”

Iris gently adjusted Jiang Qian Fan’s collar, this action that seemed mindless was actually very intimate.

Jiang Qian Fan did not avoid, and Iris was so close, almost sticking to him.

“Don’t you think you should find time to discuss the new menu for the restaurant with me?”

“So you have a new idea.”

“To be able to leave an impression in your heart, there definitely needs to be new ideas.”

“Okay, we can have a chat today.”

The smile Iris revealed was reserved, but Lin Ke Song saw anticipation and idolising admiration for Jiang Qian Fan in her eyes.

Lin Ke Song rubbed her nose.

Is there a need to be so lovey dovey ah……

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