The heartbeat at the tip of the tongue (舌尖上的心跳) Chapter 16

Jiang Qian Fan = Nightmare Time

Jiang Qian Fan had no interest in this piece of news.

Just as he was about to put down the phone, Mayer spoke again: “I saw Ms Lin Ke Song! It’s that…… that little bun!”

After waiting for two seconds, Mayer did not hear the sound of Jiang Qian Fan putting down the phone.

The tips of his mouth lifted, and used a tone as calm as he could possibly manage to say: “that Ms Lin, she is taking part in this round of the cooking competition ‘MasterChef’ organised by “Gourmet” and the food association. I wonder who will become her mentor?”

Jiang Qian Fan was still silent.

Mayer then said: “what if it’s that hot tempered Ivan! She is a kind little lady, furthermore she isn’t fluent language wise, will she be full of tears every day ah?”

There was still no reply.

“It would be worse if it were Lilith that woman who looks kind but is mean inside ah! Little bun will definitely be disoriented by her! She will not teach her properly! ”

Still silent. But the phone wasn’t hung yet!

“…… Harkins will not do either ah! He likes those girls who are petite and oriental! While teaching her, he will touch her arm, touch her leg…… just thinking about it is unbearable!”

“That’s because you’re thinking too much.”

It was still that monotonous intonation, it was a thin frost in this quiet night.

The phone was hung. Mayer sighed regrettably.

This night, Lin Ke Song slept well, and Uncle Lin Feng was at the table fighting a night war, writing down all the questions that he wanted to ask the Michelin chef.

The next morning, the competition committee sent representatives to Lin’s restaurant, two men wearing black suits walked in.

Lin Ke Song was looking down from the window’s edge, and felt that they gave off a “man in black” feel.

They told Lin Ke Song, the competition committee had already assigned her a mentor.

Just as uncle was about to ask about who Lin Ke Song’s mentor was, the two men in black shook their heads saying: “this is a secret before the competition starts. We also hope that Ms Lin will be able to keep this secret.”

Lin Ke Song was even asked to sign some confidential contract. Which was to say, unless her mentor agreed, she could not tell anyone who she was learning from. And when this competition was at the last stages, only the top 3 will announce the name of their mentors.

Lin Ke Song twitched the corners of her mouth, she wasn’t dumb, she was very clear this was to protect the reputation of those chefs who had received Michelin stars. If they lost, then it wouldn’t be announced, if they won, then it would be announced to the world. These foreigners could really think. Might as well gather all these great chefs and make them compete among themselves, then broadcast the competition. Isn’t it cannon fodder to send people like her who has no ounce of cooking skills for a competition? How is this kind of competition fun to watch?

Lin Ke Song alighted from the car.

She suddenly felt a sense of anticipation. The only thing she knew was that her mentor was a chef whose standard allowed the restaurant to get a 3 Michelin stars rating. And she heard her uncle Lin Feng mention that many top chefs were operators of high class restaurants.

After driving for a long while, the car left Lin Ke Song’s familiar surroundings, and still drove even further, when Lin Ke Song started getting nervous.

Are they really the cooking competition’s committee members?

They can’t be from some underground organisation, who kill people and rob goods, then dump her body in some deserted place right?

Otherwise, which Michelin star chef will stay in such a reclusive area?

At that time, Lin Ke Song did not know yet, the truly exclusive residential areas are located away from the bustle of the urban areas.

Until the car entered a villa district, with thick greenery around, scent of flowers drifting in the air, and each villa a far distance from each other with the occasional luxury car Lin Ke Song could not name, did her heart start to calm down.

The car stopped in front of a villa. The biggest difference of this villa compare to the others, was that it was located much further away from the other villas, like it had a case of loneliness. But when the sunlight gently landed on the roof, reflecting off, it was like an elegant gentleman awakening from the winter hibernation, Lin Ke Song could not help lifting her head to appreciate the sight.

Two men in black pressed the bell at the large door of the villa, when the door opened, Lin Ke Song unexpectedly saw a familiar face.

“…… Mr Mayer!”

“Hi! Cute little bun, we meet again!” Mayer amiably smiled, and shook hands with the two men in black, “Thank you for sending her here, leave the rest to me.”

“Mr Winston wants us to confirm, Mr Jiang will be her mentor, right?”

“Yes, don’t worry.”

When Lin Ke Song heard the phrase “Mr Jiang”, could not help feeling sceptical. Does it mean her mentor is Jiang Qian Fan?

It can’t be ah! Isn’t he unable to see?

If he’s blind how can he be a chef? And he is even a Michelin chef? Impossible! This isn’t even science!

The two men in black nodded and left.

Mayer bend down slightly, and made a “come in” gesture towards Lin Ke Song.

Lin Ke Song lifted her legs and walked in.

It was bright and spacious in the villa, giving her an illusion of entering a high class hotel. It was so bright that the dustless marble floors could reflect Lin Ke Song’s face. There was no excessive decoration, even the lamps were of geometric shapes, the entire room giving off a strict and orderly style.

Cold, indifferent, to the point that it seemed like there was no one staying here.

Lin Ke Song followed Mayer up the spiral staircase. There were some modern paintings hung on the wall, with each painting as parallel to the stair case as a ladder.

Her brain started to hurt.

Everything about this style made her think about the man who used to sit pillion on her bicycle, who was critical about every dish to the point of a sickness, Jiang Qian Fan.

“That…… Mr Mayer, may I know the person who I’m going to meet?”

Mayer put his finger to his lips, “Mr Jiang likes silence.”

Mr Jiang? Just which Mr Jiang is it? Maybe Jiang Qian Fan has a brother or uncle or something, all these people can be Mr Jiang too!

It must be like that!

Mayer looked at Lin Ke Song’s ever changing expressions, pursing his lips of laughter.

They walked to the end of the 3rd floor, Lin Ke Song has a realisation of how big the villa was, if she were not following Mayer, she’d probably have gotten lost!

Mayer opened a wooden door, at the end of the door was a line of dark coloured sofas sitting a solemn expressionless man. Both his hands were holding a silver cane, his long slender finger intertwining together. This was a simple posture, but it was pouring with a commanding imposing manner.

When Lin Ke Song met the pair of eyes that had not the slightest bit of waves in them, the whole world felt like it was reversing crazily.

All her senses were focused on him.

“Mayer, whom have you brought?”

The cold voice echoed in the empty room.

Lin Ke Song’s heart suddenly shattered to the ground…… it was really Jiang Qian Fan!

“Mr Jiang, when you were in china, there was a lady who brought you around on a bicycle to taste the local dishes, so you still remember?”


A monosyllabic reply as always.

If Jiang Qian Fan was that so called great chef, Lin Ke Song won’t even think about being in the top 10, with having to interact with Jiang Qian Fan face to face, is it not a kind of torture to her?

“It’s that girl, she has entered “rotten tomatoes rated top 10 most disgusting foods”, and will represent you in the ‘MasterChef’ competition.”

Lin Ke Song’s coughed coughed in her heart, that whatever rotten tomatoes ratings, there is really no need to specially mention it……

“I told you before, I will not take part in that competition.” Jiang Qian Fan’s posture did not sway at all.

Lin Ke Song was already planning to retreat.

“But, I have already agreed to “Gourmet” editor Mr Winston for you. The other starred chefs also know that you are going to take part in the competition, if you were to back out now, they may mock you, sir.”

“I’m not taking part.”

Jiang Qian Fan’s answer was as steadfast, without a trace of doubt, as always.

Mayer could only sigh saying: “alright then, I’ll make a call to Editor Winston, and say that I had made the decision without consent, and you do not agree to participate in the competition. Let him find another starred chef for little bun then.”

Lin Ke Song exhaled, showing a celebratory smiling face.

While the Jiang Qian Fan sitting on the couch started freezing up.

Mayer was communicating with Winston, asking for a change of a mentor for Lin Ke Song.

“So the only remaining three starred chef is Harkins?” Mayer purposely looked at Jiang Qian Fan, just last night he mentioned him, even though Harkins had good cooking skills, but he could not keep his hands to himself around oriental girls, “Alright, if it’s Harkins then it’ll be Harkins.”

At that moment, Jiang Qian Fan suddenly grabbed his cane and stood up.

He obviously couldn’t see, but Lin Ke Song had an illusion that the other party was looking at her.

“Why did you exhale? I’m not willing to teach you, and you feel very happy, right?”

Lin Ke Song was stunned, how did he know?

She obviously didn’t say a single word, and was standing there like a frozen stick ah!

Mayer hurriedly said a word of “Sorry” to the people on the other side of the phone, explaining that he had other matters to handle, and would call back later.

“Sir, what’s the matter?”

Jiang Qian Fan walked towards Lin Ke Song.

A feeling of heavy pressure moved towards her, when he got closer to her, Lin Ke Song intentionally lowered her head, retreating backwards.

“You think compared to other chefs, I’m not capable to make you the champion of “MasterChef”?”


Your eyes can’t see, how are you able to make things in the kitchen?

Just cutting vegetables and whatever, 10 fingers are not enough for you to chop off, won’t the kitchen be flooding with blood?

So you know how much seasoning you have added?

Who knows, the things you make taste worse than my “red soup” ah!

But in the territory of this ice block, all these words, she just can’t say them!

“You are doubting my abilities.”

Jiang Qian Fan’s face faced her direction.

His eyes were very deep, something quietly burning in the dimness.

When his forelock fell with the movement of his posture, everything seems to go in slow motion.

Lin Ke Song stared at his slightly parted lips.

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