The heartbeat at the tip of the tongue (舌尖上的心跳) Chapter 15

Rotten Tomato Index: 10 Stars

“Because the business is increasing ah! Don’t you think that there are more young ladies frequenting our restaurants?”

“……” is this considered the trap of a beauty? Song Yi Ran this foul male, is so attractive from the country to country?

Even Lin Xiao Xue frequently gets off school and runs straight to the restaurant, purposely sitting opposite Song Yi Ran, asking to discuss about some article review, in fact it was very obvious who was the one with ulterior motives ah……

Song Yi Ran this chap still held a face of innocence and put his face beside Lin Xiao Xue, and very intimately “guided” the other party, and even purposely wriggled his eyebrows at Lin Ke Song from time to time, that grin ah…… only the two words “great ecstasy” can be used to describe it.

Almost every day was passed heart grippingly, lung tearingly, Lin Ke Song’s life was once again like surging waves.

Two men wearing suits walked into the bustling Lin’s restaurant, a camera man and a woman who seemed to be a presenter followed behind them. The clothes she wore had a distinctive style, trendy yet with a sense of intelligence.

She went to the front of Lin Ke Song, exposing a hint of smile “Hello, may I know if Ms Lin Ke Song is around?”

Because the name was said in English, it took Lin Ke Song two seconds to react.

“Ah…… yes…… I am Lin Ke Song, how may I help you?”

“Ah, the material says that you have just arrived in New York, so you don’t know me, I forgive you.” The other part flutter her eyes, “I am Annalise Horton, 《Gourmet New York》’s show host.”

Suddenly, many heads in the restaurant turned, the woman named Annalise became the centre of attention.

It looked like she was a very popular host. Too bad that Lin Ke Song had been here for so long, and she hadn’t even seen a minute of American entertainment programmes.

“Didn’t you join a cooking contest’s audition two weeks ago?”

Annalise saw Lin Ke Song’s ignorant expression and could not help asking.

Lin Ke Song smacked her head, finally remembering.

“Ah! Yes……”

She’s dead she’s dead, some food show’s host has come looking for her, is it because when the judges ate her trash soup that day, they had food poisoning or more importantly…… their breaths expired? It can’t be, if it were really like that, the one who will be looking for her should be the police! You mean according to the wonderful palates of Americans, they feel that that trash soup was unique?

“Your dish left a deep impression on the judges, and has entered the Top 10.” Annalise’s eyes squinted as she smiled, “You are about to officially join the “MasterChef” cooking contest jointly organised by the United States’ leading magazine “Gourmet” and Food Association!”

“It can’t be possible right? Didn’t the three judges say that my dish was made badly? None of them want me to make the dish ever again! How is it possible to enter the top 10?”

What kind of standards do the other participants have to be of for the judges to have this kind of choice?

Annalise smiled, offering dagger like words: “its top 10 worst.”

The whole restaurant was quiet for 2 seconds, then there were waves after waves of laughter bursting out.

“…… this kind of answer is more normal. But your competition’s rules aren’t normal right? Why would you choose the top 10 worsts?”

“To ensure that the competition would be fair ah. The rules of the competition is that the participants will be training under professional chefs, and representing their chefs in the competition. If we chose participants whose skills were up there, even though they are outstanding they would have different degrees of excellence, to each chef, the guiding difficulty will be of different levels, how will it be a fair contest? But if the worst were chosen, especially those who are so bad they have no knowledge of cooking at all, all starting from zero, wouldn’t it be a lot more fair?”

Lin Ke Song was suddenly enlightened. The Americans are pretty good at these kind of reverse logic ah.

“That…… Ms Horton, even though this culinary competition seems really interesting, but there is no way I can squeeze out the time to participate. I have to be here collecting money. ” Lin Ke Song patted her cashiering machine.

She had absolutely no interest in cooking, the only time she cooked was for instant noodles, and she even burned the pot.

She doesn’t want to blow up a big chef’s kitchen.

“Are you sure? The prize money is pretty generous. There are a total of 10 participants, but if you manage to get into the top 8, you will be able to get 1000USD, get into the top 6 and you will get 3000USD, top 4 and you’ll have 9000USD, the 3rd place will get 30 000USD, the 2nd 100 000 USD. While the champion will get 300 000 USD. I think you should think carefully whether you really want to give up on this opportunity.”

At that moment, Lin Ke Song only saw the whole sky filled with USDs flying around, Franklin’s smile was simply too beautiful.

“…… I will really have the chance to get the prize money?”

“Well……” Annalise rubbed her nose, “If we had chosen the best participants, you’d definitely have no chance. But in a group of rotten tomatoes index rated 10 stars amateurs…… I can only say that anything is possible. ”

Lin Ke Song’s heart wavered. Her goal wasn’t any championship, that far away dream has no meaning.

But if she could get the 8th place, she would have 1000USD! Top 6 and she’ll have 3000USD!

Compared to the lotto, this is mana dropped from heaven ah!

But…… will uncle agree? It was only a while since she mastered cashiering, how can she apply for leave?

At this time, her uncle who was wearing the chef’s white uniform walked out of the back kitchen, and only said a sentence: “Agree to her!”

Lin Ke Song did not expect her uncle to be so refreshingly agreeable.

“Ke Song! Don’t you know what competing in this competition means?” her uncle grabbed her shoulders.

“Wh…… at……”

The 300 000USD?

“It’s the chance to be mentored by the chef of the highest skills! This is the greatest wish of every chef and culinary lover!”

Uncle Lin Feng was practically staring at Lin Ke Song.

The uncle who always had no temper at this moment was very pressurising. Under his stare, Lin Ke Song could only nod.

“Then…… Then I’ll go?” Lin Ke Song asked tentatively.

Once her uncle nodded, Annalise started clapping her hands: “Wonderful! Then it’s settled!”

Lin Feng turned to Annalise: “I would like to know, if she were to join the competition, who would be her teacher?”

“This has not been decided yet. The competition committee will make a decision by this weekend, and send Ms Lin to her mentor’s.”

“Good, we’ll look forward to the results!”

Lin Ke Song suddenly felt that her uncle was more excited than her.

Before Annalise left, she shook hands with Lin Ke Song, letting Lin Ke Song do a self-introduction in English towards the camera.

In the rush, Lin Ke Song did not know what she should say, except for a sentence “hello, I’m Lin Kesong.

Annalise blinked and said, “dearie, did you know your name sounds like a kind of bread?”

“…… I know, croissant.” Lin Ke Song 囧ed*, this is not the first time someone has said that.

Annalise hugged Lin Ke Song before she left, using a volume that can definitely be recorded by the camera and said: “Alright, for the ease of the judges and audiences remembering you, let’s give you a cute nickname —— little bun, how about it?”

“Little Bun”, why does it sound so familiar ah?

Lin Ke Song smacked her head, right! The guy beside that ice block Jiang Qian Fan, Mr Mayer called her that too!

Annalise sashayed away in her heels, leaving Lin Ke Song in her trail.

And her uncle had already found another person to replace Lin Ke Song, and even told Lin Ke Song that from this moment onwards, she was to properly rest and conserve her energy, she definitely had to endure it to the last hurdle of the competition!

“Ke Song! You must remember clearly all the techniques and knowledge the chef teaches you, come back and tell uncle!”

“……oh, I understand.”

Do you want it noted through memorisation or a recording?

“Uncle has a lot of ideas and questions that have not had a solution. If you can, you must help uncle ask the master!”


Why does it sound like she wasn’t going to learn to cook but to get her fortune told?

“In this life, uncle may never get a chance to interact with those star rated head chefs, but you do! So you must treasure this opportunity!”

Looking at uncle’s expression, Lin Ke Song finally understood. Don’t look at the small restaurant that he operates, when it comes to cooking, he has a goal. Even now, he has not given up on this passion.

Lin Ke Song suddenly felt that even though she has not figured out this competition, in her heart, she has decided she has to be serious in this competition.

At least among so many participants, she hardly saw any Asian faces, so no matter what she should not throw the face of the Chinese ah!

…… but to be in the top 10 worst, the face has probably be long thrown.

That night, the programme “Gourmet New York” aired the process of looking for the contestants.

And Mayer sat in front of the television, drinking hot milk before bed while relishing Annalise’s graceful figure.

He was the only person in the entire villa apart from Jiang Qian Fan.

The entire villa was so silent it made people feel uneasy, neither a trace of the wind nor the sound of a dropping drop of water could be heard. Even Mayer who was watching television was wearing head phones, like he was afraid of disturbing a certain someone.

Annalise on television came to Chinatown, before walking in, she spoke to the camera: “next, we will be meeting the one who made “Gourmet” magazine’s editor Mr Winston the horrible “Red soup”, Lin Ke Song! Just what kind of person is the one who can create this kind of hellish taste? Let’s go in and find out!”

When the camera landed on Lin Ke Song’s lost face, Mayer almost choked to death on his milk.

“Oh my god ah!”

He stood up, walked a couple of steps forward, just shy of sticking his face to the television.

Not two seconds later, the phone in his room rang.

He hurriedly went back and answered the phone: “Sorry Mr Jiang, I was too loud and disturbed you?”

“En.” A cool tone, which had only one syllable.

Mayer helplessly smiled.

It can’t be helped, Jiang Qian Fan is too sensitive to sound, and even the dripping tap next door can be heard clearly. That’s why while he was relaxing, he wanted absolute silence.

That is also the reason why there are no other residence near the villa, and after nine, even the maids have to leave.

“Because Mr Jiang, I saw something interesting on TV.”



*囧, pronounced Jiǒng. It’s an emoji and actual word that expresses the face the word forms. Try making a face like that. It perfectly expresses the emotion Ke Song was feeling.

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  1. Lol…LKS only saw dollars sign while her uncle saw a chance to find out chef secrets. Love it. Can’t wait until they meet again.


    1. Yes indeed yadane all she could see and hear is USD while the uncle is after the skills she must acquire. Thanks for the update dear


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