The heartbeat at the tip of the tongue(舌尖上的心跳) Chapter 10

Liking Song Yi Ran = Wetting the Bed

“Where’d you get it from?” Song Yi Ran curiously grabbed it.

He was so close his eyelashes were about to blind her, Lin Ke Song hurriedly stepped half a step back, and hid herself.

“Any way, I didn’t sell my body or my organs, it was legally obtained! Don’t mind so much!”

Lin Ke Song locked the bathroom’s door, changed her clothes, and went to the street opposite to have spicy soup.

Song Yi Ran did not ask any more about the 1000USD, instead added radish into a bowl while asking her: “you said you might go to New York. What exactly is going on? Are you also going to be studying?”

“Since when was my life as good as yours ah. I’m going over to help at my uncle’s Chinese restaurant. If I manage to gather enough money, I might consider a master’s ba.”

“Oh, then try your best to choose the same school as me ba! Then I’d be able to protect you!”

“Right, it’s more like you wished I were majoring in the same thing as you, so that you’d be able to copy my work! But do you think I should agree to my uncle’s invite?”

“There are so many graduates nowadays. You’re neither pretty nor shapely, and you don’t know how to promote yourself, how is it going to be easy for others to see your inner beauty? If you have the abilities, having a look at the world is a pretty good thing, maybe you’d have a new direction in life. And you helping your uncle out, are earning money, not spending money. You’re still young, if you can’t get used to the place or can’t learn anything there, it’s not too late when you come back. Who knows, when you get there, you’d be more settled, and you’d end up having companies look for you or you firing the companies.”

Song Yi Ran always used a casual tone to talk about things that were of great importance to others.

But Lin Ke Song knows, he is serious.

After the two of them had eaten and drunk their fill, Lin Ke Song went to the bank to convert the cash cheque.

Song Yi Ran thought the premiums were pretty good, and got Lin Ke Song to change the cash into remittance.

When Lin Ke Song was putting the card into her wallet, Song YI Ran suddenly grabbed onto her wrist.

“What happened to your hand?”

“Ah? This ah? Nothing! I accidentally fell down yesterday, and got my palm scraped.”

Song Yi Ran’s fingers were warm, through the skin, she could clearly feel the other party’s strength.

The pulse with restrained liveliness and vibrancy, faking the calmness of the downwards flow from Song Yi Ran’s finger.

“You were really careless.” Song Yi Ran resolutely shook his head, “with you like this, if you really go help out at your uncle’s restaurant, you better not shatter the plates or break the bowls.”

“It’s still better than you who have never washed a plate or bowl in your life.”

At that moment, Lin Ke Song’s phone rang. The number had no name.

“Probably a spam call.” Song Yi Ran put his head over.

Half a fair neck that was right in front of Lin Ke Song, she subconsciously swallowed her saliva, and was about to push the other party’s head away, when Song Yi Ran said: “You can actually hang up, this is Chu Ting’s calling.”

“What?” Lin Ke Song was stunned, “If it’s Chu Ting, then I definitely have to answer.”

Song Yi Ran held on to his arm and lifted his eyebrows, “If you pick up then you’ll probably suffocated again.”

“If she and comes all the my house and causes a commotion, then my whole family will be suffocated.”

Lin Ke Song answered the call, “Hello, I’m Lin Ke Song, who is this?”

“You can’t even recognise my voice?”

Yuu, the anger’s pretty big.

“Oh, Chu Ting ah? What’s up?”

“Are you super happily with Song Yi Ran right now ah? You vixen! You have provoked me, Chu Ting, the Chu family will not let you live it down!”

“Don’t ah, you and him dating, why’d you have to bring me in? I am in fact with Song Yi Ran ah, we just had spicy soup!”

“You…… you…… previously you told me you didn’t have any interest in him! You vixen! You……”

“Wait a minute, Chu Ting, you ask your conscience, do I, Lin Ke Song, have the ability to be a vixen huh?”

Lin Ke Song talked bad about herself, Song Yi Ran was laughing so hard at the side until his eyes were about to squeeze out water.

“……Then……then you have to ask yourself!”

“Chu Ting, to Song Yi Ran, I am a garbage can. You think every time he gives me a treat, is just to have a meal ah? It’s obviously to complain at me ma!”

“Complain about what?”

“Complain about his girlfriend taking two hours to prepare, when they’re late they never apologise, always like wearing miniskirts and high heels……”

“Miniskirts and high heels…… what’s with that?”

“You are Song Yi Ran’s girlfriend, don’t you know about these? Since you are his girlfriend, then you should wear more conservatively ma. The skirt’s length’s until the knee ah! With his girlfriend exposed to everyone, will his male chauvinistic heart be able to take it?”

“You’re lying! Song Yi Ran isn’t that traditional!”

“What has this got to do with tradition? You go around asking your guy friends, which one of them would like their wives and daughters to go around in a miniskirt? Other women may be eye candy, but will they be happy when it’s their own women? And high heels ah…… you don’t even know ba, he had a girlfriend in high school, she was older than him, wore high heels all day long. The day Song Yi Ran got into university and broke up with her, she fiercely stepped on his instep with her high heels. Si——even thinking about it hurts ah! And you always go around wearing high heels prancing around him, isn’t this intentionally provoking his trauma?”

Lin Ke Song’s lies were too smooth, even she herself didn’t believe they were fake.

And Song Yi Ran looked at Lin Ke Song with great interest, his eyes seemed to be saying: Let me see what standard you can fib to.

“Then why has he never mentioned any of these things before……”

“Are you sure he has never mentioned them? Or did he say it but you didn’t put it to heart? For example, when you were late, he might have smiled and said it was alright, just be earlier the next time. Then you thought he didn’t mind it anymore?”

“……Was it like that……”

Chu Ting’s momentum had obviously slowed, even to the point of doubting herself.

“Of course it was like that. Otherwise you with a better background, are prettier than me, and smarter than me, he doesn’t have pits for brains, why would he like me?”

That’s right ah…… if he didn’t have pits for brains, how would he even like me?

So being a bro is better.

“Then what should I do ah? Should I apologise to him? You help me talk to him ah, I won’t be late anymore, won’t wear miniskirts anymore…… and I also won’t wear stilettoes anymore! where ever I’m not good, as long as he feels like I should change, I will change them all, okay or not?”

Lin Ke Song was most fearful of women like that.

“Chu Ting, in my opinion, you don’t have any big shortcomings, it’s just that Song Yi Ran is too much of a male chauvinist. Today you are willing to change for him, tomorrow he will be insatiable and have more demands. Do you know what his ex-girlfriend said?”

“What did she say?” Chu Ting was already led by the nose.

“She said, liking Song Yi Ran is like wetting the bed.”

“Ah?” Chu Ting feels like she heard wrong.

Song Yi Ran reached out to pinch Lin Ke Song’s face, but she dodged.

“Warm for a moment, cold for a lifetime (blanket).”

Lin Ke Song harshly glared at Song Yi Ran, but Song Yi Ran thick skinnedly raised his thumb to her, as if he really liked her conclusion.

“So Chu Ting, if you really like him, and feel that no matter how he treats you, you can bear with it. Why don’t you go to New York with him, study together, put down your pride and stick to him, not letting other girls get near him. Then, in the end he will be yours.”

That was Lin Ke Song’s sincere words from the heart.

And she really thinks that, in this world, there will definitely be this kind of girl, who’s not afraid of people looking down and saying it’s not worth it, but still being will to stick to Song Yi Ran, this guy who was like treasure with out but full of foulness within.

After hanging up, Lin Ke Song exhaled.

Song Yi Ran started clapping, and put his head forward: “Wey, I say, what do you mean by “liking Song Yi Ran is like wetting the bed, warm for a moment, cold for a lifetime ah”?”

His lips were very beautiful, the space between his lips had a casual sexiness about it.

Lin Ke Song used her phone to hit his head, and warned: “The next time no matter which girl you want to dump, if you use me as your shield again, I will press your face into the toilet bowl!”

“Ah, why is it the toilet bowl?”

“Don’t you always say you Song master when seen by flowers they blossom, when seen by cars they pick you up, when seen by toilet bowls, they flip their seat covers!”

Lin Ke Song’s heart felt empty.

She feels, as long as she never confesses, she will never become Chu Ting.

Song Yi Ran’s arm went up, rubbing Lin Ke Song’s head: “Wey, for real, go with me to New York. I’ll properly take care of you.”

“What do you mean go with you to New York ah? Is it possible for us to be the same? You are going there to study, I’m going there to work! What you’ll take care of me! Lemme tell you, in the future put the serviettes in your own pocket!”

“It’s okay! It’s okay! We’re both going the same way back ma!”

“Back your head ah!”

Lin Ke Song got home and thought through in extreme detail and care. This hotel management specialisation of hers, is a major that makes it hard to look for jobs. Now diners, hotels, restaurants all need dishwashers and floor cleaners more that whatever management. Since that is the case, she’d rather go to New York to wash dishes. Maybe it’ll be really tough, maybe it wouldn’t be as she has imagined it. But if it really were like Song Yi Ran said, working at the restaurant and will be able to gather money for studying, isn’t it a wonderful thing. If the outside world was crueler than she imagined, coming back to the country injured, may not be as prideful or arrogant, but be with a law-abiding job.

So she agreed to her parents’ arrangements, and decided to go to her uncle Lin Feng’s restaurant in New York to help out.

After knowing where she’d be going and what she was going to do, Lin Ke Song’s life started having a direction.

She started watching American dramas to learn English, trying to let her accent get more rounded.

She surfed through different websites, looking for tips about life in New York, getting ready different types of daily necessities.

But this chap Song Yi Ran, the degree of spanks that is warranted is also getting intensified.


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  1. from the synopsis, i read lin ke song’s male lead is Jiang. but i so much want Song yi ran and her to be together……….i dont hav the strength to read anymore. i think i’m having second lead syndrome

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  2. can! definitely can imagine this series as a drama at the telephone moment..
    and author fixation of lips..
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