The heartbeat at the tip of the tongue(舌尖上的心跳) Chapter 07

Hand phone thief = Bald head

But still the person continued sitting on the back seat sat leisurely, that poker face didn’t even change.

“Do you have any more places to go?”

The tone Jiang Qian Fan had was not of doubt, but it was a statement.

With this question, Lin Ke Song felt a gaseous fire ball surge from her chest straight to her brain. Really feel like throwing the bike away and shoving him into a sack then trampling him into the crevices.

Ah, right, this chap is blind. Don’t even need a sack. A pity the ghost of his assistant took a picture if her ID.

I’m not angry.

I’m not angry.

I’m really not angry.

She even tolerated Song Yi Ran that brainless young master for 10 years, Jiang Qian Fan is only one blind man!

Other people are blind, if they want to be erratic, then be more erratic ba!

“Of course there is. This city is so huge, it’s not so easy to eat all the dishes!”

Lin Ke Song remembered that there was a place where the deep fried ginger slices were not bad, of course, she knew it would definitely not be good enough for Jiang Qian Fan’s tongue. But she agreed to be his tour guide to taste dishes for a day, as long as time allows them, she will do her best to bring him to all the places that he can eat.

It’s just that Lin Ke Song has already become like shrunken eggplants (discouraged, no energy), with her head bowed, with totally no sign of the ambition she had at the start.

The air suddenly had a pungent smell, unknowingly, she had already arrived at the entrance of her junior high school. At the corner of Lin Ke Song’s eye, there was a deep fried smelly tofu stall. She sudden thought of the scene when she ate smelly tofu in front of Song Yi Ran for the first time.

She herself was eating with relish, but that chap was holding his head with a gagging expression.

Lin Ke Song smirked, she was feeling cheeky again.

“Hey, I say, we’re here. Try the smelly tofu here!”

“The smelly tofu doesn’t seem to be the signature dish here.” Jiang Qian Fan’s eyebrows corrugated slightly.

Lin Ke Song thought in her heart, now there’ll be a show to watch. Grandaunt here will wait for you to vomit.

“This you don’t know, of the whole city’s high school, who doesn’t know this smelly tofu stand? Do you know how many students ride their bicycles here to buy smelly tofu after getting off class? It’s not I who said it, but your luck is simply too good. The student crowd has dispersed, there’s no need to queue, so good!”

“I’m not eating smelly tofu.” Jiang Qian Fan’s voice was icy cold, carrying a tone of command.

Lin Ke Song from the start had no intent to persuade him to eat smelly tofu.

To make someone sick, you don’t necessarily have to make the person consume the sickening food.

“That’s alright, I’ll bring you to eat deep fried ginger slices later. It wasn’t easy passing by my old junior high school, you let me satisfy my craving ah!”

“You are wasting my time. I paying you 1000USD a day for tour guide fees doesn’t include time used to wait for you to eat.”

Jiang Qian Fan’s voice sounded like it came from a robot, every word so precise it could rival a newscaster’s, especially that icy tone, was exceptionally asking for a beating.

Lin Ke Song blinked her eyes, he’s even so calculative about just a minute of eating smelly tofu.

As expected, a capitalist is a capitalist!

Squeezing every last bit of value from the labourers.

Lin Ke Song really wanted to lecture him, but Jiang Qian Fan’s “waste of time argument” although was simple, had much logic, in that moment, Lin Ke Song had no idea what she should say.

At this time, a person carrying a bag pack, wearing a hat walked pass the both of them, bumped into Jiang Qian Fan, lowered his head and murmured a “sorry”, then quickly left.

Lin Ke Song was still looking at Jiang Qian Fan when he suddenly spoke: “The person who had just bumped into me stole my hand phone.”

“Ah…… what?”

The topic was changed too suddenly, Lin Ke Song couldn’t find the connection between smelly tofu and hand phone.

Two seconds later, Lin Ke Song suddenly realised something, and looked towards the back pack carrying guy gradually blending with the crowd.

“Stay right here and wait for me! Don’t go anywhere! I’ll go get your phone!”

After saying so, Lin Ke Song u-turned, pedalled strongly, and chased after the guy.

In this whole life of hers the thing she hates most are the third hands (pickpockets)!

Got hands and feet, got the ability to pickpocket a phone then why don’t you get a proper job!

Needless to say, during this year’s New Year, she went with her parents to see the fireworks show. After the performance ended, her hand phone had flown away!

Lin Ke Song did not yell aloud to “catch the thief” but simmered the surging urge and rushed forward.

When she was about to get to the front of the other party, that rascal suddenly turned around and noticed Lin Ke Song, and immediately started running madly.

Your two legs are able to outrun my two wheels!

Lin Ke Song bravely chased the guy, the passers-by one after another giving way.

At this time, she started yelling: “Catch the hand phone thief! Catch the hand phone thief! The thief wearing the black leather bag! Everyone help catch him!”

That guy resolutely took off his bag and randomly threw it onto a mailbox at the side.

Lin Ke Song continued yelling: “Catch the hand phone thief! The one wearing the brown beanie!”

That guy stripped off his beanie and stuffed it into his pockets, two or three strands of hair on his forehead swaying back and forth in the wind.

“Hand phone thief! That bald head! Everyone help out!”

Bet you can’t suddenly grow hair out!

Two kind hearted uncles held onto the bald head, Lin Ke Song was about to go forward to say thanks, but who knew those two uncles moved the bald head thief behind them.

“I say, this little girl, you said other people stole your hand phone? What is your hand phone like? Can you describe it?”

“It’s my friend’s phone, I didn’t see it clearly.” Lin Ke Song panted.

“Young lady, that’s where you are wrong. You clamoured to catch the hand phone thief, but you don’t even know what the phone looks like, then you can’t differentiate if the phone he has was stolen from you, or was originally his!”

Lin Ke Song finally understood, this few people were in cahoots! But Lin Ke Song isn’t easy bait!

During her university days, Song Yi Ran suddenly went bonkers and wanted to learn taekwondo, and had pulled her along. In the end, the chap fished for three days and sunned the net for two (no perseverance) and sat at the side sipping fruit juice, flirting with hot chicks, Lin Ke Song ended up learning a few tricks. In the end Song Yi Ran’s conclusion was: Lin Ke Song was not only his bro, but also his bodyguard!

Lin Ke Song has some confidence in beating the bald head, but with the added two chaps……she won’t overestimate herself.

The passers-by all looked at her with pity.

That bald head smiled a smile, turned and walked into a small alley.

Lin Ke Song won’t fight fights that she knows she will lose, just don’t believe you won’t have a time when you are alone!

She turned the bike around like she was going off, but actually went around to the other end of the alley, patiently waited for the bald head to whistle by. And his companions were still hanging around at the junction of the alley, as if they were wary of Lin Ke Song coming back.

Idiots! Now the far waters can’t save the near fire!

Lin Ke Song suddenly sprang out, lifted her leg and kicked the bald head’s stomach, the other party almost vomited out.

She grabbed onto his collar, following the momentum, pressed him against the wall, “Where is my phone!”

“You…… you be careful my bros come over……”

Lin Ke Song looked at the other end of the alley through her peripheral vision, those two idiot bros were smoking with their backs to them.

“Why? To wait till your bros look over to see how I bash you up ah!” Lin Ke Song raised her fists, “you believe by the time your bros get over, you’d have become pig’s head! Where’s the phone!”

“Right…… right here……” baldy was about to touch his pockets.

Lin Ke Song was not that dumb, what if this chap dug a dagger out?

“I’ll do it myself!” Lin Ke Song personally retrieved a shiny bright new model phone, it was obvious it wasn’t this baldy’s style, “is this the phone you stole?”

“Yes…… yes…… I only stole this…… the first one today……”

Lin Ke Song wasn’t foolish, she took out her phone and took a picture of the guy’s face, then used a bullying tone and said: “You listen up, if you dare steal phones again, or bring your bros to look for trouble with me, I’ll send your photo to the bureau of security!”

“Don’t ah! Grandaunt! I won’t steal anymore! Won’t steal anymore!”

Lin Ke Song hmphed and glanced at the entrance of the alley, then raised her arm and looked at the time, there was a cctv camera, just nice it can be used to testify that she was chasing the thief but was ganged up against by the thief and his bros. she doesn’t believe that a leopard would change its spots, will definitely pickpocket again. She’ll go report to the police later.

Turning around, she pedalled the bike, and Lin Ke Song went back to the school’s entrance to look for Jiang Qian Fan.

While riding, she thought about her heroic actions.

Aiya…… the brave one beating up hand phone thieves or whatever, isn’t that what a guy should do?

Like this, she isn’t gentle like a bird depending on others.

If Chu Ting met with the same situation, she would have long been at the side screaming sharply for Song Yi Ran to get her phone back.

Ah…… no, Song Yi Ran that slave would not go after the phone, he would only say: It’s alright, just buy another……

Furthermore, she was really lucky this time. If the companions were together with bald head, she would have never been able to get the phone back. And if they had noticed her, and rushed back, she herself would have only been able to ride for her life.

Ai, she shouldn’t have been so impulsive to get the phone back. Should have brought Jiang Qian Fan to report to the police.

Lin Ke Song was thinking about Jiang Qian Fan sitting at the police station when the front wheel hit a small stone, the wheel tilted, and Lin Ke Song crashed downwards off the bike.

The wheels of the bike continued spinning.

Lin Ke Song’s mouth was twisted to the side. The palms of her hands were burning like fire, lifting them to take a look, a large area of her palms were scraped. She looked up and sighed, strongly stood up, retrieved a napkin and pressed it to the pads of her palms.

When she reached the school’s gate, it was already 8.30.

The smelly tofu stand was closing shop. Jiang Qian Fan was nowhere in sight.


Author’s note:

Lin Ke Song: I feel that I’m too manly of a woman……

Fat melon (short form of author’s name): You must believe that in this world there is such a person, no matter how manly, how ungentle and careless you are, he will suddenly be attracted to you.

Lin Ke Song: Will there be one?

Jiang Qian Fan: En.

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