The heartbeat at the tip of the tongue(舌尖上的心跳) Chapter 03

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Scapegoat + Venting bucket + Punching bag = Bros

Lin Ke Song cocked her head side to side, a cane can be that useful? Isn’t he worried that he’d get himself caught by the door?

Even Lin Ke Song who is able to see perfectly would occasionally get caught by the revolving door.

Anyway, Lin Ke Song did not watch the pretty man till she forgot her surroundings. After all, that guy gave off an aura of coolness from his demeanour to his walking style. If you took a second look, your heart would experience a draft of coldness too.

After entering the restaurant, Lin Ke Song realised that Song Yi Ran had booked a small private room. And only after following the qipao wearing elegant waitress into the small private room did she realise how special the room was. It was located at the highest level of the restaurant, three of the walls were glass walls from the floor to the ceiling, with a perfect view of the scenery.

Lin Ke Song rubbed her nose, Song Yi Ran’s brains aren’t spoiled right?

Is there a need to reserve such a private room just to treat her to a meal?

“This private room is probably really expensive right?”

Even though this question is crudely vulgar, Lin Ke Song decided she had to ask it.

“The reservation fee of the room is ten percent of the food bill.”


As expected, Song Yi Ran is burning his money away.

At this moment, the door was opened again, and sounds of high heels on the floor and cheery chit chatting voices floated by.

Lin Ke Song had a sudden sense of foreboding.

With the appearance of Chu Ting holding onto the arm of Song Yi Ran, Lin Ke Song’s stomach started churning like rivers turning and seas inverting.

“Ke Song! You’re here so early ah!”

Chu Ting’s pretty and sweet voice sounded, gentle and soft yet makes others feel ‘pity for her’ while sounding feminine.

No wonder Song Yi Ran with his eccentric and carefree personality still hasn’t broken up with her.

Lin Ke Song also feels that her thoughts are so fake.

“Yeap. It gets crowded during lunch hour, I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to squeeze into the train, so I got here a little earlier.”

“The trains are better. Unlike Yi Ran and I getting stuck on Third Ring Road. Do you know what he said to me?”

This whole time, Chu Ting held onto Lin Ke Song’s hands, so affectionately till it made her uncomfortably uneasy all over.

“Oh, what did he say?”

“Haha, he said that if he were late again, Ke Song would kick his brain to pieces!”

Lin Ke Song felt a pounding in her forehead. That was what she said to him, but there wasn’t a need to tell other people right?

“So I said, there was no way that would happen. But after hearing him say that, I started getting nervous, afraid that I’d be late. But, I didn’t think you’d still get here first ah? Didn’t wait long right? You’re not angry right?”

Even though it was asked in a joking tone, with an expression of sincerity, no matter how much Lin Ke Song thought and looked at the situation, she somehow felt a little weird in her heart.

“Listen to him saying rubbish, why would I be angry?”

After the three of them sat down, Song Yi Ran passed the duty of ordering food to the two ladies on scene.

And Chu Ting passed the tablet menu to Lin Ke Song.

“Ke Song, whatever you feel like eating, order. Don’t be shy ah! Yesterday Yi Ran wanted to properly tell you about him going overseas to study, but I unexpectedly came earlier and messed up the message. This party apologises to you ah! But listening to Yi Ran, your personality is carefree like a guy’s, you probably won’t be angry with me, right?”

“ah…… Wont.” Lin Ke Song glares at Song Yi Ran.

What rubbish have you sprouted to your girlfriend?

This rascal Song Yi Ran only lazily smiled, as if he was happy to see his ‘bro’ and his girlfriend getting along so harmoniously.

“Then let’s order!”

Lin Ke Song suppressed the simmering gas in her heart. She was originally looking forward to meeting Song Yi Ran to tell him that she could possibly be going to New York too.

But now, she feels as bad as if she had just consumed the faeces of flies.

But Lin Ke Song quickly thought through things. Girlfriends are like flowing water, but bros are like beaten iron ma!

Being fussy about this kind of things with a rascal with pits for brains is totally meaningless.

Consequently, she properly ordered whatever Alaska king crab, sea cucumber soup, truffle foie gras……

After ordering, Chu Ting and Lin Ke Song chatted a little and the topic geared towards New York.

For example where the city’s name originated from, what well known luxury brands New York offered, New York’s Wall Street ah……

Lin Ke Song could not even fit half a sentence into the conversation so she altogether took out her phone to surf the net.

Until the shark fins soup was served.

Chu Ting had a very wealthy lady like posture, gently cooling each spoonful, slowly savouring the flavours, all the while not forgetting to keep up conversation with Song Yi Ran.

“Lang Hua Restaurant’s sea cucumber soup just has such a delicious flavour.”

After Lin Ke Song drank two consecutive large mouthfuls of the sea cucumber soup, she put her spoon down.

“What’s wrong? Ke Song? Is it because you can’t get used to drinking it? Why don’t we change it to a snow clam soup? It’s nourishing and aids beauty, furthermore, it’s sweet, and you’ll probably like it. ”

Chu Ting asked with a face of concern, but why did Lin Ke Song feel it was weird?

“If you don’t want to drink then don’t drink anymore.” Song Yi Ran got up, stretched his arms and pushed the bowl of soup away from Lin Ke Song.


The waiter in the private room immediately went up to the table and quickly removed the soup dish.

“And my share too, I don’t want it anymore either.” Song Yi Ran said, “Do you have sour and spicy soup?”

“…… Although we do not have this dish on the menu, but since Mr Song is our VIP, we can get our chef to specially cook it up for you.”

But Chu Ting tugged Song Yi Ran’s sleeve, “Why would this kind of restaurant have sour and spicy soup ah? Don’t make things difficult for people anymore!”

Chu Ting of course knew who Song Yi Ran ordered the sour and spicy soup for, this is totally not giving her any face!

“That’s right ah, there’s no need to drink sour and spicy soup here!” Lin Ke Song was also starting to feel embarrassed.

Song Yi Ran lightly patted Chu Ting’s hand and said smiling: “you have no idea how magical Ke Song’s tongue is. Once when we went to the bistro opposite school for a meal, she ate a couple of mouthfuls and felt the taste was too weird to continue eating anymore. In the end, do you know what happened? That bistro’s owner was arrested for using waste oil to cook.”

“…… But this is a high-class restaurant, they can’t possibly use waste oil ah……”

Lang Hua Restaurant was picked by Chu Ting. When Song Yi Ran said that, it made her feel very awkward ah.

“Actually, it’s me, because I’ve not had sour and spicy soup for a very long time, and I’ve suddenly got a life taking craving for it.” Song Yi Ran smilingly replied.

Chu Ting could only nod her head.

After a short while, Song Yi Ran’s phone rang. He took a look at the number and walked out of the private room.

If Lin Ke Song didn’t guess wrong, it’s most probably his older brother who called. A rich family’s most troublesome problem is nothing more than the internal struggle between siblings. Song Yi Ran suddenly going to America was probably because the older brother forced him to.

“Ke Song, I’m so envious of you ah. Yi Ran cares so much about you.”

“Ah? Does he?” Lin Ke Song hehes in her heart, Chu Ting is probably going to start a showdown with her.

“Of course he does. But, fortunately, he only treats you like a good bro otherwise I’d already be jealous to death.”

Chu Ting smiled sweetly and beautifully, but the goose bumps on Lin Ke Song’s arms were raised.

It has begun! It has begun!

This is not the first time that Lin Ke Song has accounted this kind of situation. Wonder what kind of reaction Chu Ting would give if she herself pretended not to understand all the way?

Lin Ke Song started to feel cheeky.

“That’s right ah. Back in university, we and a clan of students went out for overnight karaoke. That rascal obviously saw me hogging a sofa to sleep, but he still wanted to squeeze with me. He still said something like if people were good friends, they have to share everything. Share my ass ley! I kicked him away with a foot, hahaha! Good thing Chu Ting, you’re broad minded, otherwise, if you misunderstand, I wouldn’t know what to do. Who asked that chap to be so insensitive!”

Chu Ting’s facial expression got worse and worse.

Lin Ke Song was guffawing in her heart.

But jokes aside, as the saying goes, it’s better to demolish a temple than ruin a marriage. Even though Chu Ting and Song Yi Ran have not yet married, her crush on Song Yi Ran is her own business, and she has never thought about sowing discord between Song Yi Ran and Chu Ting.

But before Lin Ke Song could offer gentle encouragement, Chu Ting could no longer hold back.

“With all due respect, Ke Song. I don’t mind that you and Song Yi Ran are friends. Yi Ran who was born with a silver spoon might have been able to find a sense of accomplishment while with you, so he is closer to you, that I can understand. But maybe his many considerate actions have given you some meaningless thoughts, this has no advantage to you and will also cause him worries.”

Lin Ke Song has totally collapsed from laughing in her heart. So it seems that Song Yi Ran has found a ‘sense of accomplishment’ with her?

Then her calling him a social loafer, a brainless rich second generationer, excessive residual male, having so many girlfriends that if he’s not careful he’d get some kind of incurable disease, is still able to allow Song Yi Ran to find a sense of accomplishment? As expected, the hole in his brain is quite big!

“Chu Ting, with all due respect too. The most taboo thing in a relationship is suspicion. I’ve already known Song Yi Ran for ten years. Three years in junior high, three years in high school, four years in college, if we really had anything between us, we’d have been in a relationship long ago. He treats me as a scapegoat, a venting bucket, and a punching bag, I know all his secrets. If I wanted to be with him, I would’ve already done something way earlier. Don’t you think so?”

The corners of Chu Ting’s mouth stiffened.

Lin Ke Song thought to herself, she herself had been having a crush on this chap for ten years and hadn’t confessed, as expected she has perseverance.

Ten years to be ‘teenage mutant ninja turtles’, if there were another ten years, Lin Ke Song would probably gain enlightenment!

Staying friends, that is the safest distance.

Wasn’t there a saying that went, ‘women are like clothes, bros are like arms’. Actually, she feels really happy that Song Yi Ran treats her as a bro.

She is his hands and feet, how heartless does he have to be to cut off his hands and feet?

Lin Ke Song touched her cup to Chu Ting’s.

“I wish you guys harmony for a hundred years, and hope you guys give birth soon ah!” Lin Ke Song said half-jokingly, hoping to warm up the awkward atmosphere.

At this moment, the door opened and Song Yi Ran walked in.

“Who and whom are giving birth early ah?”

“Who else is there?” Lin Ke Song questioned back with a smile.

Chu Ting also put on an embarrassed smile and said: “It’s nothing, Ke Song was kidding with me!”

Afterwards, Chu Ting’s attitude towards Lin Ke Song was a whole lot better, and there were a lot fewer dark hidden meanings behind her words too.

At the same time, in the most luxurious VIP halls, Jiang Qian Fan was seated at the table with a cold and stern expression that made everyone who was present not know what to say.

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